TriO 9... Bring your friends along to Camp TriO - the ultimate DeathMatch retreat! In this scenic alpine setting, you'll experience terror and exhi...

TriO 9 DeathMatch for DooM II
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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03
Title                   : ³²³ TriO 9 DeathMatch for DooM II ³²³
Filename                : TRIO_9.WAD
Version                 : 1.0 - 17/2/96
WAD type                : PWAD
Compiler                : Dean Stretton
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Compiler Info     : Nah, forget it...

Description             : TriO 9...
    Bring your friends along to Camp TriO - the
    ultimate DeathMatch retreat!  In this scenic
    alpine setting, you'll experience terror and
    exhilaration previously unknown!
* Support for DM v1/2, with 2-4 players!
* 25 new SFX, including ALL weapons
* New music for ALL levels
* New graphic resources
* Three BRILLIANT levels

  This is the first multi-function TriO!
  With added support for DM v1.0 and multiplayer
  games, TriO 9 is the most versatile TriO to date.
  TriO 9 is also the most extensively playtested
  instalment so far - so its appeal should stretch
  far and wide...

  MAP01 is Point Blank #3, by Denis M”ller.  This
  is a fast-paced level with a hint of strategy.
  SS's will dominate, but the energy weapons can
  prove a powerful addition.
  MAP02 is 6Skuls02 MAP 7, by Marin Gazzari.  
  Sensational!  The level is complex yet easy
  to navigate, and allows short-term (ie split
  second) strategy for those who know the level
  intimately.  Stylish and rewarding.
  MAP03 is Mancer01, by Cole Savage.  This level
  has an excellent 'flow', due to virtually all
  rooms having two entrances/exits.  Bigger 
  weapons take a little more time to pick up,
  but are usually worth the trouble.
Additional Credits to   : NewWadTool (NWT) v1.3 (for compilation)
  Paint Shop Pro (PSP) v3.1 (for screens)
  MIDI2MUS (for MIDI conversion)
  Music Sculptor (for MIDI manipulation)
  TheDraw (for ENDOOM editing)

  K Forte, E Fisher, K Podszebka, J Nugnug - SFX
  SANATARI.MID - MAP01 music 
  FRZNMOON.MID - MAP02 music
  NIN_HLAH.MID - MAP03 music
  FIFTHSYM.MID - Intermission music
  ENTERTNR.MID - Title music  (I thought the tune
 would be appropriate, seeing as
 DooM II _IS_ 'The Entertainer')

  Denis M”ller (for Point Blank 3)
  Marin Gazzari (for 6Skuls02 MAP07)
  Cole Savage (for Mancer01)

  The TriO 9 playtesters - 
    Dean Stretton, Nick Miller, Peter Venables,
    Edward Rushton, SolariS, Daniel Karrels,
    Clayton Shivers, Dirk Jan Brandt
  (To become a playtester, just send e-mail
   to Dean Stretton - <email removed>)
  ID Software (of course)

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01, MAP02, MAP03
Single Player           : Yes (but only for previewing the levels)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (but you'd be lucky to find any monsters)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes!
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (see below)
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphic Resources   : Yes  
New Music               : Yes 
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : See individual text files.
Editor(s) used          : Ditto.  
Known Bugs              : Ditto.  

* Difficulty Settings *

Difficulty settings have been implemented, to provide support for various
modes of play:

Skill 1/2 - 3/4 player DeathMatch, using original OR altdeath rules.
    3 player maximum is recommended, since the levels are not
    particularly large.  Of course, 4 players would still be a
    blast.  This skill setting contains more weapons and health
    than the other settings.

Skill   3 - 2 player DeathMatch, using original rules.  This skill setting
    contains very little (if any) health and other items.

Skill 4/5 - 2 player DeathMatch, using altdeath (new) rules.  This setting
    contains more items and health than skill 3.

* Revision History *

v1.0 - this first release.

* Copyright / Permissions *

You  MAY  distribute  the  original  9_TRIO.ZIP,  provided  that  it  is
unchanged  in  any  way,  and  includes  this  text  file  and  all other
accompanying text files, unaltered.  You may NOT, under any circumstances, 
use  TRIO_9.WAD  as a base to build additional levels, concatenations, or  
otherwise.  You may  NOT  use any resources contained within TRIO_9.WAD.
You MAY distribute the original  9_TRIO.ZIP,  provided it is 
unchanged in any way,  in any electronic format  (BBS, disk, CD, etc)  as 
long as you include this file,  and accompanying text files,  intact.  No 
fee may be charged for distribution of 9_TRIO.ZIP, including but not 
limited to, diskette fees, copying fees and distribution fees.

* Where to get this WAD *


BBS numbers: The InterACTive BBS (PCUG) - +61 6 2397311

Other: The TriO Home Page -

* Comments?  Suggestions? *

So, what do you think?  If you played TriO 9, please give me some feedback
on things like:
* How much you enjoyed playing TriO #9.
* Whether it's a success or not.
* Do you agree with my choice of levels?
* Would you like to see more combination WADs in the future?
* What WADs should I include in future?
* Was it worth the (long) time to download?

Send all love, hate and feedback e-mail to: <email removed>  

Dean Stretton
Compiler of the TriO series



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