The New Breed Devlopment Kit for Doom][ ver. 1.9
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04
Title                   : The New Breed Devlopment Kit for Doom][ ver. 1.9
Date Finished           : 2/11/98
Author                  : Marc A. Pullen
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : The New Breed, HacX registered map03, 16, and 17.

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Read below for the main info.
 * Play Information *                 

To install, unzip it in your DOOM2 directory.

Type INSTALL2. That's it!
Map #                   : 4 total          
Game                    : DOOM2 v 1.9
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
Demos Replaced          : One single player, two killer DM demos

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels, it's begging for maps to be made! 

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

FTP sites:

=Here's the MAIN INFO...=

For your editing enjoyment, I've created this development kit with the 
help of Wildman ( ) to make editing for The New 
Breed as easy as possible.

Take advantage of all the new weapons, new sounds, graphics, music, 
all of it!

Imagine the glory of GothicDM maps, and the killer new actions of 
The New Breed! Yeah baby!

Please do not redistribute this unless it's the entire zip file, unmodified.
This may not be sold on the net or on a CD compilation. It started free,
and will remain free.

The only cheats I changed is god mode and all weapons - no keys. They are
'w' for weapons, and 'g' for god mode. I did this when I was testing and
just got used to it. So there ya go.

To install, type INSTALL2 after unzipping NEWBREED.ZIP in your DOOM2 directory. 
My installation will not touch your DOOM2.WAD or DOOM2.EXE. 

See NEWBREED.HTM for the things list to use in your own NewBreed levels.

Here's the story....
Earth. The origin of many. Hell spawn have ravaged your world,
turning it into a deadly place, where only the strong survive. The marines
sent to destroy the Cyberdemon and Satan himself, have since turned against
the alliance and have ceased to protect Earth. They now live in a state of
drug enduced paranoia. The hell spawn have evolved, while the defenders of 
Earth stand by, watching. You have been recalled to your home to defend it 
and restore any means necessary. 

-Nothing there must survive-

-Your marine brothers are expendable-

They will try to stop you. However, you have an advantage. Your superior 
training in weapons and combat have given you the edge. They have since run 
low on supplies, rendering them nearly defenseless. They are limited to only
chainguns, and have managed to modify them to fire at alarming rates. They 
may have aquired some of the hidden supplies we shipped to Earth prior to 
your departure. We don't know what weapons they've stolen, so proceed with 
caution.........they are aware of your arrival.

We can not disclose the locations of your supplies now, since this is not a
secure channel. You will have at your disposal a standard issue chaingun, 
an accelerator trigger for the chaingun, a two-part Apachee chaingun, a 
missle launcher, a flame thrower, and a super napalm gun.

Beware. The Hell spawn have mutated in ways we never expected. Some have 
adapted, others have evolved. Our reports comfirm that they...............

---------------------------transmission lost------------------------------


The New Breed REQUIRES about 5 to 8 megs to install. 

You MUST have all the contents from unzipped in your Doom2 

You MUST have Doom2 version 1.9

If none of these are true:

-make space on your hard drive

-move all the files from to your Doom2 directory

-and/or upgrade to version 1.9 (patches are available on almost 
 any Doom internet site)

To install, unzip it all in your DOOM2 directory, and type INSTALL2. 


Some sounds loop, and specify it, otherwise only trigger once upon sight of
player or when awakened from gunshot.

Face them to controll when they go off. Load NEWBREED.WAD and select
MAP01, for examples of thing placement in your map editor.

Thing # - DOOM Thing Name - BREED Thing Name

7=Spider Demon Boss     -(don't use)
17=Energy Cell          -Large Gas Cell 
19=Dead Sarge           -Sound, Fast Stream (loops)
24=Pool of Blood        -Torch, small blue
29=Skull Centerpiece    -Sound, Thunder 1
32=Tall Red Column      -Sound, Computer noises (loops)
33=Short Red Column     -Sound, Wind 1-whistling (loops)
34=Candle               -Sound, Breath 1
35=Candlebra            -Sound, Errie Squeak
36=Column w/Heart       -Sound, Low Breath
41=Eye Symbol           -Sound, Speech/Radio noises (loops)
42=Floating Skull Rocks -Sound, Thunder 2|3
44=Blue Flame Stick     -Sound, Wind 2-soft blowing (loops)
45=Green Flame Stick    -Sound, Water Drip (loops)
54=Big Twisted Tree     -Sound, Wind 3-low bass rumbly (loops)
55=Blue Torch           -Red Flame-NO STICK
58=Spectre              -Swimming Spectre (meant for water)
64=Archivile            -Respawner 1 (Archvile that only respawns dead monsters, no attack on player, can't be killed)
65=Chaingunner Soldier  -Space Marine w/chaingun
66=Reverant             -Respawner 2 (attacks player w/plasma, can be killed, rarely respawns dead monsters)
67=Mancubus             -Sound, Errie Flutes
68=Arachnotron          -Space Marine w/chaingun and flame thrower
69=Hell Knight          -Space Marine w/chaingun and missile launcher
70=Burning Barrel       -Sound, Generator Hum (loops)
71=Pain Elemental       -Momma Cacodemon, shoots fireballs and spawns baby Cacos which are less harmful.
72=Commander Keen       -Sound, Helicopter
79=Pile of Gibs         -Sound, Water Brook, slow (loops)
81=Brain and Stem       -Sound, torch flame burning (loops)


82=Super Shotgun        -Apachee Chaingun part 2
2001=Shotgun            -Shotgun Shell
2002=Chaingun           -Box of Bullets
2003=Rocket Launcher    -Missile Launcher
2004=Plasma Gun         -Flame Thrower
2006=BFG 9000           -Super Napalm Gun (50 cells per shot)
2008=Shotgun Shell      -Apachee Chaingun part 1
2010=Rocket             -Missle
2015=Helmet             -Sound, Low Rumble
2018=Green Armour       -Sound, 128 unit tall Water Drip sprite with sound (loops)
2026=Computer Map       -Sound,  64 unit tall Water Drip sprite with sound (loops)
2035=Barrel             -Napalm Filled Barrel
2046=Rockets Box        -Missles Box
2047=Energy Cell Small  -Sound, Errie creepy drums/violins
2048=Ammo Box           -Super Chaingun Accelerator Trigger (it's basically the chaingun)
3002=Demon              -Demon that spits acid balls as well as bites
3003=Barron of hell     -Super demon that spits acid balls, more HP, faster.
3006=Lost Soul          -Baby Cacodemon, ground dwelling only, spits one fireball, easy to kill, spawns from mama caco too


Use newbreed.wad as an alternative texture wad in your editor. 


WFALL1 thru WFALL4 -blue waterfall animation for walls.
You can use on two sided walls, to have caves behind waterfalls, etc.

BLODRIP1 thu BLODRIP4 is a water animation that simulates the side of a
water filled pool, use to simulate under water areas

MTLTHIN -riveted metal wall, I really love this one :)
SKY1 for first episode, a star filled sky
SKY2 for second episode, a green, tree filled mountain sky
SKY3 for third episode, a snow covered mountain sky


SLIME1 thru SLIME4 -water stream animation flowing from North to South
SLIME5 thru SLIME8 -water stream animation flowing from East to West
MTLFL_B2 -rusty, plain metal, GREAT for window sills and door bottoms
MTLFL_SD -rusty metal plates lined up East to West
MTLFL_UP -rusty metal plates lined up North and South


I wrote these, short and sweet. Some are a bit too short, and will drive you
nuts on a long game, so replace them if needed.

I think that's it. Only 4 map songs, the title music and inter map music,
as well as the text music between episodes.

Now go make maps!!!

To play your maps with The New Breed, save them in the c:\doom2\newbreed 
folder, and at the DOS prompt, type MYMAP <mapname>. If you save your
New Breed maps in the DOOM2 folder, it won't work. If you have them
in another folder, edit MYMAP.BAT in the DOOM2 folder, and change the 

So if your map is called UACKILL.WAD, type MYMAP UACKILL. Don't put he .WAD
extension, not needed.


You can contact me (Fanatic) @:

email: <email removed>


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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