A 4-level addon for ZDOOM v1.22. You can most likely use zdoom V1.23 and higher, but I never tested it with those versions. The architecture isn't ...

The Lost Seraphim
4.89 MB
WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04
Title           : The Lost Seraphim
Filename(s)     : seraph.zip, seraph.wad, seraph.txt
Author: Virgil the Doom Poet
Email           : <email removed>
Misc. Info      : Read my stories/poems...
Other Works     : AfterDOOM2 (adspp.zip, adspexe.zip)
                  Dark Castle (dark_c.zip)
                  Ash 2 Ash (ash2ash.zip)
                  3-Tech (Vrgl_3t.zip, MAP10 in oneweek.zip)
Description     : A 4-level addon for ZDOOM v1.22.  You can most likely use
                  zdoom V1.23 and higher, but I never tested it with those
                  versions.  The architecture isn't as good as I wanted it
                  to be in map03, but thats because I had to limit it
                  due to the map's sheer size.
                  A dehacked patch is included inside the wad file
                  along with a new storyline.  The plasma gun and the BFG
                  are replaced with Seraphin's Light and Seraphin's Spirit.
                  The fist is UNUSABLE and if you try to use it, you will be
                  rendered HELPLESS.  I have included a chainsaw at the
                  start of every level to make up for this.
                  Here are the specs on the new weapons:

                  Seraphin's Light => replaces plasma gun; just like your
                  fists, but for one thing: one hit will kill ANY monster
                  (you heard me).  Use it wisely..  Very effective in close
                  combat against cyberdemons, barons, etc...

                  Seraphin's Spirit => replaces BFG9000; releases a gray bfg
                  blast that does the same damage as the Seraphin Punch.  The
                  only difference is that it moves (VERY slowly) and that
                  after it explodes, it acts just like a bfg.  Very handy
                  against a big guy + lesser enemies combo.  Get close, hit
                  the big guy and let the lesser enemies catch the
                  explosion.  Be warned!  This takes a while to recharge...

                  Seraphim's Light uses up 1 cell per punch.

                  Seraphim's Spirit uses up 2 cells per shot.

                  energy cell = 1 energy cell shot

                  bulk cell = 5 energy cell shots

                  P.S.  Yeah, yeah..  I know a Seraphim has 6 wings, but
                  hey..  YOU try finding a picture of a Seraphim :)

Story           : *Sigh* Alright, alright.  Gather 'round kiddies.  :)

                  Lucifer/Satan has ravaged the Earthly realm from the
                  beginning of time.  When Lucifer attempted to take over
                  Heaven, he was banished from Heaven along with his angel
                  followers.  Satan and his army have been plaguing Earth
                  with evil, sadness, and despair ever since.
                  But one of the Seraphim (one of God's right-hand angels)
                  got fed up..  Even though God exercised forgiveness and
                  love, the Seraphim chose justified hatred and destruction
                  of Satan as his path.  He broke away from God, but did not
                  fall...  He was a lone warrior, sadder than even Hell's
                  minions.  In the year 2001, he descended to Hell to claim
                  Lucifer's head.  He failed.  Lucifer scattered his
                  spirit and ethereal body throughout Hell.  This Seraphim
                  was your soul.  You are a marine stationed at the UAC
                  Dimensional Gate Researching as one of the guard dogs
                  against the Hellish invasions that persist in trying to
                  get through.  When your soul was scattered throughout Hell,
                  something inside you vanished.  You were suddenly drawn to
                  Hell.  Drawn to reclaim something of yours and to perform
                  a task..  What task...  A task..  You.. no your.. your
                  conscience..?  Yes, your conscience yearns to destroy.
                  Destroy...  Someone.  You are drawn to one of the
                  buildings.  The building contains a Gate that is aimed
                  straight at Hell's core...  You step forth, but suddenly
                  a voice roars out of the building: "You dare pirsue ME?!
                  Come and MEET the same fate you just MET."
                  As you step inside, the familiar stench and sight of the
                  Hellspawn you fought on Phobos envelopes your eyes..
                  You must find yourself inside Hell by regaining
                  something you lost.  Something very dear to you.
Credits to      : All the people who made all the doom editing utilities, ID

 Play Information 

Engine                  : ZDOOM / DOOM2
Episode and Level #     : MAP01-MAP04
Single Player           : Yes!
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes. (If you really have trouble beating this wad,
                          play on "I'm Too Young To Die".  You get twice the
                          ammo and the monsters do a lot less damage to you.)
New Sounds              : No.
New Music               : Hell Yeh!  See below for details
New Graphics            : No.
Demos Replaced          : No.
Loading Procedure       : Unzip the zip file (l_av.zip) into the directory
                          that has ZDOOM and the doom2 wad (doom2.wad).
                          Then just run the wad with zdoom.exe.
                          Example: "zdoom.exe -file seraph.wad"


Base                    : Delusional thoughts and sheer creativity
Editor(s) used          : DMapEdit 4.0, NWT for music changes, and all the
                          goodies in the editutils.zip file
                          *comment* ==> DMapEdit 4.0 is awesome
Known Bugs              : Yes, but you'd have to look for'em.  They are:

                          1) In map02 in the area with the revenants, if you
                          use mouselook to look down in certain areas, you
                          will see some HOMs.  I don't know WHY you'd want
                          to look down there anyway.

                          2) In the HUGE area of map03, sometimes
                          you can see bleeding textures due to how far away
                          you are from a collection of lines.  You'd have to
                          purposefully go to the corners of the area, (which
                          would take a while) and then look at the whole
                          area at a certain angle.  This bug only occurs in
                          the biggest area (the 2nd area).  Or, you could
                          hop on the lower-right island and turn to face
                          the two bigger islands and...

                          3) One clearly visible misaligned texture
                          (now how'd THAT get there... :) ).

                          AGAIN, if you for some reason LIKE seeing and
                          hunting for bugs, you'll like these.

 Music Specs 
The music files specified below are NOT MINE, but are carefully chosen to add
aesthetics to this wad.  So crank the volume up and enjoy!

D_01 (mod)
        title: Razorback // Unreal remix
        filename: -
        author: Peter Hajba / Unreal Tournament / Epic Megagames

D_02 (mod)
        title: Death Concealed
        filename: T-Death.xm
        author: Livyathan

D_03 (mod)
        title: Oxygene 9 // Jarrel/AWS        <==(one of my favorites)
        filename: oxygene.xm
        author: Awesome

D_04 (mod)

        title: Inside a Dark Mind
        filename: Tbdark.xm
        author: (doesn't say)

D_DM2TTL / D_EVIL (midi)
        title: ??
        filename: zzunknow.mid
        author: (doesn't say)

D_DM2INT (mod)
        title: doom-hell at home
        filename: Doomhell.mod
        author: <email removed>


Authors MAY NOT use these levels as a base to build additional
levels or make profit with them.  If you want to make a level, make it
yourself.  You MAY use the dehacked patch inside this wad for your levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD (and please, PLEASE do), provided you include
these files, with no modifications.  You may distribute these files in any
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include these
files intact without any modifications.

 Where to get this WAD 

3DARCHIVES.IN-SPAN.NET or my website


=  My website is at:                                                   =
=                                                                        =
=http://www.geocities.com/jomgobar2     (has frames)                     =
=                                                                        =
=OR AT:                                                                  =
=                                                                        =
=http://www.geocities.com/Virgil_32_0   (gives you a choice of frames or =
=                                                            non-frames) =
=                                                                        =
=                                                                        =
=send comments (and abuse :)) to me at:                                  =
=<email removed>                                                   =
=                                                                        =

first blood (MAP01)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

into the portal (MAP02)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Mephistophelean beauty (MAP03)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

the final army (MAP04)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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