The Tyrell Corporation

This wad was made for Alex Adolphson, because me and him love to coop on doomserv. Coop was the main focus,but it is possible to beat in single pla...

The Tyrell Corporation
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Title                   : The Tyrell Corporation
Port                    : Zdoom

Filename                : tyrell.wad   

Author                  : Brad Spencer
Email Address           : <email removed>
Web Site                :

Misc. Author Info       : This is my second released wad. Took forever to
                          complete because of school.

Description             : This wad was made for Alex Adolphson, because me
                          and him love to coop on doomserv. Coop was the
                          main focus,but it is possible to beat in single
                          player, and is sure to piss you off. The map size
                          is quite large and detailed and there are 400+ 
                          enemies to blow away. Have fun!

   "Excuse me sir, I think we got a problem"

 "What is it now Sherman, forget your pocket protector again?"

 "Yes, well.. that's not important. But what i'm talking about is this" and
 the scientist pointed at a large monitor that hung from the ceiling. It
 gave information that satellites took of the complex.

 "There's just a slight flux of Gamma rays, one of the boys at the Core
 sector must be testing a new type of anti-matter." said the general.

 "That's what i thought too sir, but then i compared it to the data on the
 Hell on Earth invasion, and it's identical. I think we should call for a

 "My god, i guess the UAC stopped their teleport experiments for a reason.
 Sherman, you don't have to call a quarentine... we are already dead"

 Then there was a terrible explosion heard, probably the main gate. In less
 than a minute there wasn't a human left (living at least).

 Meanwhile at a local police station:

 "Ok, what the hell is this?" whined the dispatcher, "a silent alarm was
 tripped over at Tyrell. Their security is tighter than my girlfriend's.."

 Suddenly there was a massive explosion off on the horizon.

 "Holy shit. Hawkins, Adolphson, get down there now. I'll radio for some
 more backup" barked the dispatcher.

 5 minutes later:

 "We're almost there" said Hawkins.

 "Man, why do we always get these fucked up assignments. I'm sick of being
 a rookie."

 "Well get used to it, since that invasion a few months ago, everything's
 gone messed up. Worse than that Y2K bug that our parents always tell us

 The squad car pulls into the front entrance of the building. Nothing is
 moving, not even the 16 inch thick steel entrance door.

 "Damn, it's automated from the inside only. Where the hell is everyone?"
 questions Hawkins.

 "Yeah, like i know. This place is giving me a really bad feeling. Being
 a cop sucks."

 Then Hawkins spots a small door on the side of the building. It looked
 like it had been raked with a metal claw. Maybe it had. Due to the damage,
 it could be easily opened, and inside was a long, dark tunnel.. probably
 a sewage dump. Yep, definetly a sewage dump, smelled pretty bad..

 "Oh great, we get to wade through the sewers, whoa, what the hell is that
 smell" says Hawkins

 "I think it's a dead ninja turtle."

 "Well, something died down here, that's for sure."

 And so they enter...


* Play Information *


Map Number              : 01
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-8 Player   : Yes 
Difficulty Settings     : No, who plays on anything but UV anyways?
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes
New Sprites             : No
New Music               : Yes, level music was made by Mick Rippon.
Demos Replaced          : No, they always seem to go out of sync.


* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch

Editor(s) used          : Wintex, NWT, Wadauthor, BSP

Known bugs              : This level was made in the zdoom 1.18 period and
                          that version of zdoom still has some save game

Time Taken              : Started August 23, Ended September 14. Would have
                          been two weeks earlier if not for school.


* Credits *

The various wads i stole gfx from, everyone who still makes mod music
(Hi Joe!) all the wadauthors who have stuck with doom all these years,
and Ritz crackers.


* Copyright / Permissions *

   A copyright on a wad would be pretty retarded, do what you will with
   this wad, but give credit (for the level) to me of course.


* Other Shit *

I would love for people to give me feedback on this level, submit demos (if
you can get one that will play without going out of sync)you beating or
getting real far in the level, deathmatch or coop demos too!

Happy Birthday Alex (3 weeks late)



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