"The Crow"  (HINT: stare at the map of the

"The Crow" (HINT: stare at the map of the is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on DOOM

"The Crow" (HINT: stare at the map of the
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Title                   : "The Crow"  (HINT: stare at the map of the 
  right-hand zone for a while.)
Second WAD title        : "Really, Really, Huge, Angry, Rocket-Launching
  Bird in a Golden Cage" (subtitled "Death made Easy")
Filename                : thecrow.zip {
thecrow.txt }
Author                  : Cory Damon Dodt
Email Address           : <email removed>
  <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Likes to play PEACE.WAD until he has at least 
  30 self-frags.  Mean with a rocket launcher at
  point blank range.
Shameless Plugs to      : PEACE.WAD, INFINITY.WAD, and LEDGES.WAD...
  Nothing like hitting 100 frags in less than an
Included free of charge : masochsm.wad, an amusing diversion I ripped out in
  about 5 minutes.  It's fun, trust me.  It replaces
  e1m1/map01.  Basically just a small room with a 
  Cyberjerk and 2-4 people trying to kill each other 
  in it. Do whatever you want with it, it wasn't 
  exactly an original concept to begin with :-P
Description             : (long)
Doom I & Doom II DEATHMATCH.  RECOMMENDED: 4 player network, with
fast machines.  (i.e. all DX/33 and up.)  Was playable with 4 players on
two DX/33's and two SX/25's, but it wasn't fast.  This is a stalking level.
Although it seems large, there are so many overlappings and connections 
and teleporters that it shrinks a bit.  Nevertheless, it's a _big_ place, 
which makes it easy for someone who knows the level well to stalk.
Weapons aren't plentiful, you have to go spelunking to get to 'em.
I designed the level so that if you just fragged your opponent you know
where he's gonna go because all the weapons are laid out in the TUNNELS.
Fortunately for you, there are multiple sniper points around all weapons
with the tools of the sniper, the chaingun and shotgun, in easy reach in
case you forgot yours.  This area works great for 3 or 4 players, but
with only 2 the TUNNELS don't do their job quite so well.
There are lots of suicide areas.  Learn them.  Beware them.  In 
one of them, the suicidal maniac can defend himself against attack quite
well (read: weapons) so beware stalker...
ARENAS!  This level has a bunch of good arena-sized arenas, all
except one within hearing distance of at least a couple others.  I went
all-out designing creative arenas.  My particular favorite is the one with
see-through pillars.  Don't hide behind one too long!  There are also
mutiple-altitude platforms, stairs and lifts, teleporters... 
Hint: In the room with four teleporters:  (You'll know which one 
soon enough... you will probably learn to hate this room) No, you can't get
the weapons in there.  Yes, they're there for a reason.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1--> thecrow & masochsm
  MAP01--> tc2 & masochs2
  (I included Doom I and Doom II versions of both
  wads.  masochsm's so small you won't mind...
  tc & tc2 are pretty big, but I included both
  versions rather than a batch to create the second,
  I'll explain why later in this document.)
Single Player           : Possible, but why?
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Again, quite pointless
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES, rocks!
Difficulty Settings     : Skills 1-2 for minimum decorations (runs a bit 
  faster.) There are no monsters, and weapons etc.
  are the same on every skill.
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes, 13 new textures.  Easy to spot.
New Music               : Yes type doom2 -nomusic at the command line, then
  put on the soundtrack for The Crow. ;)
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Build time              : It ate my life
Base                    : New level(s) from scratch
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.21 gcc, DCK 1.0, BSP1.2x, Wacker b7, 
  DEUTEX 2.9 & 3.1, DM2CONV, and (last but not least)
Known Bugs              : Maybe just a little rough around the edges.
  But then, you'll be running for your life, who
  cares?  There was one problem with R_FindPlane in
  the "tree" arena which I was unable to replicate
  ... if somebody encounters this AND can fix it,
  let me know.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this WAD to build levels of their own.  I love to see
new ideas implemented.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
--ftp.cdrom.com, the site I can type in my sleep (and do)
--cdrom's mirrors, I suppose.

* Design Notes *
Five of the new textures are just visual clues that tell the 
deathmatchers where to find stuff.  "To the BFG," that kind of thing.  The 
other eight are murals that you should memorize and use to your advantage.  
Each arena has a mural, and each wall in the tele-hub has a corresponding 
mural.  To get to the hub, jump in the nearest teleporter.  To get to a 
particular arena, just jump in the teleporter next to the corresponding 
There is an exit switch.  It's as clearly marked as you're gonna 
get.  It requires a small self-sacrifice to use, but it ain't coop.  I hate 
more than 3, since TeamDoom is my thing.  There are many areas where two 
players cooperating with one another can survive where one player alone 
would not... like the series of lifts up to the supercharges.
I like to lose my opponents once in a while, so encounters with
them are more meaningful and there is more incentive to pursue a frag to
its completion.  Getting lost is certainly possible.  However, once the
players become familiar with the level, they should be able to find each
other quickly (instantly, in some cases).  That's why everything is
centralized.  The two hubs (triangle room as hub of the tunnels,
eight-teleporter room as hub of the arenas) are connected and marines can
jump from one to the other quickly if they know what they're doing. 
BEWARE OF TELEFRAGS!!!  If you have to use the hub, move your ass. 
Remember that telefrags are highly possible even by random chance, since
the teleporters are basically your standard mode of travel.
Simply put, converting this wad to Doom II was a Nightmare
(skill level 5).  My new graphics included patches from Doom I, one of
which wasn't in the Doom II wadfile.  If I used DM2CONV /TEXTURE on the 
level it didn't know what to do with the new textures, so it just left them
in.  Fortunately DEUTEX 3.1 saved my bacon here, since it autodetects missing 
stuff.  After crashing Doom about 5 different ways getting the new textures 
to work, I tried to add in Doom II items, and knowing that DEU5.21 doesn't 
support Doom II I got a bunch of new editors.  WADED: too annoying, and 
doesn't support new textures.  EDMAP: not bad overall, but doesn't support 
new textures AND seems to be unable to save a wad without destroying the 
NODES. . . BSP was unable to successfully build them after saving with 
EDMAP; the level would load but look like utter shit.  DCK2.0: Great 
interface, but wouldn't load my level in any way, shape or form (I think it 
was just too big.)  I was about to start looking for DEU][ (hacked evil 
version or not) when I discovered ADE2.  Loved it, used it.  Anyway, after
all that I discovered that the only way to save space on two versions was
to include the graphics as a separate wad, because the two sets of map data
were completely incompatible.  Since this ends up saving very little space
I just went with user-friendliness....you get both wads, fully made and

*Coming Soon*
A better team implementation.  I.e., areas and weapons you CAN'T 
get to unless someone ELSE wants you to get there.
A couple 4-player demos, if I can ever to remember to record them. :P
New sounds?


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