Torment and Torture Lost Episode : "Fury of Fire"

This TNT Episode has three different aims. The first aim is to give me alternation during my work on XMASDM2 and Netherworld. The second aim is to ...

Torment and Torture Lost Episode : "Fury of Fire"
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Title                   : Torment and Torture Lost Episode : "Fury of Fire"
Filename                : tntle1.wad
Date Finished           : August, 2nd 2004
Author                  : Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer
Web Page                : (Tormentor's Realm 667)
Previous Work: Torment & Torture 3 : Fortress of Damnation
  Torment & Torture 2 : Armory of Pain 
  Torment & Torture (WIAW Winner)
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  X-Mas Deathmatch
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...and one untitled project in developement

Email Address           : <email removed>

Description             : This TNT Episode has three different aims. The first aim
  is to give me alternation during my work on XMASDM2 and
  Netherworld. The second aim is to get me back to my brown
  and evil TNT-style editing and the 3rd and most important
  aim is to provide you with one more episode of TNT to 
  bridgeover the developement time of TNT4 ;)

Additional Info: Once more, this is brown, quakish and dark. If you didn't like
  TNT1-3, don't try this one because you will hate it. The only
  special fact on this one is, that I tried to connect the TNT3
  style again with my TNT1 style. Let's see if I succeeded :)

Special Gameplay Hints: Just two words: "Monster Infighting", you won'T ever have enough
  ammo to kill all the monsters, but if you get monsters to
  fight each other, you will maybe beat this map ;)

Story: The story takes place in about the same time when another
  well-known marine fights his way through the "Fortress of
  Damnation" in TNT3.

  "Once more, earth's provisional government found a new gate
  the hell in the planet's astenosphere. As you read the 
  advice, you feel that this time, you won't ever see your
  friends again, your family... your wife. But a long-goodbye
  would make everything harder, harder then it is already.
  You step into your living room, two bags over your shoulder,
  take two of your cigars - just in case you have some time
  left between your victory.. and death - and leave the house,
  entering the black hovercraft of the government.

  Just 5 days later, you are standing on a isle in a huge sea
  of lava around you. Your special marine suit prevents you from the
  high pressure and the unbelievable high temperature around you.
  The landing machine with which you got that deep into earths
  heart has already left you... it's now up to you to save
  our planet from hellspawn, to save your family and your friends,
  although they will never know it..."

  "A true hero is the one whose exploits no one will ever discover!"

Technical Important Info: This map should run very smooth on every machine compared to
  the 2,0GHz eating monster TNT3 Map01 :)

Thx goes to        : id Software for DooM and Quake (Quake textures were used) and for their support in their
   own forums :)
  The Doom Community for keeping a legend alife!

Special Thx goes to: Enjay (once more :) for giving perfect support
   at On every technical related question
   about ZDoom, he was the person who solved the
   problem (in some cases 10 seconds after starting
   the topic ;) Thx alot Nigel!
  Nanami and all the contributors to the :)
  My Team of Betatesters: DD_133, Curunir, Graf Zahl, 
   Bio Hazard, Bouncy, Xaser, HotWax  

* Play Information *

Map #                   : Map01
Source Port: ZDoom 2.0 (cab63a+) (
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Player  : Up to 4 players
Deathmatch 2-8 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Just Ultra Violence (for Xperts only!)
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : Yes, high quality MOD :)
New Graphics            : Indeed :D

* Construction *

Base                    : Just from scratch!
Build Time              : From Septembre, 5th 2003 till August, 2nd 2004
Editor(s) used          : Adobe Photoshop, ZETH, DoomBuilder, ACC,, WinTex, Deutex, XWE
Known Bugs              : None

* Other Information *

Where to Get: and also at 3dgamers archive
Copy Information: You can copy and edit everything in this map as long
  as you keep my name and the contributors' names in 
  the txt file :)
Torment and Torture LE (MAP01)

Torment and Torture LE (MAP01)

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