This is my VERY first PWAD... I didn't expect to make masterpieces such as OPOST21.WAD or UAC_DEAD.WAD in my first try, but for those who choose to...

"The Abandoned Barracks"
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Title                   :  "The Abandoned Barracks"
Author                  :  Johnny Cheng
Email Address           :  <email removed> or <email removed> 
                           or <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       :  Electrical Engineering Student (very stressed
                           out!  Needs DOOM/DOOM2/HERETIC break)
Description             :  This is my VERY first PWAD...  I didn't expect
                           to make masterpieces such as OPOST21.WAD or
                           UAC_DEAD.WAD in my first try, but for those who
                           choose to give my level a shot, here's a brief
                           summary of what to expect...
                           It's an outdoors setting (quite scenic if you
                           like the mountain textures) with 4 hills, 8
                           abandoned barracks, some dark regions (possibly
                           dangerous), and 3 floating or suspended high-
                           in-the-sky chambers (you've got to see it to 
                           believe it... or at least I hope you get that 
                           sensation).  It's very WIDE open level with
                           several light pillars for extra decoration or
                           obstacles to hide behind in deathmatch...
                           It's simple in design cause this is my first taste
                           of mapeditting DOOM (very complicated compared
                           to Wolfenstein 3-D I might add)...
                           Hope you enjoy it
Addition Credits        :  Id Software - Creators of DOOM! (of course)
                           Raphael Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber - DEU 5.21GCC
*Play information*

Episode and Level #     :  E1M2
Single Player           :  Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  :  Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   :  Yes
Difficulty Settings     :  Yes
New Sounds              :  No
New Graphics            :  No
Demos Replaced          :  No

Base                    :  New level from scratch
Build Time              :  Too Damned Long!!!
                           (probably at least 20+ hours spent on learning
                           the concepts and DEU [I started with DCK20 but
                           found it too soon to start with that] as well as
                           making the actual level and DEBUGGING THE DAMNED
Editor(s) Used          :  DEU 5.21GCC
Known Bugs              :  There is one bug that I noticed and that's a 
                           slight HOM effect near and around the hills...
                           This is because I didn't realize the DOOM engine's
                           limit for a player to see no more than 16 2S
                           Linedefs at any given instant until AFTER I was
                           finished compiling my map (it takes FOREVER for
                           the blockmap to compile and I'm on a 486/66DX2)
                           Nonetheless, the HOM effect is slight now (thanks
                           to the hundreds of pillars I put in to obstruct
                           the view of a certain number of linedefs and I 
                           hope it worked...) and some players might not
                           even notice it...
        It's no big deal to me (I do it cause it's FUN)...  I guess as long
as no one's blatantly being a sh_thead, then I really don't care...
Besides, the rest of the Doom players/addicts can decide what to do with
the plagiarists ;)

*Where to get this WAD*

I have no idea...  This is my first time uploading something to anywhere...
(yeah yeah I know, a newbie to the world of PWADS...) :)


        Well I guess I have to add that if you've checked out this level,
please email me some feedback.  Is it too simple?  Any problems with bugs?
Is it suitable for deathmatch?  single player?  Does it suck?  How would
this wad compare with the ones that are already out there? etc.. etc...
I would really like some feedback because I would like to make some more
levels (perhaps more pleasing to see and play) and hopefully if I get real
good at this, I might get into graphics editting and sound editting so I
might borrow music and textures from DOOM and HERETIC and some PWADS and 
put them into DOOM2...  How does a WOLFENSTEIN 3-D level with doom engine 
sound? except this time instead of just the SS officers... there would be
those lt. brown suited soldiers, white suited officers (fast like the arch-
vile), green monsters (the ones with 3 arms and are DEAD ACCURATE), 
dobermans, Dr. Schabbs, General Fat-face, Hans, Gretel Grosse, Hitler Ghost,
Otto Giftmacher, the Armoured Adolf Hitler... YES!!!  (I think you get the
picture that I like Id's Creations) :P~~~

        Anyways, I hope you enjoy the level, and please email me your
responses (positive or negative... believe me, I can take lots of trash-
talking too...  I'm a basketball fan and I trash talk plenty in deathmatch)

Thank you for your time :)


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