Torment and Torture 3 : Fortress of Damnation

The latest successor in the TNT series. As known, you will encounter a lot of ZDoom effects, neat detailed areas and of course scripting :) (not in...

Torment and Torture 3 : Fortress of Damnation
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MAP01, MAP02
Title                   : Torment and Torture 3 : Fortress of Damnation
Filename                : tnt3.wad
Date Finished           : April 5th, 2003
Author                  : Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer
Web Page                : (Tormentor's Realm 667)
Previous Work: Torment & Torture 2 : Armory of Pain 
  Torment & Torture (WIAW Winner)
  Perforated Entrails Beta Release
  X-Mas Deathmatch
  Map01 Remixes Compilation
  (grab all @
Email Address           : <email removed>

Description             : The latest successor in the TNT series. As known, you
  will encounter a lot of ZDoom effects, neat detailed areas
  and of course scripting :) (not included are the many surprises
  placed in the map :D

Additional Info: For all of you guys who don't like my brown style: Don't play
  this map in case you have ever taken a look at the "ikpack"
  texture set. The only difference this time is, that the brown
  colors vary and there are also some areas with white & black
  color shemes ;)
  Also, it is important that you know, that I have really tried
  to change my quakish style of TNT2 back to a more doomish style
  so you don't feel lost in one of those new 3D games. I hope I
  succeeded ;)

Story: After fighting your way trough the Ogro Steel Armory Grounds,
  you find yourself on the icey peak of the mountain. Now, your
  way leads straight ahead the "Fortress of Damnation" where you
  will find the last hell portal, the last source of terror on
  earth. Small snowflakes fall down the sky and you can see parts
  of an security building through the thick fog... but wait...
  someone's is moving there... groaning...

Technical Important Info: Some areas are high detailed and the map slowed a bit down
  with 1024 x 786 at my Athlon XP 2100+ (256MB DDRAM) so if
  you encounter performance problems, try a smaller resolution
  or buy a new pc ;)

New Monster Info: ||Soul Harvester|| - On the battlefields of earth, the undead
  remains of some imps survived by gathering souls of their
  blasted victims. Now, these tormented souls supply their host
  with strong power and still try to escape their cruelly 
  dwelling. Help'em by using ur Super Shotgun ;) Be careful, these
  black imps are stronger then normal brown ones.
  ||Hell Warrior|| - Don't unterestimate them. They may be not as
  strong as a Baron of Hell but carry a strong titanium shield with
  which they can protect theirselves and even reflect your projectile 
  weapons (BFG, Plasma, Rocket). Also, they have the ability to 
  shoot with their shield.
  ||Enh. Cacodemon|| - Fresh meat directly from hell: The new 
  cacodemons you will encounter at the icey combat fields
  spit three fireballs at once at you. This performance
  demands a lot of their vital hellpower and so on, they are
  easier to be killed, though a strong opponent, more then
  ever in swarms.
  Be sure to encounter a few other enemies ;) I just don't want to
  tell you everything :)

New Weapon Info: ||Flame Bomb|| - A very devastating weapon if you use it against
  a larger group of inferior or superior demons. When the Bombs explode
  they have a very large damage radius, a high damage rate but are not
  as dangerous for you as the rocket launcher is (unfortunately also
  not as strong as the rocket launcher), nevertheless, you will love
  the weapon ;)

Thx goes to        : Nick Baker for a few textures out of "Nightmare 1"
  Ikka Keränen for the "IK Textures Pack"
  Gothic Team for some "Gothic Textures"
  Doomworld and ZDoom.Notgod forums for technical support 
  as always :)
  The "Hellstorm Team" because they gave me the idea of creating
   a re-colored HellKnight with shield (check the "N'Garai
   Daemonites" @
  Randy Heit for ZDoom 2.0

Special Thx goes to: Enjay for the "Snow Script" and not to forget for his
   incredible good help with ZDoom 2.0 features, for his comment
   on TNT2 and else!
   Visit his site for amazing ZDoom scripts over
   at :)
  LilWhiteMouse for her amazing renderings and drawings
   in my mining facilites (which I unfortunately didn't 
   need :( ), for some scripting, for a lot of tipps, for the
   flamethrower in vile.wad and also for maybe being the only 
   woman in our community :) Visit her site @ and check her
   amazing ZDoom 2.0 projects!
  My Beta Tester Team: Melfice Darkmage
       Little Faith
...especially: Nanami & Cyrez for fixing up the level
       wads, helping me with the floating fire-
       bomb fuel and removing unused textures :)

* Play Information *

Map #                   : Map01 - 02
Source Port: ZDoom 2.0 (cab28+) (
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Just try it ;)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Just Ultra Violence (for Xperts only!)
New Sounds              : Yes (Ambient sounds and monster sounds)
New Music               : Yes! Nice and high quality MOD ;)
New Graphics            : ...goes without saying!

* Construction *

Base                    : Just from scratch!
Build Time              : 4 Months
Editor(s) used          : Adobe Photoshop, ZETH, ACC,, WinTex, Deutex
Known Bugs              : None

* Other Information *

Where to Get: and also at 3dgamers archive
Copy Information: You can copy and edit everything in this map as long
  as you keep my name and the contributors' names in 
  the txt file :)
Torment and Torture 3 (MAP01)

Torment and Torture 3 (MAP01)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Torment and Torture 3 (MAP02)

Torment and Torture 3 (MAP02)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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