Verada (AKA, Please Consider)
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Title                   : Verada (AKA, Please Consider)
Filename                : verada.wad
Author                  : Paul Corfiatis 
Email Address           : <email removed> (Comments, Questions, Demo's etc.)

Author Info             : Member of Team Insanity, 
  63 years old, no I'm lying. I'm 17.
  1 very hard level for Doom2. Also a very nice starbase level.
  I can't beat it on UV myself. I made this level because people complained
  that some levels in PE4M_ALL were too easy.

  In this level, I've put most of the monsters behind hidden doors so 
  at one time its quiet while the other time it is full of hell-spawn

  Sort of reminds me of final DOOM's story (Evilution)

  And If you can find the secrets its much easier.
                          id software quallity, episode 1 ish. Night Time base.

          If its too hard, try an easier level. I'm not a pro at DOOM.

To play from DOS put
verada.wad in /DOOM2 dir
and start the game like
this: DOOM2 -file verada.wad

Coming in the future    : T H E   T W I L I G H T   Z O N E   II (For Doom2)
  32 more levels in a Doom/Heretic/Hexen Sequel TC, 
  All new music written by me
  More Sounds, enemies, etc. Includes a .DEH for BOOM users. Non BOOM
  users need to email me for the modified .exe 

  And many more seperate levels like Verada. Names which intrest me
  for future, MAGNA, SIGMA, OVLOV, CONGO and more. 

                          Out on
  DOOM: The Twilight Zone (32 New classic original style levels)
  ULTIMATE DOOM: Death Tormention

Additional Credits to   : id, Matt Tagliaferri (Doomcad) and all those guys who made these levels
                          to be possible.
          Simon Varzseghy (sz or zs) and Jani Saska, good comments.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes 
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : no 
New Graphics            : Yes, 
New Music               : Yes, good sound card reccommended if going to be used in Doom95
  or BOOM.
Demos Replaced          : no

NOTE: I reccomend a very good sound card for the music If you're going to be playing with Doom95
like a Roland SCC1 or any other top of the range sound card. This makes the music sound CD
Quallity. I recorded all my music using a top of the range sound card.

                             * Construction *

Base                    : New levels from Scratch
Editor(s) used          : Doomcad 6.1, Deth 4.19, BSP 2.3, BSP 3.0, Wintex 4.1
Known Bugs              : Yes, An Arch-Vile can make you jump out a window in the
  silver switch area and you can get stuck out there in the
  darkness. So kill him fast. But thats a secret area and 
                          simply find the rocket Launcher to kill yourself.
  There are no other bugs in this level. Plus that Arch-Vile
  is on UV only. 

Level info

Level   Original wad name         Finished          RatingStyleDifficulty (UV)

1verada.wad          Janurary 99       9/10        Brown/metal     Very Hard!

                           * Copyrights, ect.*

Authors may not use these levels as a base to build addiotinal levels. You can distribute it
to your freinds on a cd-rom or floppy disk. Floppy download is also fine. You can also modify
this level for your personal use but CANT release a modified version without my permission.

Where to get this wad from

P.S, Can Yonathan (Donner) get through this?

P.S.S. Imagine how Embarrased Malcolm (Sailor) will be!


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