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Uzis from dtcog13 is a PWAD playable on DOOM

Uzis from dtcog13
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Please put this in the Combos Directory. Thank You.===========================================================================Title                   : Uzis from dtcog13Filename                : DT-UZI.ZIPDate Finished           : June 1999Developer               : Don TelloEmail Address           : <email removed>                          Other Releases          : uh-huhMisc. Developer Info    : I need a good rum buzz right nowDescription             : These are the re-done, improved uzis that I will                          be using later on. They're the same ones as in                          dtcog12, but are sharper, more colorful, and I                          adjusted the offsets a little. Also, if you tried                          to look at dtcog's .deh file, it was a mess. This                          one is much easier to understand.                          Also, I got rid of the shell bounce in the gun                          noise, and made the single uzi much less accurate.                          Ammo per clip is doubled as well.                          Oh, right... replaces pistol and chaingun.Additional Credits to   : id Software                          3drealms (original creators of the art I hacked)                          All the authors of my favorite editing programs                          Anyone else who I forgot to mention                                ===========================================================================* Play Information *Required Engine         : You'll want one w/crosshair, any will do.New Graphics            : 12 spritesNew Patch               : Oh yes.New Sounds              : 1 soundUse                     : Doom3 -file dt-uzi.* (for legacy)   * Construction *Base                    : Really old art I pulled out of Shadow Warrior a                          long time ago.Build Time              : 3 minutesEditor(s) used          : Deutex, Dehacked, NWT, PSP 3.0Known Bugs              : NopeMay Not Run With...     : ???* Copyright \ Permission *   Just throw some credit around if you use these.* Where to get this WAD *FTP sites.* Other Comments *   A REALLY BORING STORY YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ.   A year or so ago, I played Shadow Warrior at a friend's house. I really   enjoyed the look of the weapons, especially the uzis. Later on, I got   to thinking that I really would like to see some decent uzis in DooM.   My friend couldn't get the Shadow Warrior art editor to work, so I was   stuck dreaming.    It was then that I figured I'd forget about it.   I bought Duke Nukem 3d a little while later. Quickly bored of Duke's   weapons, I cruised the cons and art directories at cdrom.com, and came   upon an art file which featured, yes, a Shadow Warrior uzi! I DL'd it,   and looked for a good art editing program (since editart didn't work   for Duke3d as well). I found one, extracted the art I wanted, and was   happy as ever! I fixed the pallette, and they looked perfect in DooM!    It wasn't until just after I uploaded dtcog12.zip that I realised how   pale and unconvincing the uzi sprites looked. By this time I had purchased   a copy of Shadow Warrior Registered, and I noticed just how much better   they looked in their original game. I still could not get editart to    work, and if I viewed SW's groupfile with a Duke3d editor (artview3) the   pallette would look super-fucked. However, If you use this method to   extract SW art, you can usually salvage it by turning it into a negative   image in Paint Shop Pro.   Anyway, I ended up taking numerous screenshots of the SW uzis, in various    stages of animation, then filtering out the part of the screen I didn't   want (the best way to do this is to be facing a wall up close). After   applying DooM's pallette, The sprites still looked a lot better than my   old ones. After some cutting and pasting and some manual pixel-by-pixel   touchups, Here they are. I hope you find them better than before.   You should notice that the metal looks darker and shinier, the reflection   of the muzzle flash on the body of the gun is yellower, and the muzzle   flash itself is more yellow-orange.    I'm not sure, but there might be some green in  the muzzle flash. I can't   be sure, since I'm red-green color-blind. For example, in the Legacy TC   'Twilight Warrior', the muzzle flash of the OICW rifle looks green as hell.   I asked my dad and he told me there was no green whatsoever. So....   Anyway, what the hell are you doing still reading my inane ramblings for?   Get playing and make those Imps eat 9mm death!!=============================================================================Don Tello, June 16 1999
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