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You must infiltrate UAC-HQ, and find the main computer center to get the access codes for a shuttle so that you can get off Earth. (See the full st...

UAC Head Quarters
uac-hq.wad, uachq.wad
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WAD Type
Title                   : UAC Head Quarters
                          Copyright, Gordon Mulcaster, 1994
Filename                : UAC-HQ.WAD
Release                 : Beta 1.0
Author                  : Gordon Mulcaster
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Eyes - brown/green

Description             : You must infiltrate UAC-HQ, and find the main
                          computer center to get the access codes for a
                          shuttle so that you can get off Earth.
                          (See the full story below)
                          (Also see the play notes)

Additional Credits to   : JD, Dave and Vic for play testing.
                        : Rapha?l Quinet (<email removed>)
                          Brendon J. Wyber (<email removed>)
                          Per Allansson (<email removed>)
                          Per Kefod (<email removed>)
                             for writing and distributing DUE (gcc)
                        : Colin Reed for writing and distributing BSP
                        : Jens Hykkelbjerg (<email removed>)
                              for writing and distributing Reject Map
                              Builder (RMB)
                        : Randall R. Spangler (<email removed>)
                              for writing and distributing WADWHAT
                        : id Software for releasing Doom, and allowing
                             user created levels.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1 (1.666 registered)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No (there _are_ four deathmatch starts, but they
                              are in the same place as the cooperative
                              starts. I don't think this level would make
                              a good death match level anyway...)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (Ultra-violent should be challenging for even
                               the best Doomers, I'm too young to die should
                               be playable for even the most novice Doomers)
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No (there are some new textures. I have more work
                              to do in this area...)
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : DEMO2 (recorded on "I'm To Young To Die" using
                                 Doom ver. 1.666 registered)

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Waded 1.23 (until it broke)
                          DEU 5.21 (until it broke)
                          DEU 5.21gcc

                          BSP 1.2x
                          RMB 1.2

Known Bugs              : The level is too big to save using 1.1 or 1.2
                        : Some sounds may leak into other areas. (I think
                          IDBSP fixes this, but it breaks other stuff...)
                        : There are HOMs using 1.2 or 1.1
                        : There is still lots of work to do on the textures


* Copyright / Permissions *

This work is copyright Gordon Mulcaster 1994

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
   Make your own damn levels.

You MAY NOT modify this work except for personal use.

Modified versions MAY NOT be distributed in any form.

This file is part of the work and must be included, unmodified, in any

This wad MAY NOT be distributed for profit (that includes CDs, Compuserve, AOL, et al.)
 - it is debatable whether or not the above line is legal.
 - I don't have the money to do anything about it if it is.
 - so if you do you will have to live with the fact that I think you are a


* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:, and it's mirror sites.


* The Story So Far *

   You lean back into the doorway and stroke your shotgun as the morning sun
slowly creeps over the top of the burned out warehouse across the street.
You can still hear unearthly howls and screams in the distance.

   A shotgun blast jars you awake! It takes you a few seconds to orient
yourself before you realize it was your shotgun... A quick glance at the
sun tells you a hour or more has passed. You re-cock your shotgun and head
off down the street, your goal is only a few blocks away.

   You inspect the walls from around a corner, they seems fully intact--
it's possible hell's minions haven't been able to crack the UAC building.
A quick sprint takes you to the North gates. You insert your dog tag in
the security panel and the gate opens. You quickly slip in and hit the
close panel.

   A wave of relief washes over you as you see fellow troopers standing
watch in the yard. The relief quickly vanishes as they open fire at you.

   Your overall plan remains unchanged. The shuttle pad you reconnoitered
yesterday has two shuttles ready to go all you need are the launch codes.
Instead of being given the launch codes, you will have to get direct access
to the main computer center you where you should be able to hack the codes.
It won't be easy, you don't have access to any secured areas, but you've
survived a trip to hell and back--this can't be that tough, can it?


* Notes on play and development *

 - Please send any coments to <email removed>

 - You must find the main computer center before you can finish the level.

 - Ignore the teleports in the stair wells, they are simply there to
   simulate multiple floors.

 - I sure found out what the limits to the Doom engine are. The original
   plan was for the front yard to have hills and valleys. The stairs in the
   entry hall was supposed to have a bannister. I had to rework the ware
   house a few times. All to get rid of the HOMs. Then I got 1.666 :-)

 - I never thought of adding toilets until it was brought up in discussion
   in Alt.Games.Doom, but since I didn't think of it, I decided not to
   rework it to add them...

 - One of the design criteria was to make it harder to get out then get in
   (its tough to get out, but I don't think it's particularly harder)

   I know the textures aren't as good as they should be, but I don't have
any more time to work on it, or to figure out how to get my custom graphics
into the WAD (I keep breaking Wacker :) If I waited until the textures are
perfect, I'd probably never get it out...
   Most of the textures should be aligned correctly, please don't send
texture bug reports unless the texture alignment is way out of wack. If you
come up with an idea of what should be in the empty basement rooms, send me
some email... I'm thinking of filling them with file cabinets, once I get
the graphics done...


The following information may spoil your enjoyment of theis level. It is the
text produced by Randall R. Spangler's (<email removed>) excelent
little utility WADWHAT. It contains a total count of all the monsters and
items, and various other details.

If you don't want to know how many Imps there are, or how many Soul Spheres,
stop reading...
Note: I have removed the Multi Player Information, since it's exactly the
      same as the Single Player Information.
---------------------- Start WADWHAT text ----------------------

WADWHAT 1.1 by Randall R. Spangler (<email removed>)
EPISODE 1 MISSION 1             S1    S2    S3   S45
    Play modes:
        Single player
        Cooperative (4 player)
        Deathmatch (4 starts)
        Baron                    0     0     2     1
        Cyberdemon               0     0     0     2
        Trooper                 42    42    15     9
        Sergeant                 6     6    46    50
        Imp                     32    32    51    64
        Demon                   13    13    42    54
        Spectre                  0     0     2    32
        Lost soul                3     3    15    39
        Cacodemon                5     5     9    13
        Shotgun                 10    10    10    10
        Chaingun                 1     1     1     1
        Rocket launcher          1     1     1     1
        Plasma gun               1     1     1     1
        Chainsaw                 1     1     1     1
        Invulnerability          1     1     1     1
        Invisibility             1     1     1     1
        Radiation suit          12    12     8     4
        Computer map             1     1     1     1
        Lite amp goggles         1     1     1     1
        Bullets               2500  1250   765   635
        Shells                 792   396   456   432
        Rockets                126    63    41    18
        Cells                 1760   880   680   460
        Armor points          1228   614   614   514
        Health points         1918   959   859   679
        Barrels                 19    19    19    19
        Total monster hp       719   719  1844  3652
        Max ammo damage      14084  7042  6137  4939
        RATIO                0.051 0.102 0.300 0.739
    Other info:
        Average brightness             139 (0=dark, 255=bright)
        Secrets                         10
        Nukeage / sectors        60 /  774
        Triggers / linedefs     181 / 3170
        Reject resource                YES

----------------------- End WADWHAT text -----------------------

Notes: Ultra-violent with a ratio of 0.739 is similar to E2M4 and E3M6,
       but with 2.5 and 2 times the total monster hps, it is tough but
       should be doable. Especially since you get a change to get all the
       ammo and power-ups prior to running into the "big bad ass" (tm).

       Yes there are two Cyberdemons, but only in Ultra-violent. Hurt me
       plenty should still be tough for anyone who can't handle it. It's set
       up so that you can run away from them if you want. They will both be
       encountered in large open areas so you have lots of maneuvering room.

       I have yet to complete the level on Ultra-violent, but I also have
       yet to complete L3Mx in Ultra-violent...



             A L E R T   A L E R T   A L E R T

               S P O I L E R S
. [blank lines added to prevent accidental viewing]
Q: Is that thing in the yard supposed to be a semi trailer truck?
A: Yup - graphics to come...

Q: How do you get the rocket launcher and light amplification goggles (LAG)
   without cheating?
A: Head up the boxes on the north end of the east wall and _run_ across the
   gap to the south. _Run_ across the gap to the south east corner with the
   missiles (of course you already killed that imp, right?). To get the LAG
   you _run_ there from here. This will take practice, but trust me it
   CAN be done (watch the included DEMO2).

Q: Why is that one area so dark? Why doesn't it appear on the map?
A: That area is supposed to be a small bit of hell, (get the LAG just
   before going in). It's supposed to be dark and not supposed to be on the
   map, hell doesn't play fair!

Q: How do you get back from hell?
A: You have to jump into the "bottomless pit" there's another teleport down

Q: Where is the red key?
A: The red key, which gives you alpha clearance, is in the radioactive
   waste pool in the courtyard (which you teleport to from hell)

Q: Where is the yellow key?
A: The yellow key, which gives you beta clearance, is in the sewer. After
   going down the stairs in the NE corner, take the second right hallway
   and shoot the wall. A small tunnel to the sewer opens up (the door just
   to the left has a bunch of anti-radiation suits...)

Q: Where is the blue key?
A: The blue key, which gives you gamma clearance, is in a secret room in
   the armory. There isn't much wall, just keep looking for it. 

Q: How do you get out of the sewer?
A: Run down the sewer until you are opposite the yellow key, then head
   directly towards it--there is a ladder there. There is another one on
   the opposite side at the opposite end. There is a third ladder back up
   to the entry way.

Q: Where are all the secrets?
A: I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you...

Q: Where the !@#$#$ is the end switch.
A: After entering the main computer center, return to the yard and head out
   either gate.


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