Small deathmatch level for Doom II. Great for lots 'o' action. Big levels get boring when you have to search for an hour just to get a frag.

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Title                   : Subjugated    

Filename                : SUBJUGAT.WAD

Author                  : Jeff Tunink

Email Address(es)       : <email removed>

Misc. Info              : This level was made while using Gamma
                          Correction Level 4.  It will be dark
                          unless the same is used.  Tap the F11
                          key a few times to change it.

Description             : Small deathmatch level for Doom II.
                          Great for lots 'o' action.  Big levels
                          get boring when you have to search for
                          an hour just to get a frag.

Credits                 : Thanks to Josh Koerner for level testing.
                          The idea of connecting the circular room
                          with the outside area is a great addition.
                          Makes the level much more playable.

Dead Guys Around Trees  : Don't bother them, they're partyin'! :)
*Play Information*

Level                   : Replaces MAP01 of Doom II

Single Player           : And what purpose would that have?

Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Don't think so.  Player starts were
                          included as good form of level design.
                          Other than that, they are useless.

Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : It's sole purpose.  If you try to play
                          this in Single or Cooperative mode, you
                          have seriously damaged some neurons.

Difficulty Suggestions  : Turbo 130, Nightmare difficulty (gives more
                          ammo per weapon acquired), and use -altdeath
                          so weapons will reappear.  

New Sounds              : Yes: chaingun, radio (chat beep), plasma,
                          and teleport sound.

New Graphics            : Yes: sky replaced and background for the
                          score screen.

New Music               : Nope

Demos Replaced          : Should I make a demo?  I dunno.

Thanks                  : To Id Software for making this game.

* Construction *

Base                    : Something I cooked up in the boiler room.
                          Definitely a new creation.

Editor(s) used          : DCK (Doom Construction Kit) v2.2.  The
                          Wad Utilities come in handy.

Build Time              : Approximately 7 hours including texture
                          aligning.  Some textures may be misaligned,
                          but it wasn't important enough to fix.  The
                          overall look of the level is decent.

Known Bugs/Problems     : I didn't notice any.

Known Functionality     : It functions.
GLDOOM Info             : If you use this level with GLDOOM, the darker
                          areas will be brighter.  Hopefully the guy
                          making GLDOOM will fix the light-level code.
                          GLDOOM is a cool new way to play Doom2.  Talk
                          about being able to see crystal clear from
                          long distances.  Find GLDOOM on

* Copyright / Permissions *

Don't modify my level unless you really can make it better.  People
screwing up perfectly good levels will be haunted by the Doom Spirit
for all time :)

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include all of the files 
herein this archive, SUBJUGAT.WAD, SUBJUGAT.TXT and FILE_ID.DIZ with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as you include these files

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites    : (somewhere under /pub/idgames I imagine)

BBS numbers  : BBS's are obsolete.  Internet has taken over. 
Other        : Dunno


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