DEATHMATCH !!!! This is designed for deathmatch only . There are monsters in the wad but they are also placed with deathmatch in mind . It can be p...

Stoneman's Joint
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Title                   : Stoneman's Joint
Author                  : Bill Collins   <a.k.a. Stoneman>
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Long Time deatmatcher first time author
                          But dont pass it up as the usual first
                          time wad . Do yourself a favor and at
                          least try it out .
Description             : DEATHMATCH !!!! This is designed for 
                          deathmatch only . There are monsters in
                          the wad but they are also placed with
                          deathmatch in mind . It can be played
                          single player but there would be no
                          purpose other than for firing practice.
                          I tried to make an evil cross between 
                          levels one and seven
Additional Credits to   : Jimmy Sieben   <a.k.a. Evil Genius> for 
                          answering the questions I had and for 
                          the willingness to die so often in 
                          testing ;) I would never have finished
                          as painlessly as I did without you .
                          Also a big thanx to Warren Rice for 
                          sequencing the "Head Like a Hole"
                          track and to Dan Teeter whose
                          wad Surreal2.wad I borrowed it from .
                          I would have used an original tune but 
                          this one fit the theme so well 
* Play Information *      STONEMAN.WAD
Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : Not at all . Really . It would bite.
                          but <sigh> you can if you must
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Nope nope nope . DEATHMATCH !!
                          But , still , would be possible .
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : This is all I thought when I designed it
Difficulty Settings     : PAY ATTENTION !! This may seem odd but
                          it plays so well . On skills 1 & 2 there 
                          is an icon thrower in the BFG room in 
                          front of the door . 
New Musics              : Sequenced track of Nine Inch Nails jammin
                          tune "Head Like A Hole"
                           Sequenced by  : Warren Rice
                           Borrowed From : Dan Teeter (surreal2.wad)
New Graphics            : No .
                          I tried a few but it came off better with 
                          the originals
Demos Replaced          : Demo included but not replaced <for those
                          of you that STILL haven't upgraded!>.
                          Demo is ver 1.9 
                          me vs. Evil

* Comments *

            This is my first wad ..... BUT WAIT ...... dont pass it 
    up without trying it first !! I am a long time deathmatcher and 
    some of you may know me from IRC #DOOM . I felt starved for a 
    wad that emphasized what I refer to as "technique kills". 
    Seasoned players will know what I am referring to . I finally
    got so tired of the MAP01/MAP07 look and feel . This wad is 
    the best of both their worlds plus some more . Yet , you will
    in no way feel as if you are replaying either of them . 
    For a complete set of what I consider the best "technique" 
    levels that I have played to date get AVATAR1.WAD and AVATAR2.WAD
    Part 1 rocks all-round and so does 2 even though It is , I feel ,
    a little more specific with the moves it enhances/audience it may
    attract . Nevertheless IMHO they both rock !! The author of these
    two wads , and the avatar himself :) , is Mackey Mccandlish .
    Mackey helped influence the style of this wad even though he 
    probably wont know it til he reads it here <hope ya feel flattered>


            On skills 1 & 2 there is icon thrower in the bfg room . 
    It has two icon landings on either side of the BFG altar . THIS
    IS ON PURPOSE and might I say works wonderfully . In skills 3-5
    It remains up to the other player/players to guard the bfg room
    while in skills 1-2 there is the added component of the icon
    thrower to deal with . There is also another landing that is in 
    megasphere hallway , and two that are located in a crusher that 
    is not accessible by players . This keeps the flow down to where 
    I wanted it .But since it is either skill 1 or 2 the 
    activity in the room is very manageable . It plays as more a 
    destraction than a direct threat . If you wanna play deathmatch
    with monsters this is the way to do it . If not then the much
    preferrable skills of 4 & 5 are free of it . It rocks either way         
* Construction *

Base                    : Dont want to say and you wouldn't
Build Time              : Read above and apply it here
Editor(s) used          : DCK ( it may or may not be the best .
                          It is just the one I decided to use .
                          I would like to say that it was not
                          to diffucult to learn on and gave 
                          me little problems
Known Bugs              : The doors seem to roll up since the wad
                          has a sky texture . I thought it looked
                          bearable and it doesnt detract from 
                          general aesthetics much at all . One 
                          other problem I did encounter was in 
                          making the top portion of my window
                          show a wall texture to create a window to
                          the sky . The result looks cool anyway 
                          and may/may not have hit you as unintentional.
                          If anyone would care to e-mail me a remedy
                          I would appreciate it . All in all I consider
                          this wad heads above the average first-timer .
                          I would never have released it if I didnt
                          honestly think it rocked .

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. If the file is to be added to a CD collection or any 
collection of sorts, or to just plain anything I would like to know.
please e-mail me before hand at 
<email removed>

I can also occasionally be caught on the FIDO doom echo or IRC #DOOM


                                                    THE STONEMAN


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