The Leaf Well..

Once upon a time there existed an amazing little well know as the Leaf Well. Every Autumn, magical little elves, who lived at the bottom of the wel...

The Leaf Well..
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Title                   : The Leaf Well..
Filename                : LEAFWELL.WAD
Authors                 : Jonathan Eyles ( Masked Snail )
Email Address           : <email removed>

Description             : Once upon a time there existed an amazing 
                          little well know as the Leaf Well. Every 
                          Autumn, magical little elves, who lived at  
                          the bottom of the well, would start making 
                          millions of little autumn leaves, and throw
                          them up out of the well. The leaves would
                          float up and up and up into the sky, 
                          scattering themselves all over the land, and
                          covering it in a rich brown Autumn blanket.

                          Only this Autumn, a bunch of greedy warriors 
                          decided to go to the top of the well, and steal 
                          all the leaves for themselves, thus monopolising 
                          the leaf market, and forcing the creatures of 
                          the land to pay them gold for the leaves..

                          The only problem was, the warriors that went to
                          the well to steal the leaves wanted them all for 
                          themselves, and so a fight started, and they
                          all started trying to kick the shit out of each 
                          other..  there...  great story eh?
                          Anyway, the actual level is a standard 
                          arena, totally symetrical, with plenty of
                          weapons, mana, and a few artifacts here and
                          there. If you fall down the leaf well in the
                          middle, then you're dead.. 

                          As this was made when the editors just came out,
                          it's design is a little limited. No cool
                          Hexen scripts, or rotating/sliding sectors and
                          stuff, just a standard level. It's still
                          fun for deathmatch though, preferably with
                          3 or 4 players, but 2 will do. I've tried
                          to keep it pretty balanced, with the level
                          not giving an advantage to any class, so
                          it should be pretty even no matter what class
                          you choose..

                          If you make any cool lmps on this level, or
                          have any flames, comments, or critisms, then
                          send them to me! You can also find me on irc
                          most days.. look for Snail..

Additional Credits to   : Antony Burdon - Heth Author..
                          Shade - Playtesting..

* Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP01
Single Player           : Nope..
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Erm.. nope..
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yep!
Difficulty Settings     : Um.. nope.. .
New Sounds              : Eh?
New Graphics            : Wha?
New Music               : Huh?
Demos Replaced          : Nope..

* Construction *

Base                    : Scratch built for Hexen..

Editor(s) used          : Heth and Zennode to build the nodes..

Build Time              : About 3 hours solid building, 3 hours 
                          of playtesting and a couple of hours worth
                          of fidgeting with textures and such..

Known Bugs              : Heth seems to pick up a couple of unclosed
                          sectors that are actually closed. Not sure
                          if it's my fault or the editors..

* Copyright / Permissions *

Do not modify and release this wad without contacting me first.

* Where to get this WAD *

Me.. maybe a couple of obscure www sites.. and an ftp site or two..



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