As with previous Lost WADs, I built this with attention to texture alignment and playability using ALL the keys. However, This time, I pushed the g...

The Lost WAD #4 (11/97)
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Read below, this text file has a lot of information within it!
Title                   : The Lost WAD #4 (11/97)
Filename                :
Author                  : Jeromy John Visser
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Co-founder of The Doom Preservation
                          Society. Author of "The Lost WAD" series.
                          For more information on DPS read the "tag"
                          included in this zip file with a text
                          viewer such as Notepad.

Other Work by Author    : *The Lost WADs levels 1 through 4
                          (each level with new graphics and music).
                          *Grosse.lmp ("secret" level Grosse #31
                          started with nothing in "Hurt Me Plenty"
                          with EVERY shot landed and 100% in ALL
                          catagories done in 1:46!
                          *DPS.WAD (new music for ALL levels)
                          *Pink.WAD (Pink Floyd for Doom)
                          *Heaven.WAD (The Cure for Doom)
                          and much more available at!

Description             : As with previous Lost WADs, I built this
                          with attention to texture alignment and
                          playability using ALL the keys. However,
                          This time, I pushed the game-engine while
                          paying close attention to shading, 
                          lighting and texture choices. The size of 
                          this WAD as a raw-copy (before music,
                          graphics, etc) was 168k! I think you'll
                          appreciate the extra work when you play
                          The Lost WAD #4 and it earns and
                          permanant home on your floppy discs!

Story                   : The phone rang at 3:23 awakening you from
                          your nightmares. "Hurry, hurry! Those
                          bastards did it again!" the voice on the
                          other line screamed. Then it got silent.
                          "Good God!" you exclaim, "Must I always
                          bail the earth out?" You remember how you
                          almost didn't make it out the last time.
                          Looking out the window at the green haze
                          blanketing the sky you wonder if you will
                          this time...

Files in zip            : tlw_4.WAD, tlw_4.txt, tlw_4.bat,
                          tag, & doom_2.gif

Additional Credits to   : Tranquil Lament Software for free promotion
                          of this and previous WADs. id Software for
                          the games I lost my conventional job for!
* Play Information *

Game                    : Level #1 of Doom II
Single Player           : Yes, designed for that!
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes, they're implemented!
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes, as ALL The Lost WADs do!
Demos Replaced          :

* Construction *

Base                    : A new level from scratch.
Build time              : Over one year (off and on)!
Editor(s) used          : Deth, Waded 1.83, Wintex 3.4, Mustool,
                          DoomED 4.20 & RMB!
Known Bugs              : None! I wouldn't release it if it had any!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels due
to the fact of the time that went into the creation of this WAD! Previous
Lost WADs allow this right. 

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include all parts included in 
this file (this text, as well) with NO modifications! Actually, I wish
you would. 
You MAY distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD,
online service, etc) as long as you include this file intact as stated. If
chosen for inclusion on a CD-ROM, it would be nice to be e-mailed with
instructions on how to obtain a copy of the completed project (except for and it's mirrors)!

Due to past theft of my efforts this is the first WAD to bear a
copyright by me:

Copyright 1997 Jeromy John Visser

* Where to get this WAD *   

AOL: AOL does NOT carry game add-ons anymore! If they did, DPS would
have never been created. However, a big thanks to for 
mirroring this and past work!

FTP: and its mirrors world-wide!

WEB: This, and past WADs, are all over the World-Wide-Wait, look for it!

Various: This WAD is available from your hard-drive or dusty floppies!
From your best friend, your spouse or by e-mail!

The following information is taken from our "tag" included in this file:
*Who are The Doom Preservation Society?*
-The Doom Preservation Society is a group of game players who
want to preserve the game ideas behind "Doom" and "Doom II"
(as well as Heretic, Hexen, Final Doom and Quake).
-The DPS accepts ALL files relating to Doom and Doom II. With
America Online and many other ISP's refusing game add-ons we
would like to be a secondary outlet for authors.
-DPS treasures technology but loves the "virgin" scare we
all felt the first time with Doom. If interested in submitting
work to DPS for review or want to submit work for our projects
contact via e-mail address below.

*Who is Tranquil Lament Software?*
-Tranquil Lament Software offers, collects and distributes
third party add-ons for various 3-D Games. TLS only accepts
the best for CD-Rom publication!
-In addition to add-ons TLS accepts various programs.
-Latest work include "The Lost Wads" for Doom II (First
4 levels available at under,, and featuring new music and graphics for Doom II.

Contact: <email removed>
-LOADGAME allows you to start DOOM II from a specified save 
game. Instead of using the saved game name, simply enter the 
number that corresponds to the slot you saved the game to on 
the SAVE GAME screen (0-5).
-loadgame <# of the game>

-DEATHMATCH starts DOOM II as a DeathMatch game. If you don't 
enter DEATHMATCH as a command line parameter, DOOM II will 
default to the Cooperative mode. 

-ALTDEATH specifies respawning items during DEATHMATCH. 
NOTE: Invulnerability and Invisibility do not respawn.
-deathmatch -altdeath

-SKILL sets the skill level (1-5) you wish to play.   Only useful 
with -warp -- see below.
-skill <# of skill level>

-CONFIG allows you to use your configuration file from any 
directory you choose. This is primarily for diskless workstations 
that don't have a C: drive to save config information to. You 
need to rename the default.cfg file created by the SETUP program 
to a directory and name of your choosing to avoid conflicts.
-config <pathname>  ex. -config f:\DOOM2\data\myconfig.cfg

-NOMONSTERS allows you to start playing with NO MONSTERS running
around!  This is great for DeathMatch where, really, the monsters
just get in the way.  Only useful with -warp -- see below.

-NOJOY isn't what it sounds like. It just disables your joystick.

-NOMOUSE disables your mouse. 

-NOSOUND turns off the sound while DOOM II is playing.

-NOMUSIC turns off the music while DOOM II is playing.

-NOSFX turns off special effects sounds (like monsters growling,
guns firing, etc.) while DOOM II is playing. 

-PLAYDEMO runs a demo you've previously recorded, using -RECORD.
-playdemo <filename>

-RECORD tells DOOM II to record as a demo the game you are 
starting. Demo files will be saved as <filename>.lmp.
-record <filename>

-MAXDEMO xxx If you want to record a demo bigger than 128k, use
this option. xxx will be the size (in kilobytes) of the demo.
example -MAXDEMO 1024 will record a 1 megabyte demo.
-record <filename> -maxdemo xxx

-RESPAWN tells DOOM II that, yes, you are Bad, and yes, you
want all the monsters to respawn around 8 seconds after you kill
them.  The NIGHTMARE skill level already does this. Note that 
using -respawn and -nomonsters at the same time is a dumb thing 
to do.  Only useful with -warp -- see below.

-TURBO xxx gives you a speed boost. This is great in DeathMatch!
The value xxx can be from 0 to 250. The other player(s) will be
notified of your speed increase!  THIS IS CONSIDERED CHEATING
-turbo xxx

@<filename> will allow you to specify a Response file that DOOM II
will read additional command-line parameters from.  For example,
typing 'DOOM2 @MYPARMS' will tell DOOM II to look in the MYPARMS file
for additional command-line parameters.  The file format is simply
one parameter per line with a carriage return to terminate the line.
Each parameter is typed exactly as you would type it on the DOS

-FAST will make the monsters move and shoot up to 3 times faster,
just as if you were playing in Nightmare mode, but without the
respawning.  Only useful with -warp -- see below.

-TIMER <# of minutes> will make DOOM II exit the current level after
the specified amount of minutes, when it goes to the intermission.
This option is only useful in DeathMatch mode.
-timer xxx

-WARP <# of level> starts DOOM II out right at the level you specify. 
For instance, to start at the first level, you'd type "-warp 1". 
The following command-line parameters are ONLY available while using
the -WARP parameter: -fast, -nomonsters, -skill, -respawn.
-warp xx

An example line for entering the above information would be: 
DOOM2 -loadgame 3 -deathmatch -skill 4 -timer 10

To use this WAD without the batch file, at the DOS prompt type:


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Co-op Spawns
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