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ZDaemon Mega CTF Compilation (Final Test Release)
46.95 MB
WAD Type
Advanced engine needed  : ZDaemon 1.09
Primary purpose         : Capture the Flag
Title                   : ZDaemon Mega CTF Compilation (Final Test Release)
Filename                : zdmegactf-1d.wad
Release date            : September 10th, 2012
Author                  : James "evo" Dryden
Email Address           : <email removed>

Other Files By Author   : ([dp]Evolution)

Description             : "A compilation wad containing 52 CTF maps of the
                          highest quality made for the online multiplayer
                          DOOM source port, ZDaemon."
                          >> <<
Maps, WADs & Authors:

                          MAP01 "Fortress Collision" (ZDCTFMP 01)
                                 by Rellik, Washu, Alexmax

                          MAP02 "Refineries" (ZDCTFMP 02)
                                 by AlexMax

                          MAP03 "Exophase" (ZDCTFMP 03)
                                 by Exl

                          MAP04 "Ralphis Magical Ice Forts" (ZDCTFMP 04)
                                 by Ralphis

                          MAP05 "UAC Storage Facility" (ZDUCTF 05)
                                 by Izm

                          MAP06 "Data Core Delta" (CCORECTFMP1A 01)
                                 by Ghoulslayer

                          MAP07 "The Excavation" (ZDCTFMP 07)
                                 by AlexMax

                          MAP08 "Something Epic" (ZDCTFMP 08)
                                 by AlexMax

                          MAP09 "Frozen" (ZDCTFMP 09)
                                 by AlexMax

                          MAP10 "Compatible Mainframe" (ZDUCTF 10)
                                 by Izm

                          MAP11 "The Installations" (4CTFEPIC 11)
                                 by AlexMax

                          MAP12 "Subterra" (ZDCTFMP2 12)
                                 by Exl

                          MAP13 "Twice as Simple" (ZDCTFMP2 13)
                                 by Nestea

                          MAP14 "Generic Gray" (32IN24-7 09)
                                 by Mephisto

                          MAP15 "Sewers Smell Bad" (ZDCTFMP2 15)
                                 by Nestea

                          MAP16 "Return To Phobos" (ZDCTFMP2 16)
                                 by Exl

                          MAP17 "Buntaluffigus (32IN24-4 17)
                                 by mid

                          MAP18 "The Old Castle" (ZDCTFMP2 18)
                                 by Nestea

                          MAP19 "UAC Headquarters" (ZDCTFMP2 19)
                                 by SirTimberWolf & EarthQuake

                          MAP20 "Cold Sweats" (ZDECTFMP3 01)
                                 by Xsnake

                          MAP21 "On the Rocks" (ZDCTFMP3 21)
                                 by Exl

                          MAP22 "Mainstay" (ZDCTFMP3 22)
                                 by AlexMax & EarthQuake

                          MAP23 "Return to Fragport" (ZDCTFMP3 23)
                                 by The Ultimate Doomer

                          MAP24 "Crawl Space" (ZDCTFMP3 24)
                                 by EarthQuake

                          MAP25 "Lethal Industry" (ZDCTFMP3 25)
                                 by Da_maniaC

                          MAP26 "Status: Idle" (ZDCTFMP3 26)
                                 by Izm

                          MAP27 "Exophase III" (ZDCTFMP3 27)
                                 by Exl

                          MAP28 "Isolation" (CCORECTFMP1A 11)
                                 by Caboose

                          MAP29 "Toxic Refineries" (ZDE19)
                                 by Nero & Fsn76

                          MAP30 "No Limits"  (ZDCTFMP3 30)
                                 by AlexMax

                          MAP31 "Mountain Zero" (32in24-4 31)
                                 by Tango

                          MAP32 "Lazarus Revisited" (SCTF1V_ 01)
                                 by Chaindude

                          MAP33 "Forgotten Outpost" (SCTF1V_ 02)
                                 by Chaindude

                          MAP34 "Asteroid Conflict" (SCTF1V_ 08)
                                 by Chaindude

                          MAP35 "Dust and Covers" (ZDUCTF 06)
                                 by Exl

                          MAP36 "Brickrun" (ZDUCTF 14)
                                 by Exl

                          MAP37 "Redemption II" (ZDUCTF 30)
                                 by Izm

                          MAP38 "Pain Industry" (ZDECTFMP3 03)
                                 by Fsn76

                          MAP39 "Unholy War" (ZDECTFMP3 07)
                                 by Xsnake

                          MAP40 "Chernobyl's Requiem" (VELOIIRC9 22)
                                 by Kamai

                          MAP41 "Plan B" (CCORECTFMP1A 05)
                                 by Collision

                          MAP42 "Deimos Hazard Zone" (CCORECTFMP1A 07)
                                 by Ghoulslayer

                          MAP43 "A's...Base of Boppin'" (32IN24-4 13)
                                 by RottKing

                          MAP44 "Gargantuan Retarded" (32IN24-7 22)
                                 by RottKing

                          MAP45 "Insane Gunslinger Compound" (32IN24-7 27)
                                 by Brinks & Kassman

                          MAP46 "Legacy" (ZDECTFMP3 05)
                                 by Chaindude

                          MAP47 "Souls Cemetery" (ZDECTFMP3 08)
                                 by FranckFrag & Xsnake

                          MAP48 "Pain Industry II" (ZDECTFMP3 18)
                                 by Fsn76

                          MAP49 "Something Epic II" (ODACTFMP1 02)
                                 by AlexMax

                          MAP50 ">:(" (BPCTFMP_LOL3A 26)
                                 by Barbapapa
                          MAP51 "Untitled" (IDLCONTEST1B 20)
                                 by Collision

                          MAP52 "Confrontation" (IDLCONTEST1B 21)
                                 by Ru5tK1ng


Additional Credits to   : Xsnake - ACS that displays info on every map
  start, helped me understand ashwall sky problems.
  Sr69Mm-jC - Tested 1a; found many minor bugs.
  worst-vd-plas - Helped me get used to Slade3.
                          EarthQuake - Gave great advice on wad editing.

  dewww - Provided feedback on a lot of maps.

                          Oxyde - Suggested a lot of maps that were added.
  Tested 1d; found a bunch of minor visual bugs 
  and potential gamebreakers to do with vanilla
  doom linedef angles. Watch video for more info:
  Madgunner - Created TITLEPIC (without logo).
  Gyrossman - Created M_DOOM logo. I added a few
  layer blending styles to get the final product.
  The Mod Archive - "Epic Pinball Song" used in
  title screen and intermission.

                          Authors of all textures/music used.

* What is included *

New levels              : 52
Sounds                  : No
Music                   : Yes
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No
Demos                   : No
Other                   : MAPINFO, ACS
Other files required    : zvox6.wad (or any other CTF "announcer" wad)

* Play Information *

Game                    : ZDaemon -
Map #                   : MAP01-MAP52
Dame Mode: Capture The Flag
Difficulty: Nightmare (competitive standard)
Recommended DMFLAGS: 67130436 / 131080

* Construction *

Base                    : idl2012.wad
Build Time              : Weeks of tedious work.
Editor(s) used          : Slade3, Doom Builder 2, Photoshop CS5, Notepad
May Not Run With...     : Anything other than the awesome ZDaemon

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use the contents of this file as a base for modification or
reuse. Permissions have been obtained from original authors for any of
their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY NOT distribute this file as it is a TEST release. If you did not
receive this file from myself then securely delete it (35-pass) ASAP!

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