Replacement for map01. Story: A long, long time ago in a galaxy..., wait that one has already been used, let me start again. In the year 2015, the ...

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Title                   : TRIAD EXPERIMENTAL CORPORATION - The first advent-
                          ure of Duck Dodgers (yes, I know its Daffy Duck)

Filename                : TRIEX.WAD (for DOOM ][)
Author                  : Doug Ryerson
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : What more do you need to know?

Description             : Replacement for map01.

                          Story: A long, long time ago in a galaxy..., wait
                          that one has already been used, let me start again.
                          In the year 2015, the large multinational company 
                          known then as Triad Experimental began to do its 
                          own exploration of portions of the atmosphere of 
                          Jupiter after the Galileo II spacecraft discovered, 
                          5 years earlier, large amounts of compounds never 
                          seen on the Earth. One particular compound, event-
                          ually marketed by Triad Experimental under the name
                          Chloron X, was found to have the chemical formula
                          ArCl4 (argon tetrachloride). Such a compound norm-
                          ally can't exist on Earth, but under conditions on
                          Jupiter it was found to form quite readily. The 
                          usefulness of chloron X came when it was exposed to 
                          the lower gravity and thinner atmosphere of the 
                          Earth, where it rapidly decomposed in the presence 
                          of calcified water to from argon gas and a stable 
                          salt, CaCl2. Accompanying this reaction was an 
                          enormous release of energy, that could be harnessed 
                          and used in a variety of ways. 
                          Triad Experimental saw the obvious profit potential
                          and so set about to corner the market. Building 
                          from prefabricated spacecraft components they 
                          established a processing base on Jupiter itself,  
                          right in the middle of a large pool of ArCl4, and 
                          began to run tests on how best to utilize and 
                          package for transport, their now patented Chloron X. 
                          At that time the existance of Nutrion waves was 
                          unknown, as was the knowledge of their production 
                          during the conversion of ArCl4 to CaCl2 and their 
                          effects on human tissue. 
                          Since the main power for the base was supplied by 
                          a Chloron X reactor the effects were first seen 
                          on personnel working in the power building (due 
                          obviously to their close proximity to the source 
                          of the Nutrion waves). Common effects of prolonged 
                          exposure to Nutrion waves include malformations of 
                          skeletal structure accompanied by homocidal 
                          delerium. One of the unfortunate attributes of this 
                          disorder on humans is that it becomes highly cont-
                          agious, spreading in a manner similar to another 
                          affliction, discovered during the latter half of 
                          the 20th century, known as Scrapie disease. Not 
                          surprisingly, the entire population of the base 
                          (325 inhabitants) came down with the disorder 
                          literally overnight. When the orbital station lost 
                          contact with the surface base they mistakenly 
                          assumed that it was a simple communications mal-
                          function (such breakdowns had occurred before) and 
                          so sent down only a repair technician, corporal 
                          Duck Dodgers. It was just by sheer coincidence that 
                          our hero was wearing his hostile environment suit 
                          which protected him from the disease (His normal 
                          pressure suit was at the cleaners at that time, and 
                          it would not have protected him had he been wearing
                          it). Thus began the illustrious career of Duck 
                          With this doom2 wad you get to relive the adven-
                          tures of Duck Dodgers on the first of his many
                          harrowing experiences.
                          P.S. I realize the chemical basis of this storyline
                          is fictitous. I believe this is my 30th wad posted
                          to ftp.
Additional Credits to   : everyone and anyone

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #                    : map01
Single Player                          : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player                 : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player                  : No
Difficulty Settings                    : Yes
New Sounds                             : No
New Graphics                           : No
New Music                              : No
Demos Replaced                         : none

* Construction *

Base                    : From scratch
Editor(s) used          : DCK 2.2, IDBSP11
Known Bugs              : None
Build time              : Am I going to be tested on this?
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