Von Helsings Mansion
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MANSION2.WAD  -  Von Helsing's Mansion (version 2)
A castle level for Doom II featuring lots of new graphics, sounds,
furniture sprites, and 4 new weapons - machine gun, crossbow, flame
thrower, and a deadly magical spell.

This is a LEGALIZED version of MANSION.ZIP.  The original version
weighed-in at a massive 5.0 MB, and was full of sprite graphics and
all the floor/ceiling textures from doom2.wad, which of course are
copyrighted by id Software.  This 'legalized' update has had the
illegal Doom2 resources removed and is only 810 KB uncompressed.

Original author :  Kevin L. Roels
Version 2 Update:  Sparky of KISS Software   <email removed>

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software
- combined the 3 wad files (map, graphics & sounds) into a single wad,
  sorted the resources, and removed a significant amount of wasted
  space in the original wads.
- deleted all the illegal Doom2 graphics (sprites and flats), reducing
  the size of the wad from 5.0 MB to only 810 KB !!!
- fixed the offset of the m_ngame menu graphic
- fixed the offsets of several of the sprite graphics
- added the missing 'large cell pack' (scrolls) from "The Quest for
  Necronomicon" ( by Pasi Nikkanen, Olli Maksimainen &
  Mikko Korpelainen.
- fixed the faulty 'Magic Spell' (BFG) animation sequence (the original
  in "The Quest for Necronomicon" used a DeHackEd patch).
- rotated the missile (crossbow bolt) sprites because even in the
  original "The Quest for Necronomicon" the arrows flew backwards
  through the air!


Use with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II

To play MANSION2.WAD with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II you need to:

a) patch mansion2.wad with the extra sprites from doom2.wad.
   Use a program such as DeuSF, DeuTex, WinTex, NWT, etc.
   For example:   deusf -as mansion2.wad

   This will increase the size of mansion2.wad from 810KB to over 4.2MB!
   Obviously, you are not permitted to distribute this patched wad.

b) To play the game in single-player mode:   doom2 -file mansion2.wad
   To play a multiplayer game, run DeathManager (dm.exe), press F3 to
      load a WAD, and select your patched mansion2.wad


Use with a Doom Source Port

A much better option is to use a Source Port which can import wads
containing sprite graphics; such as: Boom, PrBoom, MBF, SMMU, PrjDoom,
ZDoom, Legacy, Edge, Vavoom, JDoom, SkullTag, DoomBot, etc.

Patching of the wad is not necessary with these Source Ports, so just
load mansion2.wad as-is.  Different ports use different commands (see
your port's documentation) but the following simple example will get a
single-player game going with most of the above mentioned ports:
   boom -file mansion2

Note, mansion2.wad has not been tested with all of these ports, so if
you find a problem, just try a different source port.


Additional Credit:

The author thanked "Laura Beyer and company for some graphics" but
there were lots of other borrowed resources which were not acknowledged.

By far the greatest omission was the huge amount of stuff 'borrowed'
from the "The Quest for Necronomicon" ( by Pasi Nikkanen,
Olli Maksimainen & Mikko Korpelainen. This includes: the status bar,
the intermission screen, two of the new weapons (crossbow and spell),
icons and ammo for these two weapons, the chicken drumstick, the keys,
the barrels, the Finish flag, and the chandeleire.

The author also failed to thank id Software for the sprite graphics he
'borrowed' from the game Wolfenstein 3D: the table, bed, stove, basin,
well, pot plant, suit of armour, table & chairs, and the pots & pans.

Other borrowed resources I recognise are:
   flame thrower - from the Aliens TC by Justin Fisher
   Daffy Duck screaming sound - Warner Brothers
   machine gun - from the game Dark Forces by Lucas Arts

I think Laura Beyer made the book shelves, fireplace and flame sprites.

I don't know where the author got the following resources from:
modified player death sequence, lamp shade, candle, snooker stuff.

Note also that on the endoom screen the author thanks "Scott Tingley
and Wesley Leong for Death Weapons", but there's actually nothing in
mansion2.wad from


Known bugs:

- when used with an OpenGL port (JDoom, glLegacy, ZDoomGL, etc.) some
  of the sprites are incorrectly lit - for example, the table from
  Wolfenstein 3D replaces the light source colua0.

The original text file follows:


               Von Helsings Mansion: Original Pwad for DOOMII
Title                   : Von Helsings Mansion
Filename(s)             : KR-1.wad (snd) KR-2.wad (grfx) KR-3.wad (mansion)
Author                  : Kevin L. Roels
Email Address           : Prodigy: JEMS51a
Misc. Author Info       : I have made 4 other wads... if you'd like to get 
                          them or know what they are, just use my MANSION
                          BAT file to load DOOM II with the wad, then quit 
                          out of the game... and read the screen!
                          I created this Mansion wad becuase I like old 
                          houses.  They provide great areas... (Visually and 
                          otherwise).  They also have incredibly awesome 
                          secrets, hopefully you'll agree that this level has 

Your Mission : 

First off, the story begins in the year 1839, in London... 
Westminster to be exact... Alfred Von Helsing was a very respected
Doctor who specialized in the extinction of Vampires. 

Your Great Grandfather Alfred Von Helsing left you his Mansion...

Well, let me explain... Alfred Von Helsing had a beautful daughter, 
but, she was mentally unstable... so he built this Mansion for her to live 
in, and when she died... he vowed to make every Von Helsing relative stay in 
this Mansion... 

So he wrote this into his will, but he died 2 months after he wrote it, 
and left it hiding in a secret place, where no one could find it... 

Years and years went by... then finally a woman in her 50's claimed to 
be the daughter of Alfred Von Helsings first Daughter.  She carried the 
name Von Helsing, but had no other proof besides that...

Well except for you!  She is your mother.  The police officals looked over 
both you and your mothers records, very cautiously... then they found 
dramatic proof they you were indeed Alfred Von Helsings Great Grandson!

...what proof did the police find?  They found Alfred Von Helsings will... 
It was discovered while searching the was brown, book like... 
and had a peace symbol on you and your mother were granted possession
of the VON HELSING MANSION.  Unfortunately, your mother became ill, and 
perished in her sleep... 

Now you live in the Von Helsing Mansion all by yourself...

Everyone in town heard of this tragic tale, and knowing you are the soul heir 
to the Von Helsing Mansion, many people are trying to take your life, and the 
women are trying to marry into the Von Helsing riches! 

You have to stop them!  Yes you...
Already some grotesque people have invaded the Mansion, while you were away.
Now you must use your knowledge of the Mansion to defeat the evil that lurks 

Good Luck!

Additional Information: 

1. Why does this look like a Castle from the outside?

Well, because Alfred Von Helsing purchased King Henry the II's castle, 
after the King had had passed away... not wanting a Castle, but liking the 
outside, he decided to keep the outside they way it was, while completely 
reconstructing the inside.  He created his dream Mansion with many secret 
doors and hallways...

2. Why is the bridge across the moat broken?

Well you may think that was a dastardly move on my part... but in all reality,
the bridge was in great condition until the invasion of the Mansion.
The giant spiders who walk the moat destroyed it so they could move from one
cave to another.

Additional Credits to   : All of the Authors of DEU and BSP.

Have problems or question write to Kevin Roels on the K2 bbs,
or to Jems51a on Prodigy... thanks for your time and effort in
downloading this wad.

Special thanks to:  (thanks for helping me playtest it in a four man game!)
K2 handle:                Name:

Hat Trick                 Ralph Evans
Killer                    Ramon Nieves
T Rex                     Brant Knutzen

We played a 4 player game and seemed to always have constant action;
even a 2 player game had good action, so this should be playable for 
all Modes of play!!!  

..and Laura Beyer and company for some graphics... and any other people
who feel they deserve credit.


*  Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes! Some great sounds add to this great WAD
New Graphics            : Yes! This WAD wouldn't be what it is without them
New Music               : 
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch.
Build Time              : About 10 hours, 2 of them getting and storing the GRFX
Editor used             : (DOOMII version of Deu52)
Known Bugs              : None
* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.
But please DON'T ALTER this wad, then re-release it to a BBS... 
You can upload this ANYWHERE as long as the wads have not been altered...

Sorry, but of the wads I have created, this is my favorite, and I would like
it to stay in its original form.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

BBS numbers: 

K2 BBS (Mutli-Player DOOM and DOOMII BBs) : (714) 838-8100     

NOTE : you'll need Sirdoom to play doom over the bbs, but you
can call in and download it from K2


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