The Adventures of MassMouth Do Over!

There's a story which you'll probably need to understand the plot (good lord, there's a plot?!) so read it or I might have to beat you down. It's a...

The Adventures of MassMouth Do Over!
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09, MAP10
Date Completed         : July 19, 2003 (fourth version)
 November 11, 2002 (third version, 'Do Over!')
 Febuary 23, 2000 (second version)
 Febuary 21, 2000 (initial release)
Title                  : The Adventures of MassMouth Do Over!
Filename               : massm_do.wad
Other Works            :
Author                 : Cyb
Author Info       : Ummm...insert something about Cyb here

Email Address          : <email removed>

Description            : There's a story which you'll probably need to understand the plot 
 (good lord, there's a plot?!) so read it or I might have to beat 
 you down.  It's at the bottom of this file.  If you read anything, at 
 least read that.
 DO: Anything marked with a DO (such as this passage) are notes added 
 by myself for the third (Do Over!) release.
 DO2: This is the only note for the fourth and (hopefully) final 
 version.  This wad now needs ZDoom 2.0 to run ( 
 as it was impossible to exit the last map in 2.0 and 1.23 is old 
 anyway.  I also fixed your 'ability' to kill the Worm on the last 
 map, sorry!  Ah yes, and on the dwarf baron map it used to be 
 possible to trigger the exit if any monster followed you out 
 the door and over the cage.  Can't happen now, it needs to be 
 the little guy.  That's all.  Play Massmouth 2!

Notes       : If you don't have a sound card you're screwed (because you 
 just downloaded a whole lotta wav files, buhaha).

       : In case you're wondering, yeah, this is one of those 'ground breaking' 
 ZDoom wads with a ton of ACS.  However (hopefully) unlike Tei Tenga and 
 Doom2K I've tried to give some decent gameplay (which was everyone's 
 main gripe with those two sets).  However, it's very hard to combine 
 Doom-like gameplay (a ton of monsters) with really cool ACS.  To make 
 up for maps that might lack in gameplay, they're pretty short and 
 straight forward, as non-linear maps with few monsters tend to suck 
 more often then not (in fact they always suck).  I hope ya like it.
       : DO: Note, if you want cool scripting + Doom gameplay, check out Hell 
         Factory.  It's quite excellent.

       : Also you'll need to use ZDoom 1.22 because that's what I tested it 
 on and I dunno if it works on other versions (probably not).
       : DO: Ha!  I lied.  The entire purpose of this version is to get it 
         working with ZDoom 1.23 and (hopefully) later versions.  Thus I fixed 
         the errors that were causing it to crash and burn with 1.23 and I added 
         a few 1.23 specific things.  So yeah, you don't need 1.22 any more.

Additional Credits to  : id for Doom and Q2, Raven for Hexen/ACS, Lee Killough for Boom/MBF, 
 Randy Heit for ZDoom, Valve for Half-Life, Gearbox for OpFor, Stephen 
 Monteith for MassMouth, TiC for the Sonic Blaster gfx/sounds, Kennith
 Scott for the status bar, Rick Clark for his ZDoom editing tutorials, 
 without which I wouldn't have been able to add any new junk.


* Play Information *

Game                    : zdoom.exe with doom2.wad (1.23 only)
Level #                 : map01 - map10 (don't skip around though, it's meant to be played 
  through from beginning to start)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No (no starts becuase the ACS will prolly get funky)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No (same reason, plus they would probably suck ass for DM)
Difficulty Settings     : Of course

New Sounds              : Pleanty
New Graphics            : Also Pleanty
New Music               : Didn't skimp there
Demos Replaced          : Nope.

* Construction *

Base                    : Maps:   Scratch

  GFX:    All new monsters are from OpFor or Half-Life.  MassMouth is a 
          Q2 PPM.  The status bar is from Ken Scott's thetick.wad 
  ( in /idgames).  The new BFG sprites are made by
  TiC (  All other weapons are from OpFor.
  'The Eye' taken from Hexen (please don't kill me!).

  Sounds: All enemy sounds except MassMouth's and the Stuka Bat's from
  OpFor or Half-Life (those two were made by me).  Weapon/ambient
  sounds from Half-Life/Opfor/Q2.  The Worm's sounds made by me, 
  except his death sound (from OpFor).

  Music:  It's all Mark Klem and Dave Shaw stuff (because they rock 
  total ass) except for map02 and the title music which have
  authors I do not know (darn).

Editor(s) used          : WadED, WadAuthor, Warm, Paint Shop Pro 5/6, Sound Forge 5, WinTex,
  Dehacked, WadCat (the only way to merge maps without overwriting
  SCRIPTS lumps).
  DO: I used WAuthor to fix and add new stuff.
Build time              : Much, much too long.  Probably four or five months.
  DO: Fixes and whatnot took a couple days, nothing major.
Known Bugs              : I've tried to minimize cheating (aka taking the easy way out) as much
  as possible, but it's tough.  Anyway, I'll leave it up to you if you
  want to take a shortcut, but I think I got rid of them all.
  DO: ZDoom 1.23 has an annoying habit of breaking a few dehacked patches, 
  but there's no way I can fix it.  However, Randy has said he'll be fixing 
  it, so once he does it'll work.  Just in case you're wondering why picking 
  up shells makes you pick up a desert eagle and vice versa.

  As for real bugs, sometimes if you cross over a linedef a certain
  way you'll only set off half the script, or none of it at all.  This
  doesn't happen very often, and I probably only know it because I 
  playtested this thing so much.
  DO: Hasn't happened to me with this version, maybe I was smoking crack.

Bug Fixes In Version 2  : Cleaned up a lot of the sprites, redid the status bar face graphics, 
  which had a lot of stray green pixels.  Also fixed some of the Barney 
  and Otis graphics.  Did some more Dehacked work to fix (hopefully) the
  Mastermind/Voltigore bug, and made it so Barney and Otis don't move
  when they're idle (way it should be).  Fixed up the bunny scroller
  graphics (first version was too sloppy for my taste) and added a
  D_BUNNY midi.  Also did misc. fixes to most of the maps that you
  probably won't notice.  Added a lot of stuff to this text file as well
  such as better given credits and a section at the end telling about the
Bug Fixes in Version 3  : (this is DO stuff)  In all the Worm's base maps there was a double vertex 
  that was crashing ZDoom (only 1.23 tho, not 1.22 for whatever reason) so I 
  fixed that.  Also the end credits thing was buggered, so I had to fix that 
  and stuff.  As far as bugs I think that was it.
Changes in Version 3     : (more DO)  As I said I added a few 1.23 specific things like moving cameras 
   and slopes here and there, though nothing major.  If you haven't played the 
   original in a while you probably won't even notice.  I also got rid of the 
   Metallica sample because...hell, I don't know why I even put it in there in 
   the first place.  Also I got massive, MASSIVE complaints about the map05 
   enemies so I lowered their health a bunch and their attack damage slightly.  
   They're much more manageable now, though you can still be owned by them if 
   you aren't careful.  That's about it I think.

 * Copyright / Permissions *

- Authors may NOT use these levels as a base to build additional levels.
- Authors may use the graphics/sounds in this wad as long as credit is 
  given (aka, to me and whoever I got them from, so ask and I'll tell you).
- Authors can also use the music, but it's not mine, so I wouldn't try to 
  sell it (who'd buy a MIDI anyway?)

You may distrubute this file in any format (CD ROM, BBS, whatever) provided
that you include all files included in your distribution (as in, this text file and the wad) 
and you don't try and make any money off it.  Mainly because lots of stuff in it is copyright 
someone else (eek!) so you'll be in trouble if you do (and me too prolly).

DO: I should just rename it to "Massmouth: Copyright Infringement Ahoy!"

And just because all the sprites aren't original work doesn't mean I didn't spend way too
much time on them.  Hehe.

DO: True dat.

Where to Get this wad:
FTP: but I assume you already have it since you're reading this...

Ahh, so you remembered about the story.  Good, now anyone who didn't read this will be lost 

You are MassMouth, intergalatic zeebloid of mystery.  Well, not really.  You were just 
an average zeebloid, woking at the local particle accelerator plant as a security guard.  You 
know, trying to make an honest living.
Then one day (never saw the turn of events coming, didya?), you are approached by an 
out-of-towner.  You can tell he's not from about here because he has two eyes and four arms.  
Anywho, he informs you that you have been selected to be the seventh member of an elite group 
of people lead by the infamous 'The Worm'.
The Worm is a big intergalatic collector.  He likes to, uh, borrow, stuff from other 
planets.  Anything that is of great value.  So what he does is send his six workers, or whatever 
they like to be called, and they get him what he wants.  This sounds kind of selfish on part of 
The Worm, but he treats all his employees very well.  Paid vacations, free room and board, and a 
really sweet pension plan.  Plus he has a ton of technology at his disposal, so if you ever get 
in any trouble you'll probably be saved by him anyway.
At any rate, since your security guard job is pretty much a dead end thing you accept 
The Worm's offer.  The very next day you're on your way to his personal moon (he's that rich).  
Once you're there you're given a nice little room and even your very own high-quality energy-
ray gun.  Top of the line.  Only the best.  You're told to rest up because the next day you'll 
be meeting The Worm and getting your very first assignment.


Whoo, now that wasn't so bad, was it?  Now just start up the ol' game and play away: 

zdoom.exe -file massm_do.wad

Remember, you need sound, so no using -nosound you bastard!  And have fun.

This info is for anyone who might want to make add ons or if you just want to 
know what the monsters are called.  If you haven't played yet you might want to 
not read this part cuz it'll give away everything for the most part.


Barney (thin security guard) - Replaces Sergent.  Drops bullets for it upon death.  100 health.
       DO: Like I said, he drops a desert eagle that looks like bullets...
Otis (fat security guard)    - Replaces Zombie.  Drops clip upon death.  100 health.
Black Ops      - Replaces chaingunner.  Drops mp3 upon death.  150 health.

Dwarf Barron (1/2 size)     - Replaces Hell Knight.  400 health.

Stuka Bat     - Replaces Pain Elemantal.  75 health.
       DO: Whee, these jerks used to have 200 health.  What was I thinking?

Map 07
Giant Demon     - Replaces Spectre.  600 health.  Will not attack player.

Map 09
Shock Trooper     - Replaces Mancubus.  800 health.
Voltigore     - Replaces Spider Mastermind.  10000 health.


1 - Mouth - MassMouth has a big mouth, so he might as well use it, eh?
1 - Zippo Lighter - Can't hurt anything with it, but useful for really dark corridors.  Of 
                    course the light will warn any sleeping monsters. (place chainsaw)
2 - High-Quality Energy-Ray Gun - Fires small, somewhat slow energy shots.
3 - Desert Eagle - Earth weapon, primative but effective. (place 4 shotgun shells)
4 - MP5 - See above. (place chaingun)
5 - The Eye - It's supposed to be able to take out armys, but it doesn't. (place rocket launcher)
6 - Plasma Gun - We've all come to know and love it.  Now sporting spiffy new red plasma. (place
         plasma gun)
7 - Sonic Blaster Mining Tool - Used to dig and mine in caves (easier than shovels and picks), 
        but also fairly effective against living things. (place BFG)


Windows Source - Spinning CD, replaces Computer Area Map
Crystal of Life - Yellow Crystal, replaces Invuln Sphere
Transport Ship - What it says (appears in map01), replaces Nuke Suit


Clip/Bullets - unchanged (used by mp5)
Shells/Box of Shells - Placing the shells will yeild a desert eagle in the game, placing a 
       shotgun will yeild 4 shells in the game.  Get it?  Box is unchanged
       DO: For now that's reversed, if you've been paying attention you know
       what I'm talking about.
Rocket/Box of Rockets - Unchanged, used by Energy-Ray Gun
Cell/Bulk Cell - Unchanged, used by Plasma gun/Sonic Blaster


The Worm - replaces pile of skulls with candle, 1 health, so don't shoot him.
Transport ship - replaces candlebra, can't be picked up (also in map01)
Blue Crystal - replaces 'Eye in Symbol'
Mini BackPack - replaces spinal chord and brain, can't be picked up.

Monsters NOT to use

SS Nazi - will look like the worm when he dies, plus all sounds are used elsewhere
Cyberdemon - looks like a gaint demon, and fires weak plasma (like your energy gun)
Revenant - Fires voltigore fireballs, makes electric sound on death
Romero Head - Sounds like Voltigore when injured
Commander Keen - Sounds used elsewhere


Questions, comments, complaints, flames, and so on, don't hesitate to mail me: <email removed>

The Worm's Moon (MAP01)

The Worm's Moon (MAP01)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
The Source (MAP02)

The Source (MAP02)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
Back at The Moon (MAP03)

Back at The Moon (MAP03)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
Temple of the Baron (MAP04)

Temple of the Baron (MAP04)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
Crystal Mines (MAP05)

Crystal Mines (MAP05)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
The Moon Again (MAP06)

The Moon Again (MAP06)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
The Blur Sphere (MAP07)

The Blur Sphere (MAP07)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
The Collection (MAP08)

The Collection (MAP08)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
The Eye of Mahan (MAP09)

The Eye of Mahan (MAP09)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
Epilogue (MAP10)

Epilogue (MAP10)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Par Time
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