This is one Action-packed level. There are load's and load's of secret's to discover, some EZR then other's. This level is PERFECTION in action for...

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                          DOOM 2 PWAD


Title                   : The_Hunt.WAD

Author                  : Alexander Weening  ( Warlock )
                                             ( from    )
                                             ( Cosmic  )
                                             ( Chaos   )

Internet address        :

Description             : This is one Action-packed level.
                          There are load's and load's of secret's
                          to discover, some EZR then other's.
                          This level is PERFECTION in action for
                          single, cooperative and deathmatch play.
                          You start of with only a few creatures
                          roaming around. If you've killed all those
                          creatures you can open up one of the plateau's
                          or containers. There is way more ammo then you
                          will ever need, but most of it is hidden away
                          in secret's. If you know more secret's than
                          your opponent, he is very dead.

Additional Credits to   : The Guys at ID for making such a great game
  and letting me build wads for it.
                          Ben Morris for making DCK 2.0.
  Rayden, The Dark Lord, BitKiller, Shadow
  Nuclear Vision and Kitana for Beta-testing
  of the level.
                          This level will also be included in C_CHAOS2.WAD
                          so watch out for that one. You can find this WAD
  on any good BBS contained within : CC_D2LV2.ARJ


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes (Lot's of monsters to blow away.)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (Lot's of monsters to blow away.)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes (Frag'n awesome !! .)
Difficulty Settings     : all
New Sounds              : No, it'd get to big.
New Music               : No, same reason.
New Graphics            : You'll see, I just had to show it off.

* Construction *

Base                    : NOTHING, from scrap.
Build Time              : Since Cleopatra's death, I had to find a destraction.
Editor(s) used          : DCK 2.0
                          New Wad Tool PRO

Known Bugs              : In The Hunt you don't see all the monsters
  witch are standing in the crusher(hint, hint).
  no other bugs are know to me. If you find any
                          bugs please send me a card or contact me about
                          it, so I can fix it.

Note                    : Ûßß ÛÜ  Û ßßÛ ÛßÛ ßÜ Üß  Û Û Û
                          Ûß  Û ßÜÛ Ü Û Û Û   Û    ß ß ß
                          ßßß ß   ß  ß  ßßß   ß    ß ß ß

Misc. auther info       : I'm a student and SINGLE !!
                          If your name happens to be Cindy Crawford,
                          DO contact me.

How to use              : Copy the .ARJ file in your DOOM 2 directory
                          and unpack it.
                          When it is done type  DOOM2 -file the_hunt.wad <ÄÄÙ

Where to get this .WAD, C_CHAOS.WAD and C_CHAOS2.WAD :
                          in the Doom 2 dir(huh huh)

* Copyright / Permissions *

I can not be held responseble for the mental damage this level can do.
Feel free to copy the original .ARJ file witch contained this level onto
any medium (Disk,Bbs,Cd,Tape,anything) free of charge.
If anybody put's this level on CD please send me a copy of that CD or the
adress where I can order that CD.
And the .ARJ file remains unchanged and accompanied by this textfile.
You are not allowed to use this level as a base for other levels.
This level is cardware, meaning that :
If you like my levels PLEASE send me a card at the following adress:

    Alexander Weening
    Cees Buddingh'hof 133
    1628 WL

    I also have a E-Mail adress, but I don't know for how long and when
    I can check my mail again. TNX go out to Wizzard for checking my E-mail
    muchos times.  --==<<    <email removed>   >>==--

And if possible write me where you live, or at least tell me what city you're
from so I can see how far my level has spread.
By the way, write me what part of the level you like the most. Þ
                                                             \ Þ  /


Still here ?

Okey, here is a discription of the different part's of the level :

You start of in the switchboard, when you open the door you can enter the
main hunting ground. Or, you can teleport directly into the crusher from
the switchboard. There are several secret guard posts or fox-holes. They
are all connected through the teleport area. On the top right of the map
you can open a container witch contains a Harry and a Big Spidey, in Death-
match 2.0 you can go there to get your cell's filled up. I therefore call
it the shoppingmall. In total there are four fox-holes : Right, Left, Top
and Centre. If you find all of the secret's honestly, you are very good at
Doom 2 and if you want to we can go one on one if you contact me. Then I
will show you the secret's that you've missed and then you can try to blow
me away (GOODLUCK). I'm not very good at DOOM 2 so I should be roadkill to
any good player. I am alway's looking for a worthy opponent, the only person
who ties DMgames with me is Rayden.


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