Ultra-Doom. (Later to be renamed.)
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                    Version 1.0 For DOOM II


Title                 : Ultra-Doom. (Later to be renamed.)
File Name             : UD_10.WAD + UD_10.EXE
Email Address         : <email removed>.
Misc. Author Info     : I am Chris
Desciption            : Your name is Sgt. David Johnson. You were walking
                        into a room in a small two story building. Suddenly
                        you fall down in a chair... You wake up dazed and find
                        yourself in the same room. You look around. Nothing
                        unusual. Except, no... It can't be... growls. Strange
                        ... almost evil sounding growls. Grabbing for your
                        pistol you rush to the door. Oh, god!!!!! Hideous
                        looking monsters!! You get shot and stumble back to
                        the chair. You wake up again. Little do you know that
                        the evil Ilyimps have somehow transformed earth into
                        some kind of hell. A hell on Earth!
Additional Cretits     : Eric Gillespie Jr.
                         ID software
                         Lots of other people!

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : Well, Doom II doesn't use episodes, but it's level 1.
Single Player          : Yes, of course!
Cooperative 2-4 player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 player  : I guess, but it wasn't really made for it.
Difficulty Settings    : Yes
New sounds             : No  Maybe in later versions, though...
New Graphics           : No. Maybe in later versions, though...
New Music              : No. Maybe in later versions, though...
Demos replaced         : None.  Maybe in later versions, though...

* Construction *

Base                   : Completely from scratch.
Editors Used           : DoomCAD 6.1, WinTEX, Dehacked v3.0a, Dmaud + Dmmusic
Known Bugs             : I don't KNOW of any, but there could be. Tell me!

                          Burn 32 cents by writing me at:  
                          Chris Welch 
                          Attn : Ultra-Doom (The version number[1.0, etc...])
                          2166 Baywood Drive
                          Biloxi, MS

* Copyright / Permissions *

 Authors may NOT use this wad or any part of this wad in any way, shape, or
manner to do anything at all with it (except distrubution) unless-

  1. You have EXPRESS permission from me. (Not too likely!)
  2. You use this wad or any part of this wad to use as an educational
    tool to teach others to construct or edit Doom or Doom 2. (An example is
    The Tricks of the DOOM Gurus, a book I REALLY recommend you get. It
    taught me to do this!)

 However, you may distribute this wad, provided you include this file, with
no modifications what so ever to it. It can be distributed only in electronic
format. As long as this file is intact. (I'm a real pain in the butt, huh?)

* Where to get this wad *

BBS Numbers: 601-436-0637
Mail       : Above address or call 601-388-8403 or 601-385-2388
             Send me a disk or $1 and I'll give it to you.

 Okay. I know this wad is probably not to good. I'll admit it's small. But,
It took time to make. I worked pretty hard. It is the shareware part of a
32 level WAD available probably in March or April 1997!


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