Sun and Steel -- Iron Maiden Victory: Where Eagles Dare -- Iron Maiden Level End: Revalations -- Iro
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I was sick of the original DOOM music, so I made my own:
This should work for ALL versions of DOOM
This WAD contains new music and new graphics.

        Title: Sun and Steel -- Iron Maiden
        Victory: Where Eagles Dare -- Iron Maiden
        Level End: Revalations -- Iron Maiden
Knee Deep in the Dead, Iron Maiden:
        E1M1: The Trooper
        E1M2: Phantom of the Opera
        E1M3: Number of the Beast
        E1M4: Infinite Dreams
        E1M5: To Tame A Land
        E1M6: Somewhere in Time
        E1M7: Hallowed Be Thy Name
        E1M8: Fear of the Dark
        E1M9: Running Free

The Shores of Hell, Megadeth:
        E2M1: Five Magics
        E2M2: Blood of Heroes
        E2M3: Holy Wars
        E2M4: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying
        E2M5: Hangar 18
        E2M6: Almost Honest
        E2M7: Symphony of Destruction
        E2M8: Tornado of Souls
        E2M9: Poison Was the Cure

Inferno, Guns N Roses:
        E3M1: Back Off Bitch
        E3M2: 14 Years
        E3M3: Coma
        E3M4: Don't Damn Me
        E3M5: Out Ta Get Me
        E3M6: You Could Be Mine
        E3M7: Sweet Child O' Mine (not really DOOM music but had nothing else)
        E3M8: Mr. Brownstone
        E3M9: Paradise City (not too well made)

I replaced some of the graphics and some of them have a few bugs. The between
levels pics mostly. I'll fix that when I get the time and patience. If you 
want me to send it to you after I fix it, Email me at: 
                        <email removed>

Thanks to: The makers of DMMUS.EXE, DMGRAPH.EXE and MIDI2MUS,all the sites I 
downloaded these files from, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Guns 'n Roses for 
making such kick-ass music, My brother for kicking my ass all the time all 
those years ago, McIlhenny for making Tabasco Sauce, and of course, myself for 
being such a dumbass and writing this file.

Andy Woodman (Yes, the name is real. I could be a porn-star and not even have
to change my name!)

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