"The High Lord Challege" for DOOM ][ <06-12-1996>
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Title            : "The High Lord Challege" for DOOM ][     <06-12-1996>
Filename         : HIGHLORD.WAD
Authors          : WAD by MARTIN DUNST, storyline by MARIO AISTLEITNER

Email Address    : <email removed>
                   (Graz University of Technology)
Description      :  

Highlord - THE DOOM ][ DEATHMATCH PLAYGROUND - is more stylish and
picturesque than everything seen before! Much attention way paid to both
gameplay and design matters. Luck is minimized here! Come go fighting to
a beautiful place... Where a blood red meander digs its way through the
green grass! You've just found YOUR level. Download NOW.

Storyline        :
Way back, the castle Casadorra was built by the High Lord of Terra's
northmost continent. At the end of a year, the leaders of the three
realms came together to steer their planet towards the right road.
An ancient ceremony demanded the most famous warriors from all parts of
the world to gather and fight for the names of their houses. At the end of
this blood contest, only one man was to survive. To honour the winner,
his name was written on the walls of the Bloodfall Hall and the warrior
was allowed to join the closed circle of lords.

The souls of the vanished fighters are still captured in the dungeons of
castle Casadorra, and their blood is condemned to feed the red creek
eternally. In our days, after a 5000 years time, the legend still remains.
The once proud castle is a ruin - still, dedicated fighters remember the
legend and meet at Casadorra every fall. 
        The rules have changed and so have the weapons, but their blood
is still RED - as red as the bloodfalls going down Casadora's walls...
Go there and see how good you really are.


* Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP01
Single Player           : No
Cooperative 4  Player   : No
Deathmatch  2-4  Player : YES!
Difficulty Settings     : No BFG9000 in skill 4,5.
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None

* More Hints *

Where's the Rocket Launcher? Well, find it behind the painting on the wall
in the SW corner of the map. You can jump into it - check it out.

If a player hides in the painting where the Rocket Launcher is located,
they can be locked up.  Lock  : Pass the staircase in the SE corner.
                        Unlock: Pass the staircase in the SW corner.

* Construction *

Base             : from scratch
Editor(s) used   : DoomEdit/PM by Dragonware (OS/2)
Known Bugs       : -

I'm always looking for email contact to other DOOM ][ level designers.
Feel free to drop me a line!
Do not modify HIGHLORD.WAD! You may distribute the level in any electronic
media as long as you include this file intact.

                                                    Up The Shotguns!


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