The aqueous rise and fall.

Ohh happy days, when you destroyed the gate- keeper and saved Earth once again. Another hellish monster saw its maker. You were once again the hero...

The aqueous rise and fall.
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Title                   : The aqueous rise and fall.
Filename                : aqueous.wad 
Author                  : Christian Hansen
Email Address           : <email removed> (write me for any
  comments what so ever)
Misc. Author Info       : Doom fanatic
  Danish redneck
          DOOM2 level designer for aprox. 1 year    
                          Posessed level designer
  Hard Core Sci-Fi enthusiast (Nothing new, though)
  I hate Trey on MTV Europe 
  Hard Core coffee drunkard
  I loathe V.I.P. starring Pamela "Hooters" Lee
  Sandra Bullock is beautiful 

Other wads by me: 1.The Revenge of Avind 
  2.The Blessed Hex
  3.The Unknown Chasm
All above mentioned levels in my series 
Doom 3: Ad Infernos   (inferno.wad)

0.Fat Mushkins Lavapit (Modified level 01 of DOOM2)
5.Star Trek: Voyager "A time to face your fears"
6.The Aqueous Rise and Fall (Final Doom: Plutonia)
7.UAC Nukage Processing Area (Final Doom: Plutonia)
8.Star Trek: Voyager "Antithesis" (Final Doom: TNT)
9.Fait Accompli (Final Doom: Plutonia)
10. That Urban sence...
11. The Unaided Eye (Final: TNT)
12. Flay the Obscene 
13. Flay the Obscene - part two

If nothing else is written, then the levels are made for
Doom 2, however these Doom 2 levels are also playable
with both halfs of Final Doom. However, NOT vice versa!

Description             : Ohh happy days, when you destroyed the gate-
  keeper and saved Earth once again. Another
  hellish monster saw its maker. You were once
  again the hero and received another bundle of
  medals. But.
  Some distant and very secret UAC areas had also
  been hit by the terrible army of monsters. 
  Especially the processing area of the special 
  water made to keep the gates cool and operative.
  This area has been taken over by the freaks from
  hellcity and needs to be cleared. Some squadrons
  sent in to retrieve the base has already been 
  wasted and now UAC needs there best man: You.
  You will be teleported into one of four secret
  small elevators all disguised as a high metal and 
  brik processing machine (according to earlier
  mission reports, the monsters has not yet 
          figured out that it has no real function, which
  will be our advantage) situated high in the 
  middle of the complex.
  You will some places encounter friends hanged,
  killed or integrated as a part of their flamestick
  hell alters, but let it not distract your sences.
  Good luck and may God have mercy on your soul.       

Play notes              : My sixth wad.
  Made for Final Doom "The Plutonia Exp."

Where to get this wad:

Date of release: January 1999


Additional Credits to   : Those smart minds at ID for Doom and its
  many successors.
  The genious designers of The Plutonia Exp.
  Matt Tagliaferri for a userfriendly
  yet strange level editor.
  Wes Burd for letting me use his 
  homepage to show my wads to the "world"

* Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP13 
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes (untested)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : None that does not exist in Plutonia 
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None.


* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Tools(s) used           : DoomCAD 6.1 by Matt Taggliaferri
: BSP nodebuilder
Build Time        : Ahh,....about 40 hours


* Known Bugs *
"One small and one large but I hope you wont find them." 
               "You´re naive and stupid. Do I have to
                            say it again and again"
     "But its all because of my editor. It does´nt
                like me"
              "Tsk tsk tsk tsk, always blaming others"

P.S. I really put a lot of work into it. I hope the bugs
wont ruin your impression of the wad. Thanks.


* Copyright / Permissions *

This wad is the property of Starfreezer Inc. and you are prohibited from
doing anything with it without their express permission. Ok, you can
play it, but thats it!




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