Trainin' Wad
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Title                   : Trainin' Wad   
Filename                : trainin.wad and train.deh
Author                  : Delirium
Email Address           : <email removed>

This is a dehacked patch for Doom2 v1.7a only, the deh patch and
the demos in the wad file are for version 1.7a. The dehacked patch replaces
troopers, sargeants, imps, and chaingun sargeants with player sprites that
fire a variety of weapons. The wad file is map 01 of doom2 with the monsters
slightly rearranged and the deathmatch weapons taken off the multi-only
switch. The idea is a deathmatch warm-up to get the blood flowing before you
take on a real opponent.

>>Requires Dehacked v 2.2<<
>>Demos in wad file require the deh patch to work correctly<<
>>The wad file is utterly pointless without the deh patch installed<<

Additional Credits to   : Eric for showing me how to play with sprites.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #                    : Map 01
Single Player                          : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player                 : Yes, but it gets confusing
Deathmatch 2-4 Player                  : Yes
Difficulty Settings                    : Yes, I prefer skill 3 with the
 respawn and altdeath switches on.

New Sounds                             : Sort of. There are three sound
 eliminators to remove the sounds an
 Arachnatron and a Cyberdemon make
 when they move around. If you just
 use the deh patch without the wad
 file, you will have a lot of
 irritating background noise.

New Graphics                           : Yes, help screen, intermission
 picture, and credit screen have
 been replaced with screen shots.

New Music                              : No

Demos Replaced                         : All. Three demos of different play
 settings. Demo 1 is a skill 2 demo
 which is successful. Demo 2 is
 skill 4, and demo 3 is skill 3 with
 the respawn and altdeath switches.

Monster types : Phony deathmatch players

* Construction *

Base                    : Map 01
Editors used            : Edmap 1.30, New Wad Tools
Known Bugs              : none (Let me know; I'll fix them.)

 You're going in, but your superiors want to test your reflexes in
the ultimate training room. If you make it out alive, you may be up for the
real thing. Face 4 marine drones : Green fires a shotgun, he's an easy kill.
Grey fires a chaingun, he's a little tougher, but isn't too bright. Red is
dangerous with his rocket launcher, and moves quicker than you think, but
you can trick him into firing into a wall if you're lucky. Brown - watch out
for this character; he has a regulation issue plasma gun plugged into the
training room's power supply. He's also lightning fast and takes a lot to
bring down.

You have plenty of weapons to choose from, but ammo is limited. Take
good aim, check your corners, and pray you're as good as you think you are.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Be my guest; I don't own the copyright to map 01, and I doubt deh patches
are copyrightable. 

You may do whatever you want with this file.

Later-          Delirium


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