(This is the sequel level to "Sacrifice in Blood")

The Corrupt Priest
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Advanced engine needed  : Some enhanced source port with no 2-sided line limit and no sprite limit. Legacy and ZDoom work the best for me.

Primary purpose         : Single+Coop play

===========================================================================Date Completed         : March 1st, 2001
Title                  : The Corrupt Priest
Filename               : crpt_p.wad
Other Works            : Sacrifice In Blood(the prequel to this level), some old crap.
Author                 : Gray Lancer (Jon Washburn)

Email Address          : <email removed>
Web Address            : http://www.hybernation.org

Description            : (This is the sequel level to "Sacrifice in Blood")

On a far away colony world, a temple was discovered which marked the border between our reality and another, far more sinister dimension. We like to call that dimension "Hell." This temple, which was known as the "Temple of Water", was clean and pure, holding the evil in check. UAC sent marines and soldiers to guard it, restoring the old temple amd living there like the monks who had originally lived there until they were all wiped out.

The marines there sent out a call for help, the com went silent, and you got sent in to spy around. As soon as you hit the grounds, you were being attacked from all sides by something you wished you'd seen the last of five years ago back on Earth.

You managed, just barely, to get through the hellspawn to the inner sanctum of the temple, which contained not only a very large, very angry demon but also a strange portal. You stepped into the portal and suddenly were torn into another place... a place you can only assume is a different dimension.

You managed to find some info in the libraries while you were wading through demons to get through the temple. You found out that the monks had been led by a priest who had found a certain portal to a certain alternate dimension where he spent a lot of his time. But the priest had become corrupted by the power of that alternate dimension, and attempts to bring him out were less than successful. You didn't catch much more... after all, it was all you could skim from the scientist's notes while you were blowing away demons.

But this new place is littered with the bodies of the dead, along with a suprising amount of ammunition... it seems like the UAC soldiers tried to mount a little assault on this place... and it looks like they failed. You're already this far, you might as well keep going.

At least you've got enough bullets this time.

Additional Credits to  : Id Software, for making Doom. The creators of WinDEU. The author of WARM. The author of Wintex. The authors of ZDoom and Doom Legacy.


* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom 2 IWAD, enhanced source port
Level #                 : map01
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yeah, sure
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : The starts are there, but it's not really a deathmatch level.
Difficulty Settings     : Yep

Note                    : Jumping is perfectly allowed. You might want to leap between some of the floating island things. You'll see what I mean. The level has been set up so that even if you jump, you can't get anywhere you're not supposed to.

New Sounds              : No

New Graphics            : A new sky texture and a new title screen.
New Music               : Original music to replace map01 and the Doom 2 theme.

Demos Replaced          : Nah.

* Construction *

Base                    : Completely new level from scratch.

Editor(s) used          : WinDEU 32, Wintex, MIDI2MUS, WARM

Resource Editor(s) uses : Adobe Photoshop, Cakewalk Pro

Build time              : I wasn't counting on this one. We'll just say "a long time".
Known Bugs              : Not a bug, but there is one odd-looking lighting thing. You'll know it if you see it. Also, due to the complexity of this level and such and such, it will crash regular vanilla Doom 2 like a cheap car, so play with a source port.

 * Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You may distrubute this file in any format(CD ROM, BBS, whatever)provided
that you include all files included in your distribution(that would be this text file and the WAD itself, Ok?)  

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