This is a revision of my earlier Doom 2 level. It originally was a fairly good deathmatch level, consisting of a central courtyard area connected t...

The Maze -- Revision X
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Title                   : The Maze -- Revision X
Filename                : MAZEX.WAD
Author                  : Jeremy A. Statz, Waffle Iron Extraordinaire
Email Address           : None, really. Send a letter!  Address below...
Misc. Author Info       : I edit a fanzine!  Info below...
Description             : This is a revision of my earlier Doom 2 level.  It
                          originally was a fairly good deathmatch level,
                          consisting of a central courtyard area connected to a
                          bunch of large hallways.  Well, I ironed out a few
                          irritating kinks (Like the fact that a player could
                          defend the area with the rocket launcher much too
                          easily, as there was only a single way to get
                          there.) and added some new areas, an additional
                          teleporter and another door (before there were only
                          two), so that the door sound doesn't give you away as
                          much.  Also, I realised that with no monsters, I
                          could use the difficulty levels to create variations
                          in the level.  See the notes below.

Additional Credits to   : Jesse Gilles and Jason Statz, for testing.

Additional Notes        : DIFFICULTY 1 & 2:  All the weapons are chainguns and
                          below, allowing for some really nasty fighting
                          without those quick-kill weapons.  There are no
                          light-goggles at this setting either, making the room
                          with the flashing lights really intense to fight in.

                          DIFFICULTY 3:  The goggles are out in the open, and
                          every weapon in the game is here.  A bunch of barrels
                          are in the courtyard, and both of the teleport (to)
                          locations are different.

                          DIFFICULTY 4 & 5:  The weapons are my favorite mix,
                          rockets and below.  The light-goggles are somewhat
                          hidden (not terribly well).  The most like the
                          original setup I had in the original Maze level.

                          MONSTER (ON/OFF):  If you leave the monsters switch
                          on, there will be a cyberdemon in the courtyard.
                          This makes the players keep on the move more, and, I
                          think, makes the level more hectic & fun.  I highly 
                          suggest setting the monsters on, and activate 
                          respawn, so there'll always be one.  Any other setup 
                          is under minor protest by me.

                   --=Lemme see some stats!=--

Episode and Level #     : Map 1
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes.  What else is there?
Difficulty Settings     : No.  There's no enemies!

New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None

                    --=How'd THAT happen?=--

Base level              : The one in me mind!
Build time              : Designed in ten minutes during Math class, and
                          assembled in a few hours at home.  Lots of tweaking 
                          since then.

Editor(s) used          : Waded 1.83 Beta
Known Bugs              : None whatsoever.  (Not many, huh?)

               --=Fun Copyright/Permission Stuff!=--

     I don't terribly want people to revise this level, but I can't really stop
anyone who wants to, so go ahead, I guess.

Do you get off on distributing levels?  Good!  I humbly request that you
include this puny text file, though.  Such are the prices of distribution!

              --=Golly, Jeremy, Where can I get one?=--

Wherever it's located, I'd bet.  Seems kind of pointless to list the places,
since you've probably been there if you got this text file.

FTP.CDROM.COM, probably

      --=What's this fanzine thing I've heard so much about?=--

        A fanzine is kind of like a newsletter, except extremely informal.
Generally pretty chaotic and entertaining, too.  Mine is Matrix, and it
focuses mostly and video & computer games.  There's also some stuff on MRPGs,
movies, and such.  To get a copy cheap ($1.00, which only covers printing
and shipping costs), write to:

        Jeremy Statz
        N6148 170 St.
        Elmwood, WI 54740

     "It's like a cute little kitten, except made out of paper and ink, and 
     you don't have to feed it."


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