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The Bad Guys is a PWAD playable on ZDOOM

The Bad Guys
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WAD Type
Archive maintainer: Please place in "combos" subdirectory
Update to: The Bad Guys (BADGUYS.WAD)
Advanced engine needed: ZDoom 2.0.63A or later
Primary purpose: A small monster and decoration resource WAD
Title: The Bad Guys
Filename: BADGUYS.WAD [V1.1, See Change Log]
Release Date: 19th October 2004
Update Date: 16th February 2006
Author: Martin Howe (a.k.a. The Crazy Cat)
Email Address: <email removed>
Web Site: http://www.martinsobservationpost.net (personal)
Files By Author: BOMBAY72 ........... play DOOM as a true predator!
  BADGUYS ............ some spare monsters and items
  CLEANWAD ...... personal upgrade of an old classic
Misc. Author Info: DOOMer since 1993; Webmaster, Committee Member and
  Kitten List holder for the Bombay and Asian Self
  Breed Club (www.bombaybreedclub.org), which is
  itself affiliated to the GCCF (www.gccfcats.org).
  Webmaster and Committee Member of the London Cat
  Club (www.londoncatclub.org), which is also
  itself affiliated to the GCCF (www.gccfcats.org).
Description: A set of monsters in DECORATE, plus some NAZI wall
  textures, swastika-motif transporter pads and a
  few other bits and pieces that might be useful.
  The wall textures implement all wall-NAZI-motif
  combinations (ZZWOLF* only contains some of them).
Revision summary: Added some fake-pickup keys and removed "Reserved
  for Butchery" limits (can now use ALL 3300..3399).
  Strife PWAD and recognise them by name as sounds.
Additional Credits To: The Usual (iD, Gerkhin/CodeImp, Olivier Montanauy)
Special Credit To: Laz Rocas. I didn't use any of his resources, but
  he deserves to be mentioned as one of the pioneers
  of Wolfenstein-in-DOOM. He led the way for many of
  us after Scott & Scott started the ball rolling.
Reason for existence: These were originally part of the (at time of
  writing) unfinished WAD The Butchery, but were
  considered useful enough to release on their own.

* Change Log *

16-FEB-2006 Added some fake-pickup keys
16-FEB-2006 Removed "Reserved for Butchery" limits
10-MAR-2005 Improved Sewer Rat walking sequence
28-OCT-2004 Missing and incorrect credits fixed
28-OCT-2004 ANIMDEFS for switch texture SSW2SW?A
19-OCT-2004 Original release

* Test Level *

In a separate file BADTEST there is a small test level for MAP01 of DOOM2.

* What is included *

New levels: 0
Sounds: Yes
Music: No
Graphics: Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch: No
MAPINFO lump: No
Demos: No
Other files required: No

* Play Information *

Game: DOOM or DOOM2 (including Final Doom)
Map #: None (should work on any)
Single Player: Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player: Designed for
Deathmatch 2-4 Player: No
Other game styles: Maybe?
Difficulty Settings: N/A

* Construction *

Base: Various stuff (see credits) and many DeHackIngs
Build Time: Five days including testing and feedback
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder, WinTex, DeHackEd, EditPlus2,
  PhotoStudio, ThumbsPlus Pro, Sound Recorder.
Known Bugs: The attack of the Duke of Hell is a bit clumsy as
  A_ComboAttack cannot be used for him (due to the
  logic needed to replicate a cyberdemon attack).
May Not Run With...: Anything other than ZDoom 2.0.63A+

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for modification or
reuse provided that you give the author access to a copy and give them the
right to use parts of your work in future releases. You must also credit
all contributors. Permissions have been obtained from original author for
any of their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY (and are encouraged to) distribute THE BAD GUYS provided:

    (1) This entire collection of files is distributed UNMODIFIED,
preferably in the original ZIP file in which it should have come. I
have received permission from the original authors of any modified
or included content in this file to allow further distribution.
    (2) The distribution is on a non-commercial basis; you may put THE BAD
GUYS on FTP sites or CD or other media as part of a collection for
which you are charging a fee as long as you understand that the fee
is for the collecting and (if applicable) the media, *not* for
    (3) You accept that as with all free systems provided free of charge for
like-minded people, THE BAD GUYS is NOT guaranteed to work
completely or correctly although it is likely to do so; thus it is a
condition of use that you accept that as with most such products,
you use it at your own risk. THE BAD GUYS is **NOT** designed to be
    (4) Any legal disputes over THE BAD GUYS or any part of it, including
these terms and conditions, shall be governed by the Laws of
England; furthermore, you do not have permission to use THE BAD GUYS
in any jurisdiction whose laws modify or limit these conditions
unless you VOLUNTARILY accept these conditions as if under the Laws
of England.

* Acknowledgements *

DOOM and DOOM2 are copyright of ID Software

Other credits are listed in the "Menagerie" section

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames and mirrors

* Menagerie *


SS Guard Dog
A pink Demon with a German Shepherd skin.
Resource credit: ID, wolf3d & doom; Killough, Scott, ...

SS Soldier
A Zombieman with a German Army skin.
Resource credit: ID, wolf3d & doom; Scott, ...

SS Commando
A Wolfenstein-SS NAZI, toughened up but mostly unchanged.
Resource credit: ID, wolf3d & doom; Scott, ...

SS Officer
An even tougher version of the Wolfenstein-SS in a white uniform.
Resource credit: ID, wolf3d & doom; Scott, ...

Adolf Hitler
Need you ask? He does an archvile attack when he says "SEIG HEIL!"
Resource credit: ID, wolf3d & doom; Scott, ...

Sewer Rat
These vermin just love rotting flesh but love to bite humans.
Resource credit: Daniel, neo_doom.wad

Vampire Bat (Flying)
Vampire Bat (Nesting)
Vampire bats have no problem sucking your blood if they smell it.
The two bats are identical except for their default spawn heights.
If you cannot specify a height (i.e., in DOOM format) or specify it
as zero (HeXen format), the nesting variety will be spawned on the
ground and the flying variety will be spawned at a random height.
Resource credit: Bostwick & Marshall, osiris.wad

Butcher (Waiting)
Butcher (Resting)
Chainsaw-wielding superhuman troopers with much demon DNA implanted.
The two butchers are identical except for their default chainsaw
states. The resting variety spawns with the chainsaw switched off
and only switches it on once he sees his first target (though it
remains on after that). The waiting variety is spawned with the
chainsaw already running and immediately ready to attack any target.
Resource credit: King, pdoom2.wad, Nanami et al, humans.wad

Dirtier, tougher, dark imps who can throw mancubus-like fireballs.
Resource credit: SkullTag, Nanami, darkimp.wad

Corrupt FBI Agent
Tough, hard-ass killers, these guys carry full-auto spider shotguns.
Resource credit: Lightman, Sparky, avtvp.wad, duke.wad

Squire of Hell
Lord of Hell
Marquis of Hell
Earl of Hell
Duke of Hell
There are four Hell Nobles that are carefully designed to *replace*
the standard Baron family in a logical sequence of power, plus
another that is just a variation of one of them. The Duke is just
an Earl with a Rocket attack like that of a CyberDemon. You should
*not* use any of the vanilla Barons and Hell Knights together with
these in the same WAD, nor should you use Earls and Dukes together.
                 Like    Init    Melee   Pain    Misl  Misl   Misl
                 Power   Health  Damage  Chance  Dmge  Speed  Type
---------------  ------  ------  ------  ------  ----  -----  ------
Squire of Hell   Knight     500       6      80     8      8  Brown
Lord of Hell     [none]    1000       8      60    12     12  Blue
Marquis of Hell  Baron     2000      10      40    16     16  Green
Earl of Hell     Cyber     4000      12      20    20     20  Red
Duke of Hell     Cyber     4000      12      20    20     20  Rocket
Resource credit: ID, doom; Klem, cringe.wad

Dead SS Guard Dog
Dead SS Soldier
Dead SS Commando
Dead SS Officer
Dead Adolf Hitler
Dead Sewer Rat
Dead Vampire Bat
Dead Butcher
Dead Gremlin
Dead Corrupt FBI Agent
Dead Squire of Hell
Dead Lord of Hell
Dead Marquis of Hell
Dead Earl of Hell
Dead Duke of Hell
Decorations that are just dead versions of the monsters.

Dead Chaingunner
Dead Spectre
Dead Hell Knight
Dead Baron of Hell
Dead Arachnotron
Dead Revenant
Dead Mancubus
Dead Archvile
Dead Cyberdemon
Dead Spider Mastermind
Dead Wolfenstein SS
Dead Commander Keen (without rope)
Decorations that are not implemented in DOOM or DOOM2.

John Romero's head on a plate
The SS were rather ticked off at their weak portrayal in DOOM2...
Resource credit: ID, doom2

Hanging corpse (blocking,shootable)
A shootable hanging corpse
Resource credit: ID, doom2

Destroyed John Romero's head on a plate
Destroyed hanging corpse
Decorations that are just destroyed versions of these items.

Mug of Nukage
A mug of bubbling Nukage (uugh!)
Resource credit: ID, doom2

Heart on a plate
A heart on a plate
Resource credit: ID, doom2

Skull in a pool of blood
A skull in a pool of blood
Resource credit: ID, doom2

Gold key card
Gold skull key
Green keycard
Green skull key
Black keycard
Black skull key
Mauve keycard
Mauve skull key
Some useful fake-pickups
Remember they need a script to make them work!
Resource credit: ID, doom2
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