This is the low-lag version of zboat3.wad. Seems I got a little carried away with the fireball effect at the volcano, and some of the connections o...

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Title           : Zboat4
Date            : Oct. 17, 1997 - May 17, 1999
Filename        : zboat4.wad
Author          : Mike Blakely (Biff on DoomServ and [nd]Biff in Quake2 clan nd
Email Address   : <email removed>
Author Info.    : Not sure if it's more fun to play wads or make them.  :)

Description     : This is the low-lag version of zboat3.wad.  Seems I got
                  a little carried away with the fireball effect at the
                  volcano, and some of the connections on DoomServ could not
  handle it without the game slowing to a crawl.  I hope that
  eliminating the particle fountain and almost all fireballs
  will fix that.

  A pirate ship at sea with an island to port.  Two lifeboats
                  provide the route back on deck (teleport) as well as some
                  "netting" to climb on the starboard side.  Or, trigger the
  volcano and then fly over to the ship.

                  This wad is based on dwango4.wad, map9.  I couldn't resist
                  adding the "deep water" special effect to this one and
                  incorporating a splash sound (from Heretic).  That was
                  how it started, then more ideas came over time.
Credits to      : The players on Long Beach Dwango, who taught me to play doom.
                  Ware and TGO who bring us DoomServ.  Randy Heit for the
                  meticulous programming of Zdoom.
                  The authors of dwango 4 map 9; this was their map in the
                  beginning.  It needed some TLC.
                  Jason Sadowski and Lee Killough, who's "street.wad"
                  supplied some of the sounds, and to Lee in particular for
                  helping me with a "too many lines" HOM problem when we
                  had to use doom2.exe.  Zdoom has overcome some of those map
                  design limits.  Lee also taught me how to do some special
                  Authors of dcdwango.wad for the great death scream and
                  gitsum3.wad for the goof-off BFG sound.

                  Rocket Magnet, author of McFearsm.wad, for the animated
                  flag and fish demonstration, and whose textures I took
                  for zboat4.wad.

                  Homer Simpson

                  Randy Heit, zdoom programmer, who gave me directions on
                  adding ambient sounds.  Also, I took several sound effects
                  from his demo.wad.  For zboat4, Randy provided additional
                  guidance on the use of zdoom's ACS (action code script)

                  Falconer, worthy opponent and wad critic, who has given
                  so many good ideas for my several wads.

*Play information*

Episode, level          : Map01
Single player           : Yes but no monsters
Cooperative             : No
Deathmatch              : Yes, 2-6 player
Difficulty settings     : No
New sounds              : Yes
New graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes, other doom2 music
Demos                   : None
Suggested settings      : This wad will not work for doom2 as it has been
                          altered to allow for ambient sounds.  Use zdoom.
                          For zdoom, the best action is with "weapons stay"
                          and with "powerups respawn".  Please play with
                          powerups respawn, there are not too many and they
                          give a reason to fully utilize the map.


Base                    : Dwango4, map9
Editors used            : WadAuthor 1.3, Wintex 4.3, acc.exe, Notepad.
Known Bugs              : One unfortunate situation with sound effects.
                          Zdoom allows a player to jump, and that can make
                          a water splash sound on dry areas.  Please overlook
                          it, the realism in water makes it worthwhile.

*Copyright / Permissions*

Please ask my permission before using this wad as a base for another.

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