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WolfenDOOM: The Original Missions v1.5
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Title: WolfenDOOM: The Original Missions v1.5
Date: 29/11/1998
Note: This document is best viewed in DOS Editor (EDIT.COM)

This is an upgrade for the ORIGINAL.EXE released with The Original Missions
by Laz Rojas. Its is based on the Boom engine by TeamTNT. If you do not
already have it, I recommend you download it by visiting The archive includes documentation and support
utilities which, while not necessary, can be useful in some cases.

Here is the list of new features and bug fixes:

- Both WADs and the DEH are loaded automatically
- Episodes end correctly (error in the original ORIGINAL.DEH)
- New startup and end screens (minor change, nothing major)
- Old title music restored
- Episode selection menu implemented (removes the need for batch files)
- BJ no longer screams in pain as he leaps for joy in the "cast list" :)
- New screen border
- Reads unique savegame and configuration files
- Menu entry graphics are now all in the correct font
- Original Wolfenstein par times restored
- General optimisations, removal of unnecessary code
- Tenth level title graphics no longer display at the end of the episode
- No more glow in the dark bones :) Anybody who saw the secret room of E3M1
  in the old version will know what I mean

Known Problems
James Haley of Team Eternity has told me that for some reason the new 320x200
intermissions cause the game to crash under Windows 98, and Laz says that it
crashes his machine too (a Mac running Virtual PC). It runs fine for me (I use
Windows 95) and I have not heard any other complaints, so I am assuming the
problem is unique to those systems.

The function in question calls upon an everyday Doom routine that is used
every other time a 320x200 graphic is drawn in Doom. So why it would happen
just this time is completely beyond me. If I ever figure out why it is, I
will update the EXE once more.

This game is, as it was from the start, single-player only. Several people
have mailed me asking how to play it in multi-player mode, but the fact is it
can not be done. Laz did not put the start points in, and we do not have any
player graphics. Hopefully, I will fix this problem with Wolfenstein: The

For some reason, pressing escape when you are in one of the Boom setup menus
(eg: Options|Setup|Key Bindings) when you're not running a game causes a
Segmentation Violation. I have no idea why this would be. Just use backspace

How to Install
Unzip this archive to the same directory where you have got the old release,
confirming to overwrite the old ORIGINAL.DEH and ORIGINAL.EXE. Get rid of the
batch files and then you're ready to go.

As always, questions, comments and bug reports are welcome at <email removed>

Joel D. Murdoch
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