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Many years have passed since the original Phobos incident. The war between Earth and Hell enraged throughout decades, human losses were enormous. N...

The Prototype: A Tribute Mod
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Archive Maintainer      : Ty Halderman
Update to               : rslproto.zip in /combos subdirectory, this is RELEASE #6+!
Advanced engine needed  : GZDOOM 1.5.6 (software renderer)
Primary purpose         : Single play
Title                   : The Prototype: A Tribute Mod
Filename                : rslproto.wad (main modification), ZenSoldier\rslpzens.wad (extra class)
Release date            : March 31, 2013
Author                  : Richard Smith Long
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : rslvenge.wad, rslrebel.wad
Misc. Author Info       : AKA "Dick S. Long"

Description             : Many years have passed since the original Phobos incident.
                          The war between Earth and Hell enraged throughout decades, human losses
                          were enormous. Now, a new and unprecedented scientific project
                          promises to be the cure of it all... The Prototype.

My rationale:

I wasn't really into DOOM modding until when I discovered the possibility of weapon modifications.
Since their release, I had the chance to play and praise projects such as Zen Dynamics (zendyn_x.wad)
or Zero Tolerance (zp-zerot.wad), whose rich array of hyper-detailed weapons immediately caught me.
This modification stems from the above two, by integrating together a wide variety of additional sources,
and adding original elements as well, to build up a (hopefully) consistent arsenal.
To sum it up, it is my modest attempt at creating a 'tribute mod' for all the great and
established weapon modders in the (G)ZDOOM community (and beyond), on whose works I learned the
nuts-and-bolts of DECORATE editing.

DISCLAIMER: this modification is -not- a ripfest. A quick look through the DECORATE lump and other resources
            can easily show how much effort and rewrite has been put into this project.
            The original weapon indicated aside each one provided here is sometimes only a mere inspiration.


Nov. 08, 2009: initial release.

Dec. 11, 2009: release #2.

- fixed Fate Warfare Device "reload" bug.
- fixed random spawners for inventory items.
- added "cluster" behaviour for boosted compact rockets' cruise mode.

July 11, 2010: release #3.

- added custom HUD.
- when nuclear-boosted, carradyne and fate now unleash auto-targeting projectiles;
  fate's one is also greedier and disintegrates weaker targets, leaving no resurrectable corpse.
- former humans may now occasionally drop shotgun shells.
- commented out +CHEATNOTWEAPON by popular demand.

August 31, 2010: release #4.

- added fallen prototype actor - an additional Zen-II can be found near him
  (making the weapon accessible even in Ultimate DOOM).
- made sentry turret inventory item durable across levels.
- changed fate primary rail attack to vertigo-like.

October 28, 2010: release #5.

- improved weapon switch timing.
- bugfixed thruster shell casings ejection.
- added custom fullscreen HUD.

February 17, 2011: release #6.

- added default melee weapon: "Twin Knuckles".
  Can be nuclear-boosted.

March 31, 2013: release #6+.

- added a new class: the "Zen Soldier". Incorporates three new weapons
  (EgoSmasher, Aknai, Scorcher) but does not exploit nuclear boosting.
  Exploited the 'playeralias' keyword for some peculiar custom sounds.
  Removed all references to Nuclear Booster.
  Added a specific blood system mutuated by 'Return Of The Triad'.
- fixed display scaling with normal HUD.
- added HUD smooth interpolation.
- improved Twin Knuckles effectiveness.
- added target lock system for Carradyne and Fate.
- added weapon tag names.
- added blend effect for "Zen Soldier" burning death.
- fixed HUD fragcount.
- fixed A_WeaponReady extra calls for Beavertooth.
- added custom teleportation effect.
- balanced Twin Knuckles with small altered effects,
  both in standard and boosted form.
- customized special crosshairs.
- tidied up DECORATE lump.
- added custom small font for "Zen Soldier".
- tweaked the "Zen Soldier" mugshot.
- fixed HUD gauges inconsistency.
- slightly customized "Zen Soldier" statusbar.
- added GAMEINFO lump for "Zen Soldier".
- added special gore system exclusive to the "Zen Soldier" enablement.
- made magazines ammunition independent from skill level.
- fixed behaviour of particle actors on moving flats (MOVEWITHSECTOR).
- improved spawners for "Zen Soldier" exclusive weapons.
- improved appearance of still actors whenever applicable (FORCEXYBILLBOARD).
- rationalized directory structure of the modification.
- added brand new weapons exclusive to "Zen Soldier":
  - Zen Dynamics 'Zen Machete';
  - Zen Dynamics 'ChaosZero'.

Modification details:


slot 1: Mixom-125 "Beavertooth" gas chainsaw

        - the beloved melee tool coming from zp-zerot.wad; it has been imported and DECORATE-translated,
          but without substantial behaviour modifications.

          Primary attack: comboable slashing.
          Secondary attack: continuous stabbing.
          Primary attack, NUCLEAR-BOOSTED: same as above, with increased damage.
          Secondary attack, NUCLEAR-BOOSTED: same as above, with increased damage.
slot 2: Zen Dynamics "Zen-II" 9-gauge sub-machine gun

        - symbolic firearm of the Zen Dynamics universe, a good rapid-fire weapon for beginnings.
          20 rounds. Requires reload. Can be dual-wielded.

          Primary attack: continuous, mostly-accurate hitscan fire.
          Primary attack, NUCLEAR-BOOSTED: projects bouncing metal shards that rip through foes.
slot 3: UAC "Thruster" 12-gauge shoulder-mounted shotgun

        - an advanced shotgun that allows for fast rearming and sports a good price/performance balance.
          Try it at point-blank range and you'll know why it has such a name.
          6 rounds. Requires reload.

          Primary attack: a generous pellet spray, highly inaccurate.
          Primary attack, NUCLEAR-BOOSTED: same as above, but with much improved accuracy.
slot 4: Zen Dynamics "Sawtooth" 9-inch nail projector

        - a fast, aggressive weapon that has perforating abilities, and a generous magazine.
          50 rounds. Requires reload.

          Primary attack: a steady sequence of nails, -often- ripping through opponents.
          Primary attack, NUCLEAR-BOOSTED: same as above, but heavily sped up, and guaranteed to -always- rip.
slot 5: UAC "Carradyne" compact rocket detonator

        - the long-overdue upgrade to UAC standard issue explosive weapons, this electronically-served RPG
          allows for better speed and accuracy over its predecessor.
          3 rounds. Requires reload.

          Primary attack: a target-tracking, swift compact-rocket.
          Primary attack, NUCLEAR-BOOSTED: same as above, but upon explosion, cluster-clearing explosive fragments are released.
slot 6: Zen Dynamics "Orion" fusion assault rifle
        - a staple of modern warfare, this cell-fueled assault weapon is ideal for clearing heavily-crowded areas.
          80 rounds. Requires reload.

          Primary attack: emits a stream of fusion particles that hit-and-bounce-on foes almost endlessly.
          Primary attack, NUCLEAR-BOOSTED: same as above, but fusion particles now permeate their targets.
slot 7: Zharkov Labs "Fate" warfare device (prototype)
        - the ultimate tool for sustaining demanding duels. Incorporates two firing modes.

          Primary attack: a powerful, highly-accurate railgun shot.
          Secondary attack: a complex and morphing plasma projectile that seeks the given target and tears through it until exhaustion.
          Primary attack, NUCLEAR-BOOSTED: same as above, with increased damage.
          Secondary attack, NUCLEAR-BOOSTED: same as above, with improved price/performance ratio.

(*) backup slot 1: UAC standard issue "Twin Knuckles".
                   A pair of knuckledusters that allow for a swift punches-knee-kick combination.
                   If NUCLEAR-BOOSTED, the sequence gets faster and deadlier.

Zen Soldier-only exclusives:

> EgoSmasher : a powerful double-barreled, chain-fed shotgun. 'Nuff said.
> Aknai      : a versatile RPG, allows to propel up to three heatseekers at once.
> Scorcher   : a special trail-based flamethrower, ideal for clearing entire areas with a single round.
> ChaosZero  : beefier variant of the 'Zen-II' SMG. Includes a handy cluster-shard alternate fire.
> Zen Machete: don't underestimate the power and versatility of this weapon. Try it with ZenRoids... ;-)


UAC 9-gauge portable sentry turret (carriable)

 A tactical addon for many dire situations, this turret activates when deployed on the ground,
 seeking for targets at mid-range and rapidly dispatching them with 9-gauge bursts.
 Beware of its explosion.

Zen Dynamics prototype enhancer kit (instant activation)

 This biochemical stamina upgrade designed especially for Prototypes guarantees medical patching,
 armor improvement and a reflective endurance effect that lasts for a limited amount of time.

Zen Dynamics nuclear booster (instant activation)

 When one of these nuclear energy cores is found by a Prototype, his/her weapons offer improved performance
 especially in the areas where they lacked before. Unfortunately, such effect does not last forever.


(1) The suggested commandline for launching the modification is the following one
    (assumes that the modification has been decompressed in subdirectory 'RSL' of your (G)ZDOOM directory):

    (g)zdoom.exe -iwad <IWAD_PATH>\<IWAD_FILE> -file <CUSTOM_LEVEL_PATHNAME> RSL\rslproto.wad

    (if under GZDOOM, add option '+gl_nogl 1' to disable hardware rendering)

(2) To experiment with the advanced "Zen Soldier" class, utilize the following commandline:

    (g)zdoom.exe -iwad <IWAD_PATH>\<IWAD_FILE> -file <CUSTOM_LEVEL_PATHNAME>
    RSL\rslproto.wad RSL\ZenSoldier\rslpzens.wad

(3) Do not forget to bind a key for weapon reload under 'Options > Customize Controls'
    in (G)ZDOOM.

(4) To obtain the complete set of weapons and/or carriable items for quicktesting
    without breaking the weapon set at your disposal, type 'rsl' in the console.

(5) The modification is compatible with the following IWADs: The Ultimate DOOM, DOOM 2, Final DOOM.

By reading the following credits you may spoil certain "surprise monsters" in the modification...

Additional Credits to   : Various sources for resources and/or inspiration (see below):

                          eliw00d for the Player class redefinition example
                          (check out his masterpiece 'GZDOOM Advanced')

                          WildWeasel (wwhcdiaz.wad) and Zero Prophet (zp-zerot.wad)
                          for the bullet puffs and sparks

                          Xaser for his Radioactive waste barrel (zendyn_x.wad)

                          DoomRater for the reload-oriented DECORATE actors

                          Vaecrius for the recoil ACS script

                          Zero Prophet for the original Mixom-125 "Beavertooth" gas chainsaw

                          Xaser for the original Zen Dynamics "Zen-II" 9-gauge sub-machine gun

                          TheDarkArchon for the Zen Dynamics twin "Zen-II" 9-gauge sub-machine guns

                          Cory Whittle (icd-deh.wad) and WildWeasel (ww-strng.wad)
                          for the UAC "Thruster" 12-gauge shoulder-mounted shotgun

                          Xaser for the Zen Dynamics "Sawtooth" 9-inch nail projector (zendyn_x.wad)

                          TheDarkArchon (dmntrlty.wad) and WildWeasel (wwhc-di.wad)
                          for the UAC "Carradyne" compact rocket detonator

                          Xaser (zendyn_x.wad) and Luiz Eduardo (le-gnsse.wad)
                          for the Zen Dynamics "Orion" fusion assault rifle

                          Xaser and Zero Prophet for the Zharkov Labs "Fate" warfare device (zharky_x.wad)

                          Cory Whittle (icd-se.wad) and Mike Kasten (dm-inu.wad)
                          for the UAC 9-gauge portable sentry turret

                          Daniel for the Zen Dynamics prototype enhancer kit idea (arsenal.wad)

                          Luiz Eduardo for the Zen Dynamics nuclear booster idea (le-guns3.wad)

                          Nash Muhandes for the blood and gore effects

                          Bouncy and Graf Zahl for the Chainsaw zombie

                          Ixnatfual for the Zombie marine

                          Nanami, Mike Watson, and Brad Carney for the different Dark imp breeds

                          Nanami and Ebola for the Afrit

                          LilWhiteMouse's Hell's Battery for the 'Cyberdemon, higher class' concept

                          Xaser and Quasar for the Arachnophyte

                          Banjo software for the PEK item

                          3D Realms for the Nuclear Booster item

                          The STRAIN team (strain.wad) for mugshot graphics

                          WildWeasel and PerKristian for the Twin Knuckles original graphics

                          Xaser for the EgoSmasher

                          Spazzoid, MG_Man and NMN for the Aknai

                          Xaser and Scero for the Scorcher

                          Rogue/Velocity for the Fire Death

                          The Skulltag crew for the Zen Soldier skin

                          Raven Software for the Zen Soldier sounds

                          The FreeDOOM team for the Zen Soldier mugshot

                          Xaser for the target lock system

                          El Zee for the Zen Soldier altered blood system

                          Ryan Cordell and Lloyd Irving for the exclusive Zen Soldier gore system

                          Banjo software for the custom teleportation effect


All other authors I forgot to mention: please forgive me! I tried to be accurate as much as I could.
If you here notice some of your resources un-mentioned, please notify me and I will try to remedy.


* What is included *

New levels              : None
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : No
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes
Demos                   : No
Other                   : (G)ZDOOM-specific lumps
Other files required    : None

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM
Map #                   : None
Single Player           : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Maybe (untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Maybe (untested)
Other game styles       : None
Difficulty Settings     : N/A

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
Build Time              : 3 months
Editor(s) used          : Adobe Photoshop, GoldWave Audio Editor, Notepad, XWE
Known Bugs              : Widescreen modes are not supported. Sorry.
May Not Run With...     : Ports not supporting DECORATE; level WADs with heavy amounts of DEHACKED / DECORATE modifications

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for modification or
reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original authors for any of
their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with no
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.  I have
received permission from the original authors of any modified or included
content in this file to allow further distribution.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

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