"Sun God"

"Sun God" is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on BOOM

"Sun God"
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TITLE               :"Sun God"
FILENAME            :SUNGOD.WAD   (version 1.0)
AUTHOR              :D.R. Duncan
E-MAIL ADDRESS      :<email removed>
MISC. AUTHOR INFO   :This is my first (and probably my last) PWAD creation.
                   It is the direct result of the frustrating (or should
                   I say "challenging") process of learning how to use DEU.
                   Hopefully my perfectionism shows. If I get enough posi-
                   tive response to this level (yes, I am asking for some
                   feedback here!), I may be persuaded to try again. I hope
                   this level is continuing proof that DEU is capable of
                   enabling computer-retarded idiots such as myself to
                   create quality levels.  :-)
DESCRIPTION         :Although most of the sectors in this level began as
                   experimentaion, I think you will find this level rela-
                   tively consistant (notice the octagon fetish). Many of
                   the architectural oddities I had in mind were abandoned
                   due to nasty HOM errors, yet the aesthetics & atmosphere
                   of this level remain in-tact. Theme?... Story?...
                   Go read a book! I won't give you any dull excuses for
                   plot. Your mission is to *survive*. The only thing the
                   bad-guys need to whip your ass, is a reason.  So I gave
                   'em a good "reason": They need a sacrifice to offer to 
                   their God in a bizzarre sacrificial ceremony... some-
                   thing only you have... a human heart.  Unfortuneately,
                   your heart is something you might need, so you'll have
                   to fight for it!
VERSION INFO        :Changes in ver. 1.0 from 0.9: New rooms and escape
                   routes added to rear of main complex;  Texture changes
                   throughout; Improved texture alignment; Enemy & bonus 
                   implimentation improved; New music; various bug-fixes.
CREDITS             :Credit where credit is DEU! Much gratitude is owed to
                   authors of DEU from all DOOM-heads everywhere. They have
                   opened new BIGDOOR1's to the world of DOOM! (Heheh, get
                   it? Never mind... inside joke.) Also to Colin Reed, the
                   author of BSP (without which this level would not have 
                   been possible!).  And of course, the geniuses at ID!
ADDITIONAL CREDITS  :Big thanks go to Gendut, Comptrdude & others who 
                   answered my pleas for help during this levels creation, 
                   and to those who beta-tested for ver. 1.0.
KEEPING ME SANE     :Fugazi, Godflesh, Tool, The White Album, Moussorgsky
                   "Night On Bald Mountain", Snapple Ice Tea (spiked with
                   Quervo Gold, of course), Camel Lights... 66MHz helps!


COOPERATIVE         :Yes*
DEATHMATCH          :Yes*
DIFFICULTY SETTINGS :Yes (Easy skill is most enjoyable)
NEW SOUNDS          :No
NEW MUSIC           :Yes
DEMOS REPLACED      :None (E-mail for solution)

                    *"SUN GOD" was designed with single-player and 
                   cooperation play in mind. There are some great rooms for
                   Deathmatch but, be warned, due to it's size & detail, 
                   unless your hardware runs at warp-speed, this level 
                   *will* be slow!  NOTE: In version 0.9 & 1.0, Deathmatch 
                   and Cooperative play have been implemented, but not fully


BASE                :New level from scratch
EDITORS USED        :DEU 5.21, BSP 1.2x, Reject 1.0, MIDI2MUS, DMMUSIC
BUILD TIME          :I am ashamed to admit how long this level took to
                   build; one might think I needed to "get a life".
KNOWN BUGS          :Very small HOM in "living column" room. (otherwise HOMless)
                   Due to the levels' size (& the amount of monsters therein)
                   the save-game option often causes a buffer overload and will
                   lock up the game.


In keeping with the spirit of DOOM, authors MAY use this level as a base
to build additional levels, preferably for personal use only.  Please seek
permission from the original author before distributing custom levels based
on this level. (If I had to suffer through level editing, so should you, so
get yourself some imagination and a cumfy chair, and start from *scratch*!)
However, suggestions, criticism, and ideas for improvements are welcome. I 
will glady add names to the credits. Cooperation/Co-author requests are also

"Ideas are difficult to claim": Although the versatility of the DOOM engine
and the DEU level editor allow for endless possibilites in the creation of
custom levels, similarities are inevitable. In the event that ideas/sections
are knowingly/intensionaly extracted/copied from this level, please credit the
original author. This is nothing more than common freeware courtesy... :)

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file with no
modifications.  You are encouraged to distribute SUNGOD.WAD in any 
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as you include this text
file (SUNGOD.TXT) intact.

The music contained in this file is original, and MAY NOT be copied, covered,
extracted from this level, or saved into another level without the authors'
E-mail consent.


Online service- America Online
USENET- alt.binaries.doom
FTP site- infant2.sphs.indiana.edu
BBS- Game Palace (305) 587-4258
Requests by Email- <email removed>, <email removed>


HINTS              :(DON'T READ THIS!)
                  -Don't even bother trying to get past the Cyber-Demon until
                  you have explored the main complex.
                  -It is possible to trap other players, and likewise be
                  trapped! However, in the interest of continuity during
                  multiplayer games, I have added escape routes which are
                  not always convenient or easy to find.  You may just have
                  to wait for the elevator.  :-o
                  -The "worship/sacrifice" room is the bridge to the end.
                  -Blue teleport pads must close before activated. <- big hint!
                  -Keep a lookout; especially in Deathmatch. Many areas
                  provide perfect posts for picking off prime opponents
                  (say that ten times fast).
                  -Some of the "living" pillars may be sleeping. Push them
                   to wake them up.  {:-)
                  -Keys to the end are in the beginings...

HOW TO RUN         :At the "DOOM>" prompt, type:  DOOM -FILE SUNGOD.WAD
                  -Start a new game in episode 1, difficulty of your choice.
                  -Plugging-> DOOM MASTER is a DOOM "shell" program avail-
                  able online, which makes organizing & running WAD files a
                  sinch! Check it out! 

COMMING SOON...    :"Sun God"
                  -Version 1.0; New rooms, new music, improved texture alignment.
                  -Version 1.1; Fully beta-tested for DM play (available E-mail only)
FINAL WORD!        :If you haven't done so already, register "DOOM"!
                   A)It's worth it!
                   B)You're missing a lot of great levels, including the
                    new "Hell On Earth" due out in the fall (I think).
                   C)You can't use SUNGOD or any of the other great custom
                    levels available online.
                   D)The authors of "DOOM" deserve imense amounts of recog-
                    nition, and registering is the best way to show it!
                   E)Be a sport! Call 1-800-IDGAMES!

ABOVE ALL          :Enjoy "Sun God" and, for God's sake, get some sleep!

                   B-)  ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz


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