This is the first-ever Hexen HUB created by 3D Delta Developers. Many pain-staking hours of production have been used to perfect the workmanship in...

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----------------------[ 3D Delta Developers Presents ]------------------------

                             -= The Wastelands =-
                            PART I: The Dark Portal
                                    Ver 1.0

                    -= A Snickers and Roots Production =-

                 Text file last updated On 8-15-00 (11:55 am)

                      HUB Completed On 7-16-96 (4:29 am)

               HUB Released To The Public On 11-28-96 (11:47 pm)

-----------[ Taking YOU to a higher level in 3D games and graphics ]----------

Title            : THE DARK PORTAL

Created By       : 3D DELTA DEVELOPERS

HUB Authors      : Carl Lewis   ( a.k.a.: Roots )
                 : Steve Noble  ( a.k.a.: Bremen/Snickers )

This Text File   : Carl Lewis / Steve Noble   


How to Play: For  those of you  who do not  know how to directly  run external
             levels, we have  constructed  a simple batch  file to load it for
             you.  This batch file allows for quick single play of our hub. To
             use it,  just unzip the contents of this  zipfile into your Hexen
             directory  (which you  have  probably  done  already),  then type
             DRKPORTL <enter>.

Story Line :
                       The Wastelands Part 1: The Dark Portal               

               The day breaks to the night's firm grasp; the sun yields to its
             everlasting power and tranquility,  the time of rest is near. The
             time is of ancient; medieval philosophy rule the land, whilst its
             kings  lay  siege to  foreign   realms  for  sheer  conquest  and
             annihilation.  Within the courtyards  of a peaceful kingdom,  you
             prepare yourself as a  royal knight of valor and honor;  training
             for the day one such land lays siege to your home. The beliefs of
             superstition and  magic are prevalent here,  though pure evidence
             of its existence can  not be found nor proven.  But this night is
             different;  you  can  feel  a  strange  presence  in  the air-- a
             presence of  absolute evil and  vile destruction.  You cautiously
             make way  for  home,  feeling as  if some  supernatural  force is
             watching your every move.  Upon the arrival to your cottage,  you
             quickly store away your belongings,  making way for bed.  After a
             time that seemed forever,  sleep finally  overcomes your thoughts
             and you drift off, away from this world.
               In your dreams,  you have a  vision of  a world lying  in total
             chaos and despair, where sorcery, magic, and corruption prevails;
             a world whose people are enslaved  by a power-hungry leader known
             only as  Lord  Korax.  As his  legions  of  warriors protect  his
             castle,  Korax's cabinet  of Wizards  has gathered  in his throne
             room, using black  magic to open a  gateway to Earth.  The vision
             fades as a being walks  and stands before you  in your dreams. He
             is a  profit dressed  in  elaborate  robes;  obviously  from  the
             wastelands you just saw. He speaks to you in a low whisper, as if
             not to be heard by anyone else.
               "If you do not  stop Korax,  your people  will be destroyed and
             your world will be lost for all time.", says the stranger.
               "Who are you?", you ask quizzically.
               "I am of the alliance-- We are the only ones left, brave enough
             to stand against Korax's evil reign."
               "Who is this Korax you speak of?"
               "Korax is absolute evil.  He is using our people and our powers
             for his  plans to  conquer and pillage.  Even as we  speak, he is
             draining the life essences from my body and my people; he using
             our power to conquer other worlds. Your world is next."
               "Why Me?  You are a sorcerer who has great magic! Why can't you
             free your own people? I am nothing."
               "It has  been prophesied for  generations of a liberator not of
             this world. You are that liberator. You are our only hope left in
             our dying world. Help us, or we will be lost to the enemy for all
             time;  and  so  will  your  world  when  Korax's  gate  is  fully
             established! My power grows weak, as I am using the last ounce of
             my strength to contact you; I haven't much time"
               "How can I defeat an entity of such great power?"
               "When you wake up, there will be a  wizard's staff next to your
             bed,  use it  against all  your foes. We have  hidden the greater
             weapons, so that they will not  fall into the hands of the enemy.
             Farewell chosen one. Please do not fail us, or all is lost."
               "Wait! I have some much more to ask you!"
               The being fades from your view, screaming in utter misery, as a
             vile, evil laughter clouds your mind.
               You awake with  sweat running  down your face.  It could not be
             real! It was  only a dream!  In the distance  you hear one  final
               "Help us....  Help us...."
               The voices fades as rapidly as they came.
               You look out your window and see the horrendous portal. You now
             know what you must do. 
               You run  down into your  basement to your stock hold, then make
             your way to  the ever-glowing portal.  You grip the  wand tightly
             as you step  through; what  happens next,  you will never forget.
             You are  transported to a small  room.  Korax stands  before you,
             mocking your efforts.
               "So, you are the liberator."
               You stand absolutely stiff, frozen in complete fear.
               "Look at yourself, human; you can barely even move. How can you
             be the hero of prophecy?"
               Out of pure courage (or stupidity),  you aim the staff that the
             wizard gave you towards Korax's black heart, and fire.
               The shot fazed Korax none. Korax roars at your infidelity.
               "Do you  really  think  that your  pea-shooter  will  harm  me,
             human?" Korax laughs in your face.
               "I think I  will play  a little game  with you,  player", Korax
             says, "I will let you wander through my world.  If you are strong
             enough to  survive  against  my servants,  then I  will  come and
             personally rip your heart out."
               Korax laughs again.  With a wave  of his hand,  you are  warped
             into a dark  and damp hallway;  you can still hear Korax laughing
             in the distance.  From now on, Korax will  be watching your every
               Smells of recently slaughtered animals fill your head. You look
             behind  you and  see the  portal going  back home.  You desire to
             return to  the  safety and  comfort  of your  bed, but  you  must
             continue  in your quest.  You turn back around  and see a room at
             the end of the hallway, but only God knows what lies beyond.

                                 Soon you will know too.

Description: This is  the first-ever Hexen HUB created by 3D Delta Developers.
             Many  pain-staking  hours of production have been used to perfect
             the  workmanship  in  these five handcrafted  levels. We kept the
             same   theme  that  Id  Software  (c)   and  Raven  Software  (c)
             originally  planned  for their own master  WAD (Seven Gates, Ice,
             Fire, Steel,  Etc.), but  we added new  twists and turns that are
             sure to  please the  dedicated  Hexen fan. The  hub  ends  in  an
             exciting  conclusion that  can only  be experienced by completing
             every  puzzle   and  hitting  (almost )  every  switch.  We  have
             play-tested  this hub for hundreds of hours,  searching for every
             bug,  so you don't have  to! Each board contains around 300 or so
             lines of script code, but  none of these boards  compare  to  our
             steel board's  1000 lines of code!  This heavily  developed  code
             gives  the hardest  puzzles that extra edge: randomization!  Each
             level  averages around 300,000 bytes a piece! This is the largest
             hub  around! We also took full advantage of the "Ethereal travel"
             by making the players warp from board-to-board for puzzle solving
             fun, rather  than  the "Head-straight-for-the-end-switch" routine
             where you  run, well, straight  to the  end-- just  to get to the
             next board! That was no challenge  for  us.  BE WARNED: only  the
             most  advanced  players  will  tough  out  the challenges that we
             throw at them; so, are you up to our challenge?
                                               -- Roots/CoFounder Of 3D

Post Script: I  must   commend  Bremen  for  his  efforts,   suggestions,  and
             implementation  of  ideas.   If  it  was  not  for  his  constant
             encouragement, I would have terminated this project all together,
             but he kept going when I had stopped. His positive influence gave
             me a new  innovation  so that  we could pull off the best HUB the
             Hexen gaming world has ever known.  He is truly a "Detail" man.

                                 Thanks Steve


* Play Information * Episode and Level #  :   Replaces Levels 1-5

Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Players : Definitely 
Deathmatch 2-8 Players  : Yes 
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Music               : Yes [See CREDITS Below For Music Credits]
New Graphics            : Yes [Credits and RSAC Replaced]
Demos Replaced          : Three -- Watch and Learn [How to Die]

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch.
Build Time              : About 7-8 Months, On and Off
Playtesting Time        : Counting The  Time  It Took  To Learn  How To
                          Program Script AND  How To Operate The Editor
                          AND Interlacing the  Levels together  AND How
                          Poly  Objs work  AND........ Measurements are
                          impossible to calculate.
                          Who Really Keeps  Track Of This Stuff Anyway?
                          And Most Of ALL: Who Really cares?
Editor(s) used          : HETH [HExen for Total Headcases]
Known Bugs              : Two  Polyobjs  on the "STEEL"  Board give the
                          "INVISIBLE" effect; you can see right through
                          them!  All efforts to  correct this dastardly
                          situation  have ended in failure.... this bug
                          is only a visual flaw;  so it will not effect
                          the overall play of the game. If anyone knows
                          of some trick or procedure to rid this error,
                          please E-mail us with the information.

3D Delta Developers     :        Co-founder - Roots
                        :        Co-founder - Bremen

Hub Credits             :      Druid's Keep - Bremen
                        :       Seven Gates - Roots
                        :   Guardian of Ice - Bremen
                        :  Guardian of Fire - Bremen
                        : Guardian of Steel - Roots
                        : Special FX/Detail - Bremen
                        : Script Programmer - Roots

     The Above Credits Have Been "HARD CODED" into the Seven Gates Level!

Music                   : All  music  came from  the  Creature  Shock  CD.
                        : We think that Creature  Shock is one of the best
                        : games out on the market, and definitely has some
                        : remarkable  music  scores.   Creature  Shock  is
                        : Copyrighted by  Virgin Interactive and Artisoft.

Other Credits           :     "HETH" Author - Antony J. Burden
                        :                     (<email removed>)
                        :     "HETH" Author - Simon Oke
                        :                     (<email removed>)

* Copyright / Permissions *

- Authors may NOT use any of these levels as a base to build additional levels
- Authors may NOT use any of the embedded scripts,  whole or separate, for use

 [ Make your own! ]

You MAY distribute this HUB,  provided  that you  include this file,  with no
modifications, and that  the hub is in its entirety.  You may distribute this
HUB in  any electronic  format like a BBS,  diskette,  or on the  Internet as
long as you  include this  file intact.  See the below  paragraph if  you do.

You may  place this  HUB on a CD-ROM as  long as we are  notified in advance,
(see contacts below)  and we agree to let them  be placed on a CD.  Again, it
is mandatory that this file is included with the HUB.

AS A REQUEST,  3D Delta Developers  asks that  all CD/DISK  manufactures that
wish to  distribute our HUB on a  commercial bases,  PLEASE leave the zipfile
intact:  I have always despised it  when other peoples'  wads and text  files
were not  compressed together;  for half  the time,  out of pure  laziness, I
never read  the text file because the text file was not  copied to the game's
master directory!  Again,  this is only a  request. (Besides,  you can  get a
WHOLE lot more ADD-ON levels on your CD or DISK if you compress them anyway!)

* Contacts *

                    -= 3D Delta Developers Headquarters =-
    via INTERNET:
              EMAIL ROOTS: <email removed>                   [co-founder]
             EMAIL BREMEN: <email removed>                  [co-founder]
                EMAIL WWW: <email removed> [web comments/suggestions]



         Copyright 1996-2000 3D Delta Developers. All rights reserved.

                    THIS SECTION TRULY SPOILS THE GAME!!!!

Giving you a page of blank text so you can change your mind..........


We recommend trying to figure out the puzzles on your own and we STRONGLY
advise against reading this section.


#1:    If your truly stuck,  try traveling  from level-to-level  looking for a
       newly  opened door  or a switch  you have never seen before.  At times,
       switches  that allow  you to  progress in the  game can  seem like they
       are in the most unobvious places...

#2:    Don't get discouraged easily!

#3:    See Tip #2

Keypoints Walk Through:
Walk Through begins at Seven Gates board.

   ICE 1,  ICE 2,  FIRE 1,  FIRE 2,  STEEL 1,  STEEL 2 All refer to the GOLDEN
   doors on  the Seven Gates  Board. Each of  the portals  behind  these doors
   leads to the levels that the door describes.
           The Spoilers Has been divided into a four-part Walk Through
          To give you the option of how much game you want to spoil...

 -=-[    HUB Started    ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

*  Hit the switch on the center platform on the attack board.
   - after raising  into the bell tower,  strike the bell, then lower yourself
     with the switch to your left.
   - this opens the "ICE 1" portal
*  Go to The ICE 1 Portal and ETRAVEL To the ice board
*  Operate the valve and return using the portal
   - this valve opens "STEEL 1" on the Attack board
*  Go  through the Steel 1 portal on the attack board to the Steel level
*  Operate the elevator, and then operate the valve.
   - the valve releases 7 or so smashers. At the opposite end, hit the switch.
     It will  allow you to go back down the elevator.  Side note: these levels
     are  solely  designed for  cooperative play,  so I had  to keep  the 
     other player from "Cheating".
*  Hitting the Switch at  the end of the Hall Opens The Portal Leading Back to
   the Attack board.
*  The doors blocking "Fire 1" are open now, so go there.
*  On The Fire Board:
   - Go   the  statue  room, then up  the stairs.  Travel down  the  pulsating
     hallway towards the glowing Korax Emblem.  Turn right. There is  a switch
     in this portion of the map find it then hit it.  Head towards the back of
     the room  where the  dragon bracers are.  The  platform  will lower, then
     step into the transporter you now see.
   - go down the hallway,  until you reach  the outside. DON'T  Fall down into
     the pit yet!  There is a switch you must find first  or you can't advance
     (you will  not get stuck  if you fall  into the pit,  you will just delay
     conquering the hub a bit). Once you hit the switch, fall into the pit and
     head for the prison.  You should hear "Moaning in the distance".  Hit the
     switch and jump into the transporter.
   - go  toward  the  bridge  out  area  and take  a right.  steps should have 
     formed, so go in there and get the fire key.
   - head back to the glowing Korax, and take a left this time.  Open the fire
     doors and hit the switch at the bottom.  This opens a door in the prison
     with the spitting fireballs (Ouch! I hate that!)  hit the switch you find
     there. Go back to the glowing Korax and hit on it (space bar). this opens
     up  the  "JAM"  doors  (a  door  that  opens  up, down, left, and right).
     Three  poles should have  lowered to  reveal a portal.  Hit the one-ninth
     puzzle switch on the left (the first in the series!)
   - Walk though the portal back to the Attack board.
*  This opens "ICE 2" on the attack board. Walk into the portal
   - This transports you to the Ice board again,  but in a different area that
   you could not access before

 -=-[ 1/4 HUB Completed ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

*  Solve The Switch Maze
   - Once are  on  the ice board,  go up the step  and  fall. There  will be a 
   tunnel  on the left  that leads  back into a  frozen river  system.  On the 
   right there are  steps that lead up.  Once at the top,  go straight towards 
   the  "floating" ice chunks.  Hit the "One Ninth  Puzzle Solved" switch.  Go 
   left down the hall towards the end of the waterfall. DON'T FALL! Run to the 
   left and hop onto the ledge. There will be a switch. Hit it.
   - Fall off the ledge and head back  out the hallway where the centaurs are.
   head up the spiral  stairway where the amulet of warding is.  The will be a
   switch now. Hit it. Notice the three poles blocking the transporter on your
   left. Now head back to  the river system with the ice men.  Since there are
   three poles blocking your entry going up,  you will have to jump up through
   the waterfall now.  Two shooting centaurs  now guard an opened  switch. Hit 
   the switch.

*  Became Too Lazy to Finish This Section

 -=-[ 1/2 HUB Completed ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

*  Became Too Lazy to Do This Section

 -=-[ 3/4 HUB Completed ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

*  Became Too Lazy to Do This Section

 -=-[   HUB Completed   ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

               ... Just E-mail us if your THAT stuck ...


          Copyright 1996-2000 3D Delta Developers. All rights reserved.


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