Storm the headquarters of a evil and corrupt corporation. First six levels in what is soon to be a full megawad!

Tower of WAR: Demo (v2.0)
1.18 MB
WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06
Title                   : Tower of WAR: Demo (v2.0)
Filename                : TOWRDEMO.WAD
Name of Zip File        : NNTWDEMO.ZIP
Release Date            : April 10, 2003
Author                  : The Net Nomad
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Doom fan since the very first version;
  Wad editing for about four months now
Description             : Storm the headquarters of a evil and
                          corrupt corporation. First six levels in
                          what is soon to be a full megawad! Version
                          2.0 includes the new green key sprite
                          package and some extra changes.
Additional Credits to   : John Williston for WadAuthor, the first
                          (and practically only) level editor I
                          understand; the creators of Wintex; and
                          of course ID for this excellent game.

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom II
Episode and Level #     : MAP01-MAP06
Single Player           : Yes (Intended for)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes!
New Music               : Yes!
Demos Replaced          : All (as of V2.0)
* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Editor(s) used          : WadAuthor v1.3., Wintex
Known Bugs              : None, but I probably missed a couple...
Build Time              : About three weeks

* Notes *

Playing version 2.0 requires one of two things: either
installing the wad using DeuSF and DeHackEd, or using
a source port such as ZDoom. The latter is much easier,
as one command will usually run the whole thing. In
ZDoom, for instance, the command is:
zdoom towrdemo.wad -deh towrdemo.deh

If you don't use one of these ports, you will need to
install the wad. Installation is simple, but it will
temporarily change your doom2.wad file. At the command
line, type:
deusf -merge towrdemo.wad

You MUST do this, or the game will crash as soon as a
green key or other new sprite comes into view. To
restore doom2.wad, type:
deusf -restore

Next, the dhe patch. Those who aren't familiar
with DeHackEd will probably want to skip this part, as
it is not necessary to run the wad. All the patch does
is change some of the game messages (running it without
the patch won't change "yellow key" messages to "green
key" ones). If you have DeHackEd, you can easily create
an exe to run the wad with (towrdemo.exe for example).
But I'm not going to lay out the steps for those who
don't; if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't
fall over yourself trying to understand me. Again, using
a source port won't give you any of these worries, as
most of them can run a dhe patch with a little tweaking
at the command line...

The primary use for this wad is single player, but co-op and
deathmatch are certainly possible. I haven't tested any of them,
though. There are no extra things for multiplayer modes. Also, I
reccomend that you play deathmatch without the monsters.

* Level Names
* UAC-Labeled Door (I changed it to WAR)
* UAC Logo on silver wall (changed to WAR)
* Various WAR Logos
* Soda and Snack Machines
* File Cabinets
* Signs on and around production machine
* Sky Texture

* A green key in place of the yellow one
* Computer monitors (two types, normal and broken)
* Hanging lamps
* Desk Lamps
* Desk Chairs
* A file cabinet switch and a working elevator switch

In the final version, there will definitely be:
* New title screen, new intermission screen, and new end screen
* Sky textures for all three parts
* "Stat" textures (pictures of demons with stats next to them)
* Trees (live ones) and shrubbery sprites
* Lots more stuff; haven't thought it all up yet.

Level 1: A MIDI file from a puzzle game called Uz 3.0.
Level 2: From Rise of the Triad
Level 3: Also from Uz 3.0.
Level 4: E2M2 from Doom.
Level 5: Level 3 from Donkey Kong 64 (main level theme).
Level 6: Level 3 from Donkey Kong 64 (production room remix).*
Intermission: A MIDI from Battleship by Hasbro Interactive.**
Story Theme: The ending theme from One Must Fall: 2097.***
*Thanks to Dr. Fruitcake (<email removed>) for sequencing the music
for level 6, which has come in handy for me on other occasions besides
this one.
**This song is only available in version 2.0.
***Thanks to Mark7 (<email removed>) for sequencing the story
theme. I was lucky enough to find another OMF fan, go me. Also, this
song is only available in version 2.0.

In version 2.0 I've included the green key sprites, an altered story
appearing after level 6, and I finally made the elevator and file
cabinet switches work correctly. A few stupid bugs were also fixed.
For those of you with Wintex or a similar program, you may notice
that I have more entries in the wad then V1.0 had. This is because
I basically made a copy of my current file (tower.wad) and deleted
the levels after #6. Since I couldn't delete the textures, I decided
to leave all the extra patches and music files in there, too. If you
want to use one of my patches, I don't really care...
If you're wondering about the extra music entries:
Level 7: E2M4 from Doom.
Level 8: From Uz 3.0. (I may change this one)
Level 9: From Uz 3.0.
Level 10: From Rise of the Triad.
Level 11: From Rise of the Triad.
Level 12: From a FPS game called Nitemare-3D. Very cool game; visit if you want more info.
Level 13: Unknown; possibly from ROTT.
Level 31: Also from Nitemare-3D.

You aren't the same guy who saved Earth from the hellspawn - that
was your father. Everyone urged you to follow in his footsteps and
work for the UAC, so you did. That is, until you noticed some pretty
questionable stuff going on. Rumor has it that in the bowels of the
UAC they were building machines. Strange and evil ones, the most
dangerous of which is an exact replica of the Cyberdemon your father
encountered on several occasions. You don't have any idea what they
want with a Cyberdemon, but you don't like it. Upon asking your boss
(who of course is none other than the president of UAC; you hold a
very high rank thanks to your family name) what it all meant, he
laughed and told you to think nothing of it. "How do you like our
new name, by the way?" he says to you, changing the subject.
"Worldwide Aerospace Research corp. - A.K.A. WAR corp."

"I don't like it at all," you say, "and this is just proof that your
little experiments have gone way too far."

"I'm telling you," he says, all humor gone from his voice, "don't
pay any more attention to the experiments."

"You think you can keep this knowledge from the public? I doubt it.
I'm telling you right now: I quit!"

You storm from the room, but you hear the president's voice from
inside: "You won't last long out there! Trust me - your days are

Of course, you realized that they would try to kill you for leaving
the company - but if you're half the hero your father was, there's
no army guy in the world who can mess with you. By laying low for a
few months you manage to escape detection, until one evning a knock
comes at your door. You are relieved to find that it's not anyone
you know from the former UAC. It's two men who happened to be
friends of your father after the "war." "There's no time for small
talk," one of them says. "WAR is mobilizing its robotic creatures
now. We have to take them out."

"And how do you propose we do that?" you ask. "You know as well as I
do that almost all weapons have been taken by the UAC... before they
changed their name, that is."

"There's one weapon that they didn't take. You know which one. And we
know you can find something better as you go."


The other man hands you a slip of paper. "Here's the address of WAR's
new underground entrance. You have 24 hours to prepare." he says. Then
they leave as quickly as they had arrived.

You stand in the doorway, numb, as they drive away. Finally you glance
over to your mantle, where on display is the one weapon UAC did not
steal - your father's pistol. "Screw that." you say to yourself.
"Better to surprise them now." You grab the pistol and head towards
the entrance to WAR, confident that you can face down anything WAR
throws at you...
* Level Hints *

What, I'm giving away hints? Just consider me more generous then most

You can't get on top of the crates from the floor of the room. Find
another way up!

You will have to cross the crate room four times, in four different
directions, and at four different altitudes. There's only one path
to follow.

Once you open the front door, search for a switch outside. Don't be
afraid to explore over the side of the cliff...

Return to the room behind the red door many times. You will need to
use the maze borders at a catwalk. Among the items you'll want to
find are a soul sphere, your first Plasma Gun, a big stash of ammo,
and of course, the green key.

Pretty straightforward. Just remember that every switch comes in use
somewhere in the level.

What's the deal with the green locked area? If you can't see any use
in being up on that ledge, I suggest looking for something to shoot.

* Level Previews *

Here are some previews of the levels I've made so far.

You've decided that you must turn off the machine from its control
room upstairs, but you're a long way from even the surface. A new
door has opened on the northern wall of the production room.
This level features "stat" textures, use of the Mancubus and
Arachnotron tags (stuff happens when you kill them), and the game's
first BFG9000.

This used to be an underground worker's lounge, but WAR has changed
it into a command center and dumped a bunch of crates in there as
well. This level features a couple of new textures (such as a red
version of the texture COMPBLUE).

Ride the freight elevators to return to a more familiar area. This
level features five elevators that can go up or down, and be called
from the lower floor. Not too original, but oh well.

A defensive tower on the southern end of the building. Five floors,
each with rather small rooms. Features "security camera" lights
which will screw up your ability to get the red key.

A secret zone dedicated to the elusive "Nova Project." Features a
falling set of stairs, an "open bars" texture, and the game's first

You've stumbled upon another secret area which hopefully connects to
the third floor. This level features a lot of things: rising gates,
color-themed areas, instantly appearing monsters, several shootable
switches, and a catwalk over a lava pit.

You walk through a hole in the third floor wall. Now that you're back
on track, you have to find a way into the third floor warehouses and
ultimately reach the Western Turret. This level features light-related
puzzles and, like level 4, walking on the cubicle borders.

As you recall, this area connects to the Western Turret. This level
features a good bit of catwalking, and also floor-over-floor

The western turret is twice as big as the southern one, and has eight
floors. You start on floor 3, but the floors go down to -3! This level
features more puzzles than any level before it, including a switch
that does something completely different the second time you visit it!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional
levels without asking me first. And don't expect me to agree, either.

You MAY distribute this WAD however you want, as long as you include
this text file with it.

NOTE: All new sprites, with the exception of the green key,
are from the Hacx TC. Used with permission. Visit Doom Wad
Station ( to find Hacx.
The green key sprite was made by me. You must email me for permission
to use it, or make your own (trust me, it's not that hard).

* Where to get this WAD * and mirrors


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