A micro Doom2 episode. If you want detail in a wad in order to make it a good one, then this is probably something for you. Just look at our comput...

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MAP01, MAP02
Title                   : THE UAC CORPORATION  

Filename                : UACCORP.WAD

Author                  : Martin Friberg and Christopher Sund

Email Address           : <email removed> (all suggestions, comments, 
  ideas appreciated.)

Authors info            : from Sweden.

Description             : A micro Doom2 episode.
  If you want detail in a wad in order to make it a
  good one, then this is probably something for you.
  Just look at our computers, bathrooms, couches,
  special elevators, lightning... Everything's there!

Additional Credits to   : Ben Morris for his stunning DCK.
  And to the creators of the graphics I borrowed.
  And Id! (But that one's essential)
  AND Rand Phares for his error-checker DCC!

MAP 17 Storyline so far : You live as a neigbour to a big chemical factory,
  better known as the UAC Corporation.
  You've noticed that something is wrong with this 
  You also know that for a couple of years ago they 
  fooled around with some toxic waste, but there 
  weren't enough proof to charge them for doing 
  anything illegal. It calmed down and seemed to be 
  forgotten, but now just recently, you've noticed 
  that someone/something has been sneeking around your
  garden eating up all your pumpkins and carrots, 
  which you've been saving for easter dinner.
  You know that there was something with those 
  creatures which you recognized.
  After looking at some old pictures from the time 
  as a spacemarine, you recognize it. It is one of
  those damn Imps!
  You soon realize what you've got to do.
  This first map is supposed to be an "introduction"
  to map 18.

MAP 18 Storyline so far : Now you are in the UAC Corp.'s office
  waiting for a meeting with one of their 
  "front persons". It's time to find the source of
  the evil which is penetrating YOUR garden!
  Just clean up the mess... Pretty please with some 
  sugar on top! I might give you a carrot-cake if ya

* Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP #17-18
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes. Recommended map: #18 (untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes. Recommended map: #17 (untested)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sound(s)            : No
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : No (Please compose some futuristic music and send
      it too me. Yeah right, like you guys would give 
      your masterpiece away for free)

Demos Replaced          : Well, kinda. Go to the homepage listed below
  and download my demo-package from there.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch

Editor(s) used          : DCK 2.2, BSP 1.2X, DCK 3.61, ZenNode 0.98, DCK 3.62,
  ZenNode 0.98a, WinTex 4.3 and DCC v1.04

Known Bugs              : None I know of. Please mail me if you find
  anything strange.

Many thanks to the creators of the graphics I stole from their wads
I was just too lazy too make my own. Actually I don't know how ;)

Maybe I should put in a BIG thanx to the authors of the editors I used too!
Ok, thanx! Especially Ben Morris for his stunning DCK and the author of DCC.
Rand Phares id his name and he is one of the guys on TeamTNT. All credits
to them too! Their Final Doom project has given me lots of good ideas.

To play this wad just type "UAC" in your DOOM2 directory and hit Enter (it
will start up on difficulty-setting #4, because it was designed around that
one) or type "Doom2 -file uaccorp.wad -devparm -warp 07 -skill X"
(the X indicates the carnage-level)

This wad was designed around the UltraViolence-level, so to get the most 
out of it, choose that skill.

I have made a _lot_ of updates of this one, but I think this will be the last
Keep your eyes open for my next wad: the inmost corpses
It should be available for download pretty soon.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional

     *** VERY IMPORTANT***
You MAY extract any part/idea or any derivatives of its kind from 
this level and put it in your level, provided that you credit my name
in your .txt distribution.
You can of course, take the additional graphics out and do
something nice with them too if you like, I did!

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. If you do, please tell me about it, but you don't have to if 
ya don't wanna. See my email-address above.

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites  : ftp.cdrom.com + mirrors

BBS numbers: Please upload it to one

Other      : http:/hem1.passagen.se/ilkk/index.html


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