THIS WAD IS FOR DooM This wad has been created only for CoOp-playing with at least 3 players, but feel free to try it otherwise. This PWAD was desi...

The Gate
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Title                   : The Gate 
Filename                : THEGATE.WAD
Authors :"Die Sieben Maechtigen"  [7M]:
Philipp HAAG ( der RUSSE )
                            Mark Rossi  ( CosmoCop )
both from Germany
Email Addresses         : <email removed>
   <email removed>

Misc. Author Info       : Two hardened doomers since the time of shareware
  version 1.2. It came the moment, this great 
          game wasn't hard enough; so we started 
      playing every PWAD we could reach for. 
  But...not challenging enough. On the search 
  for a good leveleditor we found that 
  masterpiece of work made by Matt 
      DoomCad 4.3. 
  ... So, look out for more pwad's of us.
  Another 7M Wad will be out soon.
  Again a CoOp wad, now for DooM][.

Description             :   THIS WAD IS FOR DooM  
  This wad has been created only for 
  CoOp-playing with at least 3 players, but 
  feel free to try it otherwise.
  This PWAD was designed with the original 
  DooMstory in mind:
         As calm is around you, you decide to get away.
  But what's this...your troopships engine won't
  do so. After two hours of sudorific 
  troubleshooting it is clear: the only way to 
  get out is get trough. And you remember:
  You heard some of your bodies talking of a 
  big gate they've seen in there. Some 
  scientists thought this to be a 
  dimensional gate. Your decision is clear: 
  you have to get to and through it and 
  show the bad guys that none has the 
  ability to fear you.
         As you fight your way you notice heavy 
  combat-noise out of the two rooms in front 
  of you... After a short time of intently 
  waiting two fellows of you appear... ' Now, 
  your chances will surely be better '; you 
  thought and one of the guys pressed the 
  button beneath you...
  ...What the, not this..............
  ....oh NOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!.............

Additional Credits to   : the great guys of ID;
  MARK: my fellows (especially Hendrik [ the 
  best testplayer ever...he stumbles into every 
  trap my sick mind emerged and the dogged 
  fraghunter I know ...stuffed his rocket-
  launcher into my ass and pulled the 
  trigger...he's sooo sick..] and P.H. 
  who always showed me the frontier a doomer 
  can reach) 
  ;MATT T. who created this great DoomCad

  P.H.: Mark of course, who was never satisfied 
  with any sector I made; to Hendrik, who
  fills our deathmatch levels with his blood,
  giving us the opportunity to increase our 
  knowledge of ways a doomer can die in 
  deathmatch-mode. A special credit to our 
  history/politics-teacher who always managed 
  it to bring us in the right mood to create 
  the hardest levels you can guess.  


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E2M1 (Episode one has a much better SKY-texture,
  but we thought of ID as we took E2)           
Single Player           : Yes, but only for harddoomers (this level has been
         designed for three very ambitioned doomers 
         knowing how to use their weapons AND their 
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yessss!!!!  
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   :'s a bit to big, isn't it?   
Difficulty Settings     : Not really, only the preset aggressiveness-changes 
New Sounds              : Yes, in the last minute I found the original
         version of DMAUD
  (we tried it before and so P.H.'s DooM-file 
  died: greetings to the author of DoomIt 
New Graphics            : No, (not, after this experience...)
New Music               : Oh yes, of course. Bela Bartok. The right mood...
Demos Replaced          : Yes, the first one; multiplayer (only with P.H.
  and me)
   change between the player views with F12
   don't watch that before you think it can't
   be played alone

* W A R N I N G !!! Read: known bugs *

* Construction *

 423 Sectors / 1611 Vertices / 2094 LineDefs / 2974 SideDefs / 816 Things

Base                    : New level from scratch. Based on an outline designed
  meanwhile several boooooring hours in school 
  (history and stuff)
Construction time       : About three weeks (it took much time to remove/fix 
  the bugs grew out of the size! [especially 
  the "SeeThroughWall"-effect] )
  I think a PWAD created in 6 hours and less, 
  definitly does not/is not able to challenge 
  me...or is simply sloppy!
Editor(s) used          : DoomCad 4.3 and its nodebuilder (until we reached 
   200kB). Sorry Matt, but we had to use 
  BSP 1.2x now, which did the same job for us 
   a little better.
   (Also the time DoomCad needed for changing 
   the mode, got longer and longer the bigger 
   the level grew). And
  DMAUD 1.1
  REJECT 1.0.0    
Known Bugs              : None, indeed. (as I said it before...three weeks)
      **   But do not -I say it again- do not try to **
      **   make a savegame if you only own less than **
      **   8megs of RAM, this would  -sometimes -    **
      **   cause DooM to hang on.                    **
      **   Even with 8megs, don't be scattered...    **
  Due to its size this "bug" was unevitable, 
  sorry dudes, just regard it positively: 
   It makes DooM a bit more realistic
  (if one of your budies lost his head, he has
  to begin the level again, and he should try
  to make it through a little faster 'cause
  the remaining ones WILL have problems - 
  always remember: this level has been designed 

  One real bug: I was reported that this level
  is more easier to play in single player mode
  than in CoOp. Playtester Hendrik "Analog" Rossi
  found that out. The reason is that we forgot to
  declare most of the ammo as "multiplayer-only".
   So when you think this level is to easy, play
  it in 4 player CoOp...

Some hints              : To activate the dimensional gates (you know them
  when you see them) search for a terminal in 
  their nearer environment ( and push that wall)


* Copyyright / Permissions *

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include these files:
* thegate.wad
* thegate.txt
* thegate.lmp
, with no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any 
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you 
include these files intact.

Please do not change anything in this PWAD!!!!
And don't use it as basis of an own PWAD.
It's a piece of us!!

Contact us for critics and interest via my e-mail
But always have in mind: that was our first co-production; that you find it
in here today, is only because a good friend, Ian Cunnings, said he would
upload it for us.
Later projects contain cool features: texture alignement in perfection, dummy
sectors and real difficulty modes AND amazing archiTexture. So watch out...


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