Uh, level two to HUMANmeat!. I'm working on level three (which will NOT suck!) and you may be pleased.

The Wastelands (HUMANmeat! level two)
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Title                   : The Wastelands (HUMANmeat! level two)
Filename                : hmeat2.wad
Author                  : Dr. DooM (Eric Williams)
E-Mail Address          : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Um, no.

Description             : Uh, level two to HUMANmeat!. I'm working
  on level three (which will NOT suck!) 
  and you may be pleased.

  But back to The Wastelands.
     You were called in on a mission. You 
  just blown away tons of baddies and want
  to go HOME! But the UAC calls in saying 
  you didn't complete your mission.
     "Damnit! You missed a room! The monsters
  bred you fool! Go out there and kill 'em!"
     So you do. Here you are, in the 
  Wastelands ready to kick the kidneys out of
  the monsters you didn't kill in Hell
  Hallways (level one).
     But as soon as you touch land, you get
  another signal. "Get out! Get out or 
  you'llll......" And the message cuts off.
     Now you're stuck, with nothing else to 
  but kill the monsters and find your way OUT!
  But is it an easy task? Uh huh.

Additional Thanks to   : Whiskers and SHUY   -beta testers

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Map01 (even though it's supposed to be level
  two of HUMANmeat!. Don't ask why it's map01.)

Single Player           : What do YOU think?
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Um, I guess. But no one cooperates these days.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : There are Deathmatch starts, but, well, not 
  the BEST for Deathmatch.

Difficulty Settings     : Completely! I find skill 3 "Hurt me plenty!"
  best for this level.

New Sounds              : Do I look like a technician?
New Graphics            : Read above.
New Music               : Aren't you supposed to worry about gameplay?
Demos Replaced          : Um, a .lmp is inside the ZIPPED FILE. Play it.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch constructed on 
  a 486dx 33

Editors used            : DCK 2.2 and WADED 1.83. The best of the bunch!

Known Bugs              : I though I fixed all bugs, but turns out I
  missed two. Sometimes Revenents, Imps, and 
  Demons become GHOST MONSTERS (bullet shots go
  right through them and they go thru walls.)
  I can't tell you what to do. The only way to 
  kill them is to shoot a rocket at the wall. The
  explosion against the wall will kill 'em (if
  they're close to the explosion).
     And an invisible wall has been found that is
  impassible. It is in the second room full of
  impaled bodies on the side and a Mancubus (or
  Heavy Weapon Dude, depending on skill level) in
  the middle. You try and fire at them, or they
  fire at you, and the wall blocks it. Just walk 
  around the wall and kill 'em.
     If you can fix any of these bugs, send me 
  the fixed WAD as an attachment on e-mail.
     Other than that, it's fine (but you're beta
  testing, so there may be more.)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Um, use as a base for new levels, if you feel like it.

You can throw this WAD out to all your friends, as long 
as it's the same as I gave it to you.

* Where to get this WAD *

No where right now except directly off of me. E-mail me and
I'll give you a copy. (But you have it right now since you're
reading this text file.)

<email removed>


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