Level 1: The refectory and library of my Uni. Not totally accurate but close enough. Attend a lecture with possesed shotgun guys with two (count 'e...

USQ goes to Hell! (or "Uni 'o' Deth)
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MAP01, MAP02
Title                 : USQ goes to Hell! (or "Uni 'o' Deth)
Author                : \/\/ilbur (aka Chris Willacy).
                        Doin' Info Tech. Hell drummer.
Email Address         : <email removed>

Description           : Level 1: The refectory and library of 
                        my Uni. Not totally accurate but close enough.
                        Attend a lecture with possesed shotgun
                        guys with two (count 'em) guest lecturers.
                        Get served hot food by the refectory ladies.
                        Go to media services and say g'day!
                        Return overdue library books and watch THEM
                        pay the fines! Find out what REALLY goes
                        into the burgers in the refec. Plus MORE!

                        Level 2: Resembles L,C and T blocks of my
                        uni. Go to L113 and YOU see if you can find a
                        spare computer. Um, i can't think of anything
                        else to say. This is a good deathmatch level.

Misc Game Info        : DOOM II WAD. This WAD is error free. 
                        Originally DooM 1 wads, called 
                        USQE1M1.wad USQ2.wad. Now retexturised!
                        Also level modifications have been made.
                        NEW AND IMPROVED! YAY!

                        Level 1 is a co-op level whilst level 2
                        is a deathmatch level.

Additional Credits to : Moory, no-hair par excellence. 
                        Scooby, FlatCave DooM Master.
                        Davey Dethman, Alias Spock, Dr No.
                        Geordo, Village People Fan.
                        Greggo, the feral one.
                        Mick, Simo, Phil, Jason and 
                        all the other kills.

                        ID and the Deu product guys.

* Play Information *

Mape Level #            : Map 01,02            
Single Player           : Yep.  
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes. Best with 4 players.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes. Best with 4 players.
Difficulty Settings     : Few less baddies and ammo with 
                          skill 3 than skill 4.
New Sounds              : Yes. Pain and Deth.
New Graphics            : Title pic is different. And the
                          DOS endscreen is different.
New Demos               : Yep. For ver 1.666. Basically me being
                          a tossgit.
* Construction *

Base                    : Scratcheroo.
Build Time              : A bloody long time.
Editor(s) used          : WinDeu 5.24 beta. The best editor i've found
                          to date (and i've tried most of 'em). 
                          WinTex and TED.
Known Bugs              : No bugs in this wad. Just carnage.


* Miscellaneous Debris *

    No-one had any idea the engineering department was dabbling in
the black arts. Using demon incantation passages, hidden from mankind
for centuries, the engineering department was conducting secret
experiments in mind control. Things went horribly wrong.

    With much wailing and gnashing of teeth the University of Southern
Queensland was transformed into a writhing receptacle of evil, the
rancid, steaming, black heart of the metropolis of Toowoomba. Mutations 
appeared instantly in the infected. Soon all but a few brave engineering
students and one REALLY brave information technology student were all that 
was left to combat the malign inhabits of the hellpit that was USQ.

    "Hang on", said one student. "I can build a robotic arm to combat this
stinky evil that confronts us." 

    "You eediot!", said another. "That weell never work! I shall produce
a sound cannon to destroy the hellspawn with my digital sound processing
skills. It'll be rad!"

    "Um, no.", said yet another student. "I think the best idea is for me
to capture the video image of a demon and overlay that ontop of our
head mounted target-sighting units."

    "Xiang!", said the real brains of the group. "They are all cool ideas. I
will also develop a cost accounting program with so many variables that
the feral abhorations are very confused, thus allowing us to kill them 

    The others conferred in the positive that this was the best plan. It
had come to the point where action was needed to halt the onslaught of the
possesed ghouls. With a grimace of insanity on their faces and a shell in
their shotties, they took their first tentative steps into the refectory...


    Striding victoriously from the carnage and covered in infected hellspawn
blood, the excellent four made their way towards the Baker street parking
facilities. Then, amidst the hearty slaps-on-the-backs that usually 
accompany such a triumphant victory, one of the group started to fart
violently. This was not so unusual for this student, his hisory of flatulence
well known amongst his peers. Then a strange glow emanated from his body.
    "Waaah!", said one as he grabbed for his rocketo. "He's actin' kinda wierd!"

Suddenly, the horrible truth dawned upon them all. In their quest to rid USQ
of evil, which had so far been successful, they had inherited the demonic urge
to take lives. In an ironic twist the evil had been born anew. With little
joy inside their slowly dying hearts, the four realised that to rid this world
completely of the scurge that was festering around them, they would have to 
take the lives of brethren.

    "Alright bastards!", said the smart guy and the DSP guy simultaneously. 
"Lets go!". The carnage that ensued would last for several hours
as each time a life was taken the horror would begin anew... Would it ever 

Play this wad and find out.


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

Distribute this level freely, as is, with no modifications made to the 
WAD or the TXT file you are reading.

Please notify me if you want to include these levels on a CD-Rom or 
compilation wad. Awesome Aussies!


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