I have a few policies I follow when I make a map that you should know about before you play. - You do not need to get any of the secrets to finish ...

The Wastelands
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Title                   : The Wastelands
Filename                : WASTE.WAD
Author                  : Steve Johnston
Email Address           : I wish        
Misc. Author Info       : Favorite game - Doom
  Favorite beer - Coors Light
  Favorite WAD not done by me - ELEMENTS
  Generally a nice guy.

Description             : I have a few policies I follow when I make a map 
  that you should know about before you play.
- You do not need to get any of the secrets to 
finish any level, although what you have to do may
not be obvious.  I also have marked each secret in
one way or another, but it may be very subtle. 
(That's why it's a secret!)  I hate unmarked secrets
in other wads, so I don't put them in mine. 
(exception - there are secrets in the early levels 
that wimps cannot access.  ie. You have to be a man,
stick it out and fight.  Stray shots can work 
- If you feel like cheating, go load up something 
that has, oh.. say 20 cyberdemons in it and go 
crazy.  Get it out of your system, then play 
Wastelands.  This is a serious WAD for serious
players.  There are some parts that may be hard to
do or figure out, but they can be done.  If you are
really stuck, I have the spoilers at the bottom of
the document.
- To the best of my knowledge, there is no place 
where you can get stuck.  There are places where
if you fall in, the nukeage will kill you, but there
should be no place where you are trapped and can't 
- From experience, save your game often.  For the 
mostpart, the most difficult parts of levels are 

Additional Credits to   : OK. Here goes.  Apologies to anyone I 

ID software for making a game you can really sink your teeth into.  (This
is the first game I've bought in a long time that I can honestly say was 
worth the money I paid.)

Colin Reed for BSP1.2

Neal Ziring (author of Elements.wad) - I lifted the pistol sound from his 

Matthew Ayres & Kirk Yokomizo for including or creating the node builder 
that comes with their WADED package.  Excellent work.

Thanks and no thanks to Zierus Development, makers of DCK, it would be the 
most convienent wad editor to use if it didn't crash all the time.

Olivier Montanuy for creating Deutex - a great util for pulling 
together wad resources.

Bjorn Hermans and Holger Nathrath (authors of serenity.wad) for the 
Beverly Hills Cop music.

Whoever threw together ash-doom.  Grabbed a weapon pickup sound.

Also grabbed some sounds from MKII.

James and G for playtesting - although I had to edit my doom.exe file
to keep the bastards from cheating.

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom I
Episode and Level #     : All of Episode 2  
Single Player           : Yep.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Uh-huh (Not tested as of yet)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yeah, but I only recommend E2M1 and E2M5.

Difficulty Settings     : Settings 1-2 are pretty relaxed, setting 3 is 
  the way it is meant to be played, UV is for 
  those that don't like taking their finger off 
  the fire key, and Nightmare is the "Yes, I 
  rather enjoy my ass up between my ears" level.

New Sounds              : Yes 
New Graphics            : Yes (Only 3 on E2M6)
New Music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : All

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Editor(s) used          : DCK 2.2, DEUtex, Ensemble WaveStudio, 
  Paintbrush, WADed for the final nodes, 
  BSP12 for nodes while building.

Known Bugs              : In E2M7, there is a tiny section of wall you can
  see through in the roundabout (you'll know it                           when you see it.)  There will be no monsters 
  after you at the time, and it doesn't give you 
  any advantage, so it doesn't affect gameplay.

: E2M7's music has been known to not repeat after
  the first play.  To restart it, use the IDMUS
  code to choose a different music, then type

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use the actual maps as a base to build additional
levels, although they MAY rip out sounds and musics as they please.
Don't worry, the musics aren't copyrighted.  Basically, if it's not
a map, help yourself.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: ftp.cdrom.com (and mirrors)

THE STORY SO FAR...  (I'll bet you were waiting for this.)

The evil spiderdemon lying on the warm, dusty, ground, your hair 
would be flowing in the breeze were it not for the fact that is all crusty 
with dried blood.  Luckily, most of that blood isn't yours.  You make a 
promise to yourself, "I can't go sticking guns in these monsters guts 
before I pull the trigger."  You wipe a little blood from your brow, "It 
gets too messy."  You smile within yourself, knowing that promise will 
last all of two seconds.  "So, what now?"
The portal opens up as described at the end of Inferno, (why 
describe, you know how it goes.)  After looking around, it doesn't appear 
good.  Not good at all.  The series of buildings in front of you is up in 
flames.  Apparently, you were not the first to make use of that portal...
As you approach the city, you lock and load your only useful 
weapon remaining, your BFG.  It only has enough energy for one rip, so it 
had better be a good one.  You approach the building on the outskirts of 
the city.  It appears to be the UAC Toxic Waste Dump.  Great.. UAC, the 
last thing you need is to fighting alongside some of those 
pencil-pushing-sons-a-bitches.  You'd rather be babysitting.  Wait a 
minute... you will be.  With any luck, they'll already be dead, so you can 
just walk into the front office and write yourself a big, fat paycheck. 
OK, stop daydreaming, there's still some killing left to do.  You 
approach the entrance teleporter.  Teleporter?  What happened to good 
old-fashioned doors?  Must reduce radiation.  Well aware of what may be on 
the other end, you prepare to step on the teleporter.
      Suddenly, a large brown, thorny hand comes crashing down on your prized 
BFG.  You spin on your heels, sticking the nozzle of the gun firmly into 
the imps stomach(?) area, your finger poised around the trigger.  The imp 
wrapped his hamhocks around the business end of the gun, and gave a good 
yank, trying to disarm you.
      Now any person could likely figure out the result.  When one has a 
finger wrapped around a hair-trigger, and the gun in question is pulled 
forward, the finger has a tendency to resist or pull back...
Less than two seconds later, you were disarmed, your hair with 
a fresh new coat of red, your hands in front of your eyes, your BFG now 
empty and shorted out from blood, and the imp could conceivably be sent 
back to hell in several small sandwich bags.
Well, great.  How ironic.  All you have left is a pistol and, let's 
see... 50 bullets.  Perfect.  You step on to the teleporter and begin your 
journey into the Wastelands that is.. uh.. was UAC.

Mission 1 : Toxic Waste Dump
   Well, it appears that everyone here is dead -- they just don't know it 
yet.  You can cut the head off the chicken, but it'll still go for a jog
afterwards.  Find a rad suit if you like your legs the way they are... you
know, attached?  Just as you look over the balcony you see a long, narrow
shape floating off into the distance.  What the hell was that? 

Mission 2 : UAC Launch Site
    Apparently, that long, narrow shape was one of UAC's anti-aircraft 
missles.  The missle is gone now, and the rising launch pad now seems 
to be jammed.  The hell-spawn must be able to sense your presence,  they
left the key for the exit at the top of the launch pad railing.  How can
you get up there?  It seems like the guards didn't put up much of a fight,
there's not too many bodies laying around.

Mission 3 : UAC Training Field
     If any of these UAC fools would be ready for a fight, you'd think it
would be these guys -- fresh out of training!  But there's nobody here.
It's as if they all ran away.  Something pretty heavy duty must have been
through here.  Now if you could only find the special weapons caches....

Mission 4 : UAC Power Plant
   This map isn't physically hard, but may be confusing.  Make a note of
all the doors that won't open, and when you hit a switch, check over them
all.  Chances are, one of them has opened.  WATCH THE FIRST DEMO!!!
You are getting close to the photonium mine now, what's that noise coming
from over there?  Sounds like gunfire!

Mission 5 : UAC Photonium Mine
   This place is pretty much toast now.  Just clear out the hell-spawn and
get out.  There are some pretty guns laying around if you look hard enough.
This is also the closest point to the Castle of Terror, which UAC was 
preparing to claim as their own.

Mission 6 : UAC Military Base
   While taking the photonium mine, you noticed in one of the offices a 
notice that the president would be personally inspecting the UAC Military
Base!  The attack on the Castle of Terror was to be launched from a top 
secret area deep within the military base.  The only one with access to the
area is the president himself!  You must rescue the president and find out
what is in that top-secret area.

Mission 7 : Reaper's Den
  Seeing the president's grisly murder was bad enough, but what was in the
top secret area was just too much!  You jumped through the portal, and on
the other side was hell itself..... again!  The prez of UAC was hiding a 
portal to hell -- he must have sold his soul to the devil!  Someone's 
going to get rocked over this!!  Mainly, whomever came up with the plan 
to open the portal to earth and take the UAC president.  The thought that
your own company could be behind something like this doesn't really 
surprise you.  But whoever is responsible must die!

Mission 8 : Fury Unleashed
   Remembering full well what you did to another of his kind, the 
cyberdemon mastermind has moved the battle to conditions that favor him
a bit more.  Kill the son-of-a-bitch before your rad suits run out!

Mission 9 : Castle of Terror
   Ancient castle which had recently gotten some new inhabitants.  
Luckily, they hate each other almost as much as they hate you!  Find guns,
big guns.

******** SPOILER MATERIAL AHEAD ***********


E2M1 :  - The first secret is obtained by killing the imp that resides in the 
little room in front of the shotgun.  Pick up the shotgun and blow his brains
out.  If a stray pellet hits the wall behind him, the secret opens up behind
- The other secret is found by jumping in the short trench that is in
the room with the red key.  Go to the teleporter, and when you materialize,
turn right.  You'll notice a teleporter that wasn't there before.

E2M2 :  - One secret is in the room with all the vines and imps.  When/if 
you fight the imps, try using a shotgun in either the center windows.  If
it worked, when you go down the elevator, a secret will be revealed.  If
you're not sure, watch the first demo.  The vital place to shoot is the
only place I shoot in the demo.
- Turn right on the pool of blood before the big toxic room and hit 
the wall there.

E2M3 :  - In the maze, find the chainsaw.  Back out and turn 90 degrees 
right.  You probably didn't notice the marker running by, but you may have
seen it running back after getting the blue key.
- Check between the two torches.

E2M4 :  - Look carefully in the darkness of the blue key room.
- Get the armor the previous switch revealed and hit that switch.
- If done correctly, you'll find a teleporter in your travels that
will lead you to a berzerk pack.

E2M5 :  - Check between the green lamp and the adjacent wall.
- Just before you exit, you'll hear a door open.  It's at the secret
mentioned above.  Secret Level!

E2M6 :  - In the computer room, hit the switch on the wall.  Go to hall with 
the red door and check in the other rooms instead.
- After the teleport in the blue door, hit the wall with the hole in 

E2M7 :  - After the first door, you'll see a room with loads of bodies.  Hit
the wall of the compartment with only blood and a flashing light.
- In the maze, look for the blinking wall beside a rad suit and hit
HINT: Go to the maze before the other parts of the level.

E2M8 :  - You're on the cyberdemon's turf now, you're lucky there's a rocket
launcher and rad suits there.  Don't ask for more.

E2M9 :  - Hit the switch with the nukeage and cacodemon in it.  Go back to 
the room where you picked up the shotgun.
HINT - Cacodemons and Barons hate each other as much as they hate you.  Play
them off each other.


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