You battle in the famous french prison (read BASTILLE.TXT inside the zip).

The Fall of the Bastille
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The Fall of the Bastille: July 14, 1789

The Bastille, a grim fortress which served as a state prison, was located at the 
east end of the city of Paris. (Gershoy 17). The Bastille was despised as a 
symbol of despotism, and also because of the many stories that circulated about 
its use for torture and other cruelties during the regime. An angry mob got wind 
of news that there were arms at the Bastille, and the Hotel des Invalides. The 
fall of the Bastille was an important event which not only illustrated how 
brutal the French Revolution was, but also represented the need for the fall of 
despotism and oppression.
The man who resided in the Bastille, the Marquis de Launay, the governor of the 
Bastille, had been prepared for defense. There was walls ten feet thick, and the 
towers were over ninety feet high. Located in the tower of the Bastille he was 
ready with fifteen pieces of cannon, loads of case shot pointed directly at the 
drawbridge, six hundred musketoons, twelve rampart muskets with over fifteen 
thousand cartridges and twenty thousand pounds of powder. It is obvious that De 
Launay intended to defend himself with all his strategic preparations, but he 
did not utilize any weaponry he had in the towers. He fired but one from the 
drawbridge, because he had not had proper provisions, he was forced to be with 
over eighty invalides, thirty-two Swiss soldiers and his staff, some who were 
able to defend themselves (the Swiss) and others who were not as prepared (the 
invalides).Assuming the inferior role in battle was the only option available to 
De Launay. The situation had become very dangerous and he realized that there 
was no foreseeing a victory. The chains of the drawbridge were broken and the 
mob advanced into the deserted courts of the Bastille. The Swiss soldiers yelled 
to deaf ears from the tops of the tower in hopes that the mob might retreat, but 
because of their persistent advancing the soldiers let fire. The mob revolted 
again at the bloodshed of their fellow man. The crowd continued to press forward 
closing in on all sides with a continual firing. 
De Launay saw no other option. He was forced to try and settle with the mob, so 
he attempted to threaten blowing up the whole Bastille for capitulation. Elie, a 
leader within the people accepted it, and while De Launay made arrangements to 
not be harmed and to handle ratification of the capitulation, the invalides 
tried to quicken their deliverance and caused the surrendering of De Launay 
(Higgins 98). Despite the agreement that no harm would come to any of the 
soldiers in the Bastille after surrendering, the mob of people rushed in and 
started a huge onslaught of people. The French guards even tried to protect, but 
De Launay, like many of his soldiers and companions were killed. De Launay was 
cut at the throat and his head carried around the streets of Paris. In defense 
of all his attackers, De Launay did hold out and defend himself well, he merely 
fell to a large number of more skilled and prepared soldiers. These same 
mercenaries are now considered to be the "heroes and conquerors" of the 
While this part of the revolution may have seemed an unexpected action by the 
common people, it was premeditated by the council of chiefs of the revolution 
(Higgins 96). The Republican faction had a vital role in instigating the 
multitudes of people to rise up and be rid of the imposing object of the 
Bastille. It was the cry of the people to attack the Bastille (Higgins 96). 

Gershoy, Leo, The French Revolution.. (Harry Holt Co., 1932). pp. 17-21 
Higgins, W. ed., The French Revolution Told by Contemporaries. . (Harvard 
University, 1939) pp. 95-100

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