Vrack 2

This is a giant space station in the gray and tech theme. It is crumbling with hellspawn and filled with deadly traps. This is a little more like I...

Vrack 2
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         \        /   _   \       \       ___|    |    /     _____ \  (C)
          \      /   |    |      / \     /        |   /             |
           \    /    |  (       /   \   |          _ (       _____ /
            \  /      _  \      ____ \  |         |   \     (
             _/     _|   _\  _/      _\  \___|  __|   _\     ______|

                               --+ VRACK 2 +--

                              The second battle

                            File and author info

                    TITLE : Vrack 2
                 FILENAME : vrack2.zip
                            Contains: vrack2.wad and vrack2.txt
                  VERSION : 1.0
             RELEASE DATE : 3/24/2001
                   AUTHOR : Fredrik Johansson
          EMAIL ADDRESSES : <email removed> or <email removed>
          ON THE INTERNET : www.newdoom.com/fredrik/
                            Fan sites welcome :)
        MISC. AUTHOR INFO : Swedish Doomer.
                            15 Years old.
                            * PAIN (Not released)
                            * Doom 3057 (Not released)
                            * and more...
       ADDITIONAL CREDITS : * Adam Williamson, who tested... tested...
                              dammit, I wonder if he didn't spend more
                              time testing than I did building.
                            * Arioch, for generously testing, suggesting
                              and commenting, plus webcasting it and, of
                              course, promoting it on Doomworld.
                            * Chrozoron, who tested, tested, tested,
                              tested some more and finally tested it
                              again, and also gave me a lot of
                              comments, ideas and suggestions.
                            * Tarin, who tested, tested, complained,
                              complained and further - complained.
                              At least it was constructive.
                            * Wim Vanrie, testing and testing and, umm,
                              telling me how perfect the design was :)

                            * ... and everybody else who tested it :P
                              I should quit doing those mass-DCC:s.
                              Kissing my ass seems to work far too good.

                            * id Software for Doom
                            * TeamTNT for Boom
                            * SBSoftware for DeepSea
                            * Creator of WinTex
                            * Randy Heit for ZDoom
                            * Whoever composed the music
                            * Newdoom.com for hosting & stuff
                            * Doomworld for being a great news site

                            * All you who told me how amazing you thought
                              the screenshots looked. Without the great
                              interest in this project, I would maybe have
                              given up! :)

                            * You who download it and play it!


              DESCRIPTION : This is a giant space station in the gray and
                            tech theme. It is crumbling with hellspawn and
                            filled with deadly traps.
                            This is a little more like I wanted to have the
                            original Vrack. More detail, more metal, more big
                            enemies, less linear. I have spent a LOT of time
                            with this level, so I hope it gets better than
                            its precursor.
                            But it was a very hard mission. Vrack was believed
                            by many to be one of the best levels ever created.
                            In most aspects, I think Vrack 2 improves over
                            Vrack. But there are some things, such as the caco
                            intro in Vrack, that in my opinion were perfect -
                            and really hard to substitute :| ...
                            Still, I hope you will find this level enjoyable!

                    STORY : This level takes action a few minutes after the
                            chaotic exit of the first Vrack level. You have
                            now arrived with the evacuation shuttle to the
                            second base of the UAC's V.r.a.c.k space station
                            system somewhere in space. The mission is to
                            clean out the base and exit alive! Mewse is still
                            there to get you if you fail! Well, seriously, I
                            wonder who actually plays Doom levels for the

                            Play info

                            First of all, I would like to point out a few
                            things. PLEASE read all these notes and consider
                            * Vrack 2 is Boom-only and will ONLY run with
                              Boom 2.02 or a compatible port (Zdoom, MBF etc)
                            * Several Boom features are used, for example
                              the new locked doors. This means that a red
                              SKULL key will NOT open a red CARD door (and
                              vice versa.)
                            * This level is very big and very detailed.
                              Speed could be a problem. It runs fine on my
                              PII/300 (playing with Boom). Zdoom works fine,
                              and Zdoom 1.23 seems to be more stable than
                              1.22. MBF is recommended for demo recording.
                            * Please use brightness level zero (1.0). There
                              are some dark areas, but for the aesthetics,
                              don't use too high brightness level. It sucks.
                              Playing with high brightness may also reveal
                              a few visual bugs (that I actually can't fix.)
                            * If you get lost in the map, don't cheat. Never
                              cheat by the way, it's lame - look at me for
                              example :P. If you get lost, try to use the
                              automap. If still no progress, watch a demo
                              of it. I don't know why I wrote this, because
                              I never get lost myself and neither should you.
                            * Vrack 2 will NOT run correctly with Legacy.
                              You will get stuck at a point. Sorry :|

                    MAP # : Map01
           SINGLE PLAYER? : Yes, definitely. Are you slow or what?
  COOPERATIVE 2-8 PLAYERS : Yes. Eight starts are in the map. I don't expect
                            someone to actually try, but this could be an
                            interesting coop level. Maybe.
   DEATHMATCH 2-8 PLAYERS : No, it's WAY too big to even make a chase & hunt
                            level. I've thought about a Vrack DM, stay tuned.
      DIFFICULTY SETTINGS : Yes, of course :)
               NEW SOUNDS : No
                NEW MUSIC : Yes, from Descent
             NEW GRAPHICS : Maybe? :P
           DEMOS REPLACED : None
       SOURCE PORT NEEDED : Anything compatible with Boom, but not Legacy.
                            Read the notes above.


                     BASE : Yes, of course it's a base. (j/k :) planned and
                            built from scratch. A few sectors copied from
                            Vrack, but it's all original.
              INSPIRATION : Not any direct sources, but probably indirectly.
                            Maybe Dark Forces?
               BUILD TIME : I checked and found that the file was created
                            December 13, 2000. That means a build time of
                            3 months. That makes an average of 200
                            sidedefs/day! In hours, it couldn't be more than
                            200 or so, I _have_ been doing other stuff during
                            this period (though the nights by the computer
                            got late sometimes ;)
              LEVEL STATS : Dammit, over 21000 sidedefs and 700 monsters!
             EDITORS USED : * DeepSea by SBSoftware. This is really a great
                              editor which I strongly recommend. It gets
                              terribly slow with big maps, but you won't notice
                              before 8000 sidedefs :)
                            * WinTex for WAD stuff

                            I didn't remove the wasted textures from the WAD.
                            I'm just too lazy, and it doesn't really matter
                            since the map itself is several times bigger :)

               KNOWN BUGS : Yes :(
                            Most of the bugs are concerning the skies. Weird
                            stuff happens. Just don't go for finding the bugs.
                            Note that you get stuck with Legacy at a point.

                            It is possible that I release an updated version
                            to fix eventual disasters.


Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
You may however use the textures in any way that you wish to.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

Where to get this WAD:

My site, www.newdoom.com/fredrik

Ftp, ftp.cdrom.com or any of its mirrors (?)


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