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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04
Title                   : Zer0
File Name               : ZER0.WAD
For                     : DOOM II

Author                  : Peter Kasting (Dr. 0) 
Email Addresses         : Talk to my friend Ankur Shah at <email removed>

Other works             : AMBUSH!.WAD, DEIMOS.WAD,
                          PLATFORM.WAD, CHASMS.WAD

Creations the author
imagines doing someday  : VR Doom, Lifesize holographic Doom, Quake II

Credits                 : The original authors of JROOM38.WAD, DELIVER.WAD,
                          TERROR.WAD and whatever DWANGO6.WAD Map 8 was 

                          Sean Hanson for "testing" (an excuse to deathmatch
                          some more)
                          Matt Fell for the Doom specs.
                          Matt Ayres, Peter Monks, Olivier Montanuy and SBS
                          for my editors.

                          John Romero & Crew at id for uh.... I dunno....

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Maps 1-4
Single Player           : If you really want to look around.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Uh, .... no.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yeehaw!!
New Sounds              : Nope.
New Graphics            : Sorry.
New Music               : Workin on it.  Not yet.

Editors used            : Waded v1.49, TED v1.2, DeuTex v3.6, Deep v8.35

Additional Notes        : Some of this is my work and some others'.
                          See below.

                          I put a new ENDOOM in here.  Just thought I'd let
                          ya know.

* Description *

MAP01 - Modification of JROOM38.WAD

        This level is simply JROOM38.WAD, which was a blast to DM in, with
        the corridors moved around.  I took out the four diagonal halls
        connecting the arms of the cross and replaced them with two longer
        halls at the edges of the level.  This was done by first removing the
        horizontal and vertical linedefs of the four wedges in the center and
        the diagonal outer walls and reconnecting the crossarms to the middle,
        then chopping a bit out of the hallway ends and adding the long edge
        hallways. I kept the same items, except that a few groups had to be
        moved because their previous residence had disappeared.

        The Spider Mastermind in the middle is now more deadly than in
        JROOM38, as it's harder to get away from.  If that constant
        chaingunning is too annoying, just play without monsters or without

MAP02 - New level structured almost exactly like DWANGO6.WAD Map 8

        I don't know where the original wad came from but when I racked up 80
        frags in 5 minutes on it I was hooked.  This wad is completely redrawn
        and actually has differently shaped polygons, but feels extremely
        similar.  The only major difference is that there are only 4 corridors
        into the middle now instead of eight, turning this level into more of
        an inside/outside level than a big free-for-all.

        Once again I copied the same items over, moving anything that was
        outside a sector.  All the polygons have the same number of sides now
        and a few items had to be shifted to take this into account.

MAP03 - Slight modification of DWANGO2.WAD Map 5 (TERROR.WAD)

        I can't claim to have done much work on this one.  I just removed most
        of the monsters that used to be hanging around (who needs four
        cyberdemons, two archviles, a mancubus, two arachnotrons, a pain
        elemental AND four players in a deathmatch?).  The rest of the level
        is exactly the same as the original.

MAP04 - New level with idea from DELIVER.WAD

        This is the only level of the four made 100% from scratch.  I liked
        the idea I saw in DELIVER of having big circular turbolifts with
        passages all around at different heights.  Instead of four medium size
        lifts this lev has one giant one, with four weapon pillars in the
        middle.  I have more passageways coming off the lift now and the four
        at the bottom all have teleports to each other ... there's also a few
        shotgun guys just to keep a 2-player game lively.  With four players
        this lev should go bonkers.

* Permissions *

Authors may use these levels as a base to build additional levels (if you
want) as long as I get credit for where they came from.  I looked to see where
my ideas came from, have enough courtesy to do the same.

You also have permission to upload this to everywhere!!!!  Please distribute
it if you like it!  And if you have revision ideas, by all means send me them!
I'll do another Zer0 series if I get enough support.  Just Email Ankur Shah at
<email removed> and tell him it's about Peter Kasting ...


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