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You've recently been sent to work as a temp in a wharehouse. The address is a bit strange... Its in Hell! You discover that a new shipment of demon...

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Title            : Whare15.wad 
Author                  : Mike McGrath
Email                   : <email removed>
Info                    : Bored...really bored....

Description             : You've recently been sent to work as a temp
                          in a wharehouse.  The address is a bit strange...
                          Its in Hell!  You discover that a new shipment
                          of demon-spawn has just arrived, you decide to
                          take it upon yourself to make sure they never
                          leave the trailer alive....improvise.

Credits                 : ID, authors of DEU, BSP, and Reject

*   Play Info   *

Episode replaced:  e1m5
Single player   :  Of course
Co-op           :  Yep
Deathmatch      :  Oh, yeah
Difficulties    :  All difficulties supported
New sounds      :  no
New graphics    :  I would have liked to, maybe in the future

*   Build info   *

Base    :  New level from scratch
Editors :  Deu, BSP, Reject
Time    :  ~25 hours, give or take 20
Bugs    :  None that I know of...Sometimes the textures look a bit monotonous
           and boring, however I've never tried making my own....

*   misc info   *

This is actually a wharehouse where I worked as a temp last week...well, there
weren't as many undead soldiers with guns and I couldn't find the red key....
There are two main rooms and two "death-machines." (I'm proud of those)  The
first one is actually setup where the carpet-rolling machine was that I worked
with, but I'm sure you care.  I haven't really tested it with multiplayer
since 1.5 is the only version fast enough to use with a null-modem connection
and it won't load external files in the shareware version...oh, well.  It
should be fun though, with pleanty of dark nooks and crannies and open spaces
to hide, dodge, or cower in.  Check out the boss's office...he's checkin'
over a bit of damaged shipment.  There's no gratuitous use of powerfull baddies
and enough health to keep you kicking if you're carefull.  

This is #5 in a whole episode I hope to create by the end of summer...I've
released #3 already ( Stay Frosty) I'd like to hear any comments 
and or suggestions on either of the two levels....

*   rights and privilages   *

Authors may NOT use this as a base to create new levels (It's mine and
you can't have it!)  You can do anything else with it as long is this file
is included and/or I'm mentioned somewhere.  Any problems occuring from the
use of this wad (mental trauma, water on the knee, rectal itch, ear mites) are
yours and yours alone, I don't wanna hear about it.  

But seriously...enjoy the wad 'cause I had fun making it.

*   where to find   *

My hard drive
In OJ's backyard next to the bloody glove
In the finest restaurants of northern Greenland



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