Vengeance: SkyBase Sirius IV

Vengeance: SkyBase Sirius IV is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on BOOM

Vengeance: SkyBase Sirius IV
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Like dude you need that one BOOM engine to play this.
Get it at HTTP://WWW.TEAMTNT.COM if you don't already have it!
You also need the very recent and upto date game called DoomII.
Title                    : Vengeance: SkyBase Sirius IV
   You can just call it "Sirius IV"
Authors                  : Paul Fleschute
Email Address            : <email removed>
Homepage                 :
Discription              : One new level.  A project like this is
                           extremely rare for me.  I usually get involved
                           in projects that have at least 32 levels.
                           In fact, this is only my second one level wad.

                           This level is the start of a possible series that 
   that follows the Vengeance storyline.  
                   If it continues, I may use a DoomII version
   of the Vengeance texture wad.
Additional Credits       : id Software, TeamTNT, Chris Fleschute
Misc.                    : Made by a TeamTNT member.
Other Projects           : Ultimate Invasion, Return
                           UAC HeadQuarters, Paradox
                           Doom 2000.

                           Four of these projects seem
                           like they'll never get finished.


* Story *

After the Kalien's attempts to destroy the two human bases on Praxis
(in thier quest for vengeance) failed, the corrupt aliens found away
to manipulate the interdimensional portals, that they had learned to control,
to allow travel accross the distances of time, and other
dimensions.  It had been ten years since
the Praxis Incident and the war, but the Kaliens still wanted to win the war
they had so miserably lost.  The task was simple, travel through a
time portal and invade the humans in the past.

The year the Kaliens had chosen to go back to was 2091.  Five years before
the Praxis Incident.  This was when mankind was suffering heavy casualties
from the war and at its most vulnerable position.  When they walked through
the portal they were expecting to end up on the Praxis that the humans
occupied.  From there, they'd head to Earth.  But they didn't end up there.
They ended up on SkyBase Sirius IV, a base set up for research, waste management,
and transport.  The base is actually floating in the atmosphere of the gas planet
Sirius IV.  

The Kaliens didn't let this minor set back stop them, and continued as planned.
The kept the monsters from the evil dimension coming in, and they left in a shuttle craft to
head to Earth.  This minor accident was actually an advantage, because
Sirus IV was closer to Earth than Praxis.

There plan for Earth was to open another gateway and send hoards of evil
monsters in to destroy its civilization.  Earth was vulnerable,
for it had lost many of its soldiers in the war, and many were away fighting.  

You're mission: Clean out the base, get to the shuttle bay and launch out of
there to find the other shuttle craft.


* Play Information *

Level #                  : MAP01
Single Player            : Yup
Cooperative 2-4 Player   : Nope 
Deathmatch 2-4 Player    : Nope
Difficulty Settings      : Yup
New Sounds               : Nope
New music                : Yup.  From Final Doom.
New Graphx               : Yup.  New original sky and some neato pipe textures
                           from Paradox and Invasion 2 and whatever other
                           projects they happen to be in.
Demos Replaced           : I didn't feel like it.  It's only one level.

* Construction *

Base                     : One new level.  
Build Time               : Years and years and years, ok maybe about a week.
Editor(s) used           : DETH v4.xy, Patcher, Wintex, BSP, NodeBuild.
                         : Paint Shop Pro. 
Known Bugs               : Hmm.
File Included:           : somethin.wad somethin.txt somethin.bat

I'm thinking about turning this into a series.  Oo.  Won't that be
exciting?  The next one will take place on a starship invaded by..
hell!  And it will be two levels!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Whatever.  Credit is all I ask.  No credit, I will make sure several
hundred, make that thousand, cyberdemons come to visit your house.
MUAHAHAHAHA.  And what lone space marine will save YOU!?  MUAHAHAHA



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