This wad contain redefined Sprites like Arch-vile and other ordinaries Sprites, new textures (80%), new graphics, new music, and all new sounds. I'...

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THE ANA'S DREAM (Firts and Final Version)
Title               : THE ANA'S DREAM
Filename            : (installable sprites, floors and levels wads)
Author              : Noe Cuerda Aguado
Email Address       : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info   : Delineation student.

Description         : This wad contain redefined Sprites like Arch-vile
      and other ordinaries Sprites, new textures (80%),
      new graphics, new music, and all new sounds.
      I've created this single WAD with the aim that it
      can be enjoyed not only playing it (WAD's complexity
      - 8200 sidedefs, a lot of TAG's numbers -almost 140- ),
      but listening it (Music & Sounds) and watching it
      (new textures, redefined Sprites, etc.)  
Description II      : Ana has your soul locked in the final screen, where
      you must find the exit that will make you to wake
      of your dream. Don't shot to your soul or you'll
      hurt yourself (isn't just a metaphor). Choose to
      awake, or live with your soul until the end of yours
      days, in the Ana's warm dream.
* Additional Credits to :  (In Alphabetical order)

 Alex Iglesias ("The Ana's Dream" Tester)
Ana (My Spiritual Motivation)
Author of "The Final Geometry" & "Polygon Base" (2)
Ben Morris (DCK 2.2)
Colin Reed (BSP Node Builder)
David Cuerda ("The Ana's Dream" Tester)
Glen Payne (I,Anubis) (1) (2)
Greg Lewis (Dehacked 3.0)
Id Software
Jordi Sallares ("The Ana's Dream" Tester)
Marshal Bostwich (I,Anubis) (2)
        Olivier Montanuy (Wintex 4.1 & Deusf) (1)
Robert Fenske, Jr  (Warm 1.6)
  Scott McNutt (Proxyon_) (2) 
Sebastien Bacquet (QMU2MIDI)

(1) For his disinterested help with his mails.
(2) For his great job, that has help me to understand the true meaning
    of a WAD.
  P.D: (of course without despise the other's job, because beginning
       with myself, I have still a lot to learn, and the first of all
       every creative task must be appreciate.) 


* Play Information *

To install: After unzipping into your Doom2 directory,
    check that you have in your doom2 directory, the files
    setup.exe and Ipxsetup.exe/Sersetup.exe. If you've got
    them, as it will be in the most of the cases, then install.bat
    will create doomhack.exe, - a security backup file for not
    having to change your original Doom2.exe - , and it will
    "inflate" it with more Sprites and flats through Anefect2.wad.
    Afterwards, Install.bat will create Dream.bat and restore.bat.
    In order to start playing, type DREAM. If you want to uninstall
    it, type RESTORE - then doomhack.exe, dream.bat and restore.bat
    will be removed and your directory will return to its original
    state -.


Episode and Level #   : Map01 "The Ana's Dream"
Doom Version      : Doom II 1.666
Single Player         : Yes, of course.
Cooperative 2-4 Player: I Suppose, because I don't Tested, yet.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : The same.
Difficulty Settings   : None (Explaining - Comments).
New Sounds            : Yes (All).
New Graphics          : Yes.
New Textures      : Yes, a lot.
New Sprites      : Yes, (Redefined Arch-Vile and new ordinaries Sprites)
New Music             : Yes     
Demos Replaced        : None

* Construction *

Base      : New level from scratch

Editor(s) used        : DCK 2.2 and BSP Node Builder
        DEHACKED 3.0
PSP 3.0
WARM 1.6

Build Time      :Enough, but when you finish and you see the result
of your work, then you don't think in the time spent
building it, but in the time you, and the people
who will decide to try, will spend enjoying it. 

Known Bugs            : none, at this moment. 


* Comments *

I avoided to create different levels of violence and difficulty,
because, from the first time I wouldn't differentiate that I
believed a single story. And, of course, I don't believe in
miracles like passing a WAD infested with monsters whit a
shotgun and 4 shells. When this happens, you immediately use
IDDQD. In my opinion, the difficulty of a WAD, doesn't consist
in the number of monster in a square meter. Another personal 
thought is the TAGs (opening a door by using a distant switch)
are more interesting than keys, because you can't use the "tricky"
codes. But I must say than in my WAD there are 3 keys as a symbol
of the original DOOM.

Please e-mail if you want, about the better and the worst of
my WAD. I'll like to hear about you.

And ...thanks for trying my WAD !.


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional
I will ask you to not transform this WAD for two reasons (then now
comes the explanation...): The first one is that I've tried to
built and adventure from a personal feeling, moved to this WAD in a
a some abstract way. The second one, but not less important, is that
copying the other's making is like chaining the creativity that we all
have in ourselves, and that all that arises from our inner, at the end
produces a double satisfaction.

You MAY distribute, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as you include this file 

* Where to get this WAD *

CompuServe, GO ACTION, DOOM II Levels.
Search using ANADREAM for KEYWORD search.

* Other PWADs by Noe Cuerda *

 (It's a large WAD, but when I built it I was a Beginner). Is not
 comparable with this.


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