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Simply a boring little escapade into the wild world of trying to make DOOM ][ a bit more bearable after you've played it way too many times. Where ...

Yet Another DOOM Sound PWAD (for DOOM ][)
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General Information

        PWAD Title : Yet Another DOOM Sound PWAD (for DOOM ][)

       Description : Simply a boring little escapade into the wild world of
                     trying to make DOOM ][ a bit more bearable after you've
                     played it way too many times. Where the hell is Heretic?
                     Most of you should just stop reading this and go try it.
                     (If you're really intensly afflicted by DOOM, you might
                     want to check out the rest of this, as there are details
                     on every little thing that was done to make this PWAD.)

Author Information

            Author : Kenneth S. Forte (<email removed>)

   Additional Info : Just another DOOM addict with no job and very little
                     semblance of a life, leaving him with the time to do
                     dumb things, like making PWADS.

      Dedicated to : My girlfriend, who puts up with my incessant DOOMing.
                     (Oh yeah, she keeps food on the table and a roof over
                     our heads too, because I'm a jobless fuck. Oh no! now
                     you all know that we're LIVING IN SIN!!!)

Additional Credits

       Programmers : Bill Neisius, author of DMAUD, who will surely NOT
                     get flaming pissed when he learns that I hacked DMAUD
                     so I could patch DOOM ][ sounds, because he's such a
                     cool individual (I hope).

                     The authors of Blaster Master v5.95 and Noise Master
                     v2.0, who will understand that the second someone
                     sends me money for making this PWAD, I'll register
                     their fine (although buggy) programs.

     Normal People : Justin Powell and Rich Condon, for supplying some of
                     the samples which were used, and for helping me to
                     "test" the PWAD. (Often heard: "You can't seriously
                     be putting that in!?!?)

                     Around half of the samples that were used probably
                     came from the many DOOM sound PWADS that are already
                     in existence, so many thanks to the authors of the
                     following sound PWADS:

                        ANIME       AODDOOM     AWSDM1-2    DM_COOL
                        EVILDEAD    KICKASS     MYDOOM10    NEWSND
                        PREDATOR    REALDM-1    T2          UDOOMSFX

                     Around half of the samples that were used came from
                     other commercial games. All of the games from which
                     samples were ripped shared at least one sample that
                     can be found in the original DOOM and DOOM ][ sounds,
                     meaning that either Id also stole them or that they
                     were stolen from Id. Whatever the case may be, I
                     would still like to express my thanks to whoever
                     created sounds for the following games:

                        Star Trek: Judgement Rites      Dark Legions

  Disturbed People : Everyone has to mention Id in the additional credits
                     section, its a new law.

                     There's probably some people out there that hate when
                     other people type "DOOM ][". (As if it could be played
                     on an Apple ][.) Relax. Get out more. Have a drink.

Totally Useless Information

          Replaces : Its a sound PWAD, it replaces SOUNDS. (Duh!)

        Build Time : Around a week, give or take a month. (Unless you count
                     all the work that everyone put into it, including all
                     the Movies and Games and TV shows that these samples
                     originally came from. Then we're probably talking
                     several thouasand man-hours. Scary, isn't it?)

      Gory Details : What lies below is a dark trip into the thinking that
                     led to every single sound in this PWAD. You may not
                     want to go in here, its a very evil place:


                     Pistol: Replaced with something just a bit less like a
                      pop-gun, even though in DOOM a pistol might as well BE
                      a pop-gun.

                     Shotgun: Not toyed with. If you change it to be more
                      "kick-ass", then the seargants also wind up having
                      the "kick-ass" version, and it sounds stupid.

                     Super Shotgun: Originally, I had added what can best be
                      described as a "blowing smoke from the barrel" sample.
                      This, however, caused a revolt, and was removed.

                     Chaingun: See Pistol. I still want to know what ID did
                      to get the Chaingun toted by the "Heavy Weapons Dude"
                      to sound different from the wimpy one that we get.
                      I can't find a seperate entry for it in the IWAD.

                     Rocket Launcher: Added some "Omph" to both the launching
                      and the exploding sounds. The Cyber-demon benefits from
                      this as well.

                     Plasma Gun: After much annoying trial and error, I was
                      able to mix one of the several repeating Hi-Tech style
                      samples with a regular old "Laser" type sample. The
                      Baby Spider Demons benefit greatly from this as well.

                     BFG: Long story. Someone out there had a sample for this
                      that had 3 bleeps and then a huge flanging type sound.
                      (I believe it was taken from "Predator".) This gave me
                      the idea of adding an energy build-up sound prior to
                      the three bleeps, and with a little bit of timing work,
                      the bleeps became a warning as to when the slow-assed
                      thing was finally going to fire. I also found something
                      a little more "electrifying" for the BFG hit.

                     Chainsaw: This still haunts me. Looped samples are very
                      hard to do properly, and I'm still not happy with the
                      Chainsaw Full and Chainsaw Chewing samples. If someone
                      manages to do better at this (and I hope someone does)
                      please E-mail me so that I might get the samples from
                      you, and thereby put an end to the horrible nightmares
                      I've been having.

                     Fist: Most people are confused by this one. The grunt
                      that you hear is you, not the thing that you hit. I
                      don't know how many of you have ever really hauled
                      off and hit something with your fist, but it really
                      fucking hurts.

                     (My apologies, but these are "our" nicknames for these
                     monsters, and I don't feel like running DOOM and then
                     clipping in to pound on Romero's face just to get the
                     actual names. You should be able to figure them out.
                     BTW: "Ambient" refers to the sound that the monster
                     makes when it's just walking around looking for you.)

                     Pistol Wimp: They can Talk! I could no longer take the
                      wishy-washy "Well, you're killing human beings, but
                      they're posessed, so they'll only grunt and growl"
                      mentality, so they actually say things now. The ambient
                      noise is from Aliens, so just pretend you have one of
                      those proximity detectors in your pocket. They also
                      die a bit more like humans now.

                     Shotgun Guy: See Pistol Wimp. Left the shotgun alone
                      so it wouldn't sound like everyone had a nasty one.

                     Chaingun Dude: See Pistol Wimp. Someone please tell
                      me why his chaingun sounds different than mine?!?!

                     Fatboy: I refuse to believe that this monster is not
                      just a human being in some advanced state of demonic
                      posession. Therefore he also talks to you, albeit with
                      a much diminished vocabulary. I added a small rush of
                      compressed gas and some mechanical sounds prior to him
                      firing at you, and got some, well, just simply better
                      pain and death sounds. Of all the monsters that were
                      new to DOOM ][, this one had to have the absolute worst
                      samples, and I wouldn't be surprised if Id got a little
                      desperate and went rummaging through Apogee's trash to
                      find them.

                     Imp: 100% Predator samples. I heard them used in manner
                      close to this in a level PWAD, and it was just so good
                      that I had no choice but to rip the concept. The Imp's
                      ambient sound is much improved over the "Imp gurgling"
                      sound that Id used. Too bad imps don't eventually molt
                      and become Barons of Hell.

                     Demon/Spectre: Didn't even touch them. Id couldn't have
                      gotten better sounds for this if they went to the zoo
                      and threw someone in the gorilla cage. Ok, I lie, but
                      the Demon Chomping is good, and I never found anything
                      that even remotely fits with that for the other sounds.

                     Skull: Didn't bother, as it was fairly decent to begin
                      with and the combination sound for Skulls dying and
                      every ball of energy or fire hitting the wall worked
                      fairly well with it. Someday, however, I must find out
                      why there is a DSSKLDTH entry in the IWAD, which is
                      just a repeat of the "Player pushing on wall" sample.
                      That and what good the "Dead Skull" Thing is, since
                      they just "poof" out of existence, and Flamers can't
                      seem to resurrect them.

                     Cacodemon: Found some more interesting samples for this
                      one. I can't even remember what the original samples
                      sounded like. The Death sound is a mix of the original
                      and something else that sounded like a squealing pig.

                     Spitter: The one that spits Skulls at you? For some odd
                      reason I got stuck on the "Elemental" part of the name
                      and wound up using samples that sounded like something
                      born straight from rock. Then again it does kind of
                      look like it was born straight from rock. Took out the
                      truly annoying Death sound that had part of the Baby
                      Spider-Demon's Ambient sound in it and replaced it with
                      something similar.

                     Knight: Pretty much left it alone, apart from adding the
                      same "thunk" to the end of the Death sample that I also
                      added to the end of the Baron's death sample. I did the
                      Baron samples first and these seemed to go along with
                      those quite well, while still retaining that certain
                      "I'm not quite as evil as a Baron" quality.

                     Baron: I can't exactly remember where I got these sounds
                      from, but they seemed better than the originals at the
                      time. A running joke around here is "Look, I'm a Baron,

                     Skeleton: Changed just about all the voice-based sounds
                      to make things a little more goulish and broke a small
                      promise that I made to myself that I wouldn't use the
                      most over-used sample in existence. (I wound up using
                      it for the ambient sound, even though I've seen it in
                      over a dozen different games). I changed the Hit sound
                      to be less of a "slap" and more of a "hit", but I wound
                      up leaving the Swing sample alone.

                     Flamer: This was another extremely annoying one to find
                      replacements for. I wanted to keep the laugh, but also
                      wanted to change the "Flamer Sees You" sample to say
                      something. (It's "You will burn!" ripped from Dark
                      Legions, in case you have the nasty luck of having it
                      cut off every time you run into him because he's such
                      a hyper little fucker and attacks you too soon.) I left
                      the flame samples alone since they seemed to work well,
                      and also since I can't seem to figure out when the hell
                      the game uses the DSFLAMST entry in the IWAD. (I tried
                      replacing it with a beep and went all thru the game and
                      couldn't seem to find it. Anyone with a clue on this,
                      please E-mail me.)

                     Muppet: I don't know why we call Baby Spider-Demons
                      "Muppets". Maybe its cause they're just so damned cute.
                      Maybe not. In any case, I did some cosmetic changes to
                      all of the sounds, since the concept was good but some
                      of the samples were just irritating. You can't even
                      tell the difference unless you listen closely. (For
                      instance, I killed the original walk sample, and took
                      the "Mommy" Spider-Demon walk sample and increased the
                      pitch back up to where it seemed to fit.)

                     Cyber-Demon: "Buddy". Yes we call him Buddy. We call him
                      Buddy because he is fun to play with. (This is what too
                      much DOOM does to a person.) All I did with him, aside
                      from the side benefit of the enhanced rocket samples,
                      was add a little bit of thunder to his Death sound to
                      mark his passing with a horrific outcry from nature.
                      That and one my of friends kept on bugging me to "Put
                      in some Thunder! Put in some Thunder! heh heh. heh heh.
                      Shut up Butthead!"

                     Spider-demon: More Thunder here. Same deal as "Buddy".
                      Have fun in level 23 and let the Baby Spider-Demons
                      kill the Mommy Spider-Demon.

                     Ferrari-boy: I have only one thing to say in reference
                      to the sample where you are told what you must do "to
                      win the game": If Id didn't want people going into the
                      IWAD and reversing it why did they put it in there in
                      the first place. Besides, if some psychopath takes Mr.
                      Romero up on his offer, Mr. Romero can just drive away
                      really fast in his Ferarri (If its not in the shop). If
                      you are REALLY lucky, you'll get to hear evil wicked
                      laughter as you watch your kill count defy all known
                      rules of mathematics. Other than that I left John's
                      ugly old head alone.

                     Wolfenstein Dorks: They're just too sad to even think
                      about wasting any time on, and I didn't want to ruin
                      the whole "evil" atmosphere of those levels by having
                      them run around saying "I'm a Dork! Kill Me!". Yeah,

                     Keen: Same story as the Wolfenstein Dorks. It was at one
                      point suggested that I make them say some anti-Apogee
                      sample, but after what i heard about Jazz Jackrabbit I
                      was just too darn scared to do it. Yeah, Right.


                     Lifts: Added the whole compressed air thing, because
                      everyone knows that Lifts will be run on compressed
                      air in the future. It may get annoying after a while.
                      It sounds horrible in the menu. Oh me. Oh my.

                     Doors: Added the whole compressed air thing again. Left
                      it out on the close, because for variable height Doors
                      it just doesn't work, and god knows Id couldnt afford
                      to have a seperate sample that would be used when the
                      door ACTUALLY closed.

                     Fast Doors: I'm happy. I didn't just take the original
                      Door samples and change the pitch and speed. I was able
                      to find decent samples that were similar and also were
                      fast enough to be convincing. Of course, there is the
                      "Fast Door closing" bug that plays the sample twice
                      whenever a Fast Door closes. Then again Id probably put
                      that in there on purpose, for a reason that only can be
                      understood after a long, scary ride in a Ferrari.

                     Moving Floors: Another looped sample. Sounds a little
                      better with the compressed air at the end. I think.

                     Teleporters: I just happened to stumble across a sample
                      that I liked for this one. Anyone who doesn't like it
                      because "it's not like a real teleporter" needs to seek
                      help immediately.


                     Any other sounds that I didn't cover were probably not
                     bothered with, with the exception of the original Player
                     Dies sample, for which I found a worthy replacement. The
                     NEW Player Dies sample is just kee.. err peachy. Oh yes,
                     I also changed the incoming message sound, so when you
                     play multi-player you will now here a less annoying beep
                     and some radio static. I wanted to put a sample in there
                     from Armada, but it was a last minute thought, and no one
                     seemed to want to figure out how to rip it, or for that
                     matter what the bloody TNT format is. (Origin, sigh.)

        Known Bugs : How can you have a bug in a Sound PWAD? Oh, allright, it
                     is possible. The fact that I have an 8-bit sound card
                     leaves me stereoless, so I have no clue what this will
                     sound like on better cards. (The people who "tested"
                     this with me do have better sound cards and didn't say
                     anything about it though.) Theres also the horrible fact
                     that, even though Id provided multi-channel support for
                     most sound cards, samples still get cut off in mid-play.
                     Go figure. Then there's the little bug that I probably
                     created by hacking DMAUD for use with the DOOM ][ IWAD
                     that caused it to write two directory entries in the
                     PWAD (a partial one at the beginning and a whole one at
                     the end), but it doesn't seem to affect the game or the
                     PWAD's functionality at all. I'm sure I'll find out
                     otherwise the first time I use it after I zip this up.

           Summary : I warned you! Is it not clear now that I have way to
                     much time on my hands? BTW: I am not schizophrenic, all
                     the references to "we" are just shorthand for "Myself
                     and all the people I play DOOM with regularly".

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