/story Yes, that dreaded "S" word... Story. After saving earth twice and Jupiter once (Final Doom), you are aging. Seems

Ultra Doom (Later to be renamed)
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                       UltraDoom    For     Doom   1.9     



Title                              : Ultra Doom (Later to be renamed)
Filename                           : UD1_10.wad
Author                             : Chris Welch
Email Address                      : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info                  : 14 year old Junior in Biloxi High
                                     School. I love wad building (I know
                                     Doom is "dead". I don't care.)

Description/story                  : Yes, that dreaded "S" word... Story.

 After saving earth twice and Jupiter once (Final Doom), you are aging. Seems
the monsters gave up and settled for living in their own little world. Since
you are done rescuing the galaxy, you have started to explore ruins and have
taken up flying. As you were flying over Earth (now uninhabited), your
aircraft has some technical difficulty (stupid cutbacks on funding!). You
bail out and end up on a cliff. You walk for a mile or two and come to a
crater. You climb down and through the mist, you see a structure. Clouds are
forming and you decide to seek shelter in the marble palace.

 As you explore, you see a horribly familiar face. This appears to be a
deserted fortress made by the demons. You walk around the corner, and there
is a corpse. It has long since been dead, and gore doesn't scare you at all
now. You see a shotgun behing the corpse and you walk to get it. The corpse
rises and then you hear a sound. You rush back only to see....

Additional Credits to              : No one

*  Play Information  *

Episode and level #                : E2M1
Single Player                      : Yes (Who came up with these questions?)
Cooperative 2-4 Player             : Yes, it doesn't need it though
Deathmatch 2-4 Player              : Yes, but it's REALLY not designed for it
Difficulty Settings                : Yes
New sounds                         : Yes (Gunshot sounds)
New graphics                       : Nope (in the full episode there are)
New music                          : Nope
Demos replaced                     : No, I don't want to give away the level

* Construction *

Base                               : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used                     : DoomCad v 6.1 and Dmaud v 1.1
Known Bugs                         : Nope. I have Doom 1.9 and a 60 mhz
                                     pentium and 24 megs of RAM. I don't know
                                     how it will work on other machines

* Copyright / Permissions *

-  Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional level
-  You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no
  modifications. You may distibute this file in any electronic format as long
  as you include this file intact and Email me the creator with a review and
  your thoughts of the game.

Dated: 03-Dec-1996


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