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Title                   : Zulu
Why                     : 'Cause we like it!

Filename                : ZULU.WAD

Authors                 : Asmo and Rockt

Testing                 : Troy, Major, Nitemare
  Judoka for testing, improved weapons
  layout and for ZULU, the name.


Imagine yourself a lone defender of your castle.  You have all the weapons
and a few tricks up your sleeve. But the problem is you have some mean 
mothers that don't like you too much. They're coming in with super shotguns
and they want your blood and your home. Your job: DEFEND 'TIL THE END!!

All players start in the same place to choose weapons. Usually the
defender(s) get all and invader(s) get super shotguns, but you can make your
own rules.
When weapons are chosen, defender(s) teleports to castle, closes the teleport 
with the switch on the right-hand end wall (facing outside), and starts the
war (just start firing, the invaders will get the hint).
The object is for the invader(s) to cross the pit, take over the castle,
and kill the defender(s).
The defender(s) gets all his goodies from the first room and
closes the door with a switch on the wall.  This way the invader(s) can't
get his toys.  There is also another room midway next to a teleport
(flip the switch when you want to hide it from invaders) and a one-time lift
in the room with the 'NO BONUSES' trap (step off the edge toward the
trap and you'll see) where defender can get more cell ammo and bonuses.

Each time the invader(s) find a Blue Skull Switch they should flip it.
This will open a teleport outside at the starting point that will teleport
them back to that spot (identifiable by the same texture as the area
with the switch). This makes the game go faster and is very useful since
invaders can expect to get fragged a lot.

When the invaders get to the final room, they must kill the defender(s)
and hit the crazy Green-Eyed Skull Switch inside the bunker, on the metal
structure. This opens the door to the hallway near the EXIT sign
(don't hit Eye Switch unless you want to end the level!).
Once you walk through, the defender bonus areas are opened and invader
teleports are closed, and you can start again with a new defender.

Remember, don't walk through until the defender is killed or else you will
have to go through all over again if you get killed!



Look over the map and find all the rooms.  There aren't many puzzles or
secrets, just a castle that you need to be familiar with to really wh00p
people.  If this were a monster level, you'd have to find out the secrets
on your own, but since the idea here is to utilize the level for DeathMatch,
it's only fair that everyone is made aware as much as possible of what is
available--unless you want a good laugh at the 'NO BONUSES' trap!

Use the teleports as much as you can, especially if you are the defender.



There are no real tricks, just common sense dangers and a few one-sided
'hologram' walls.

The inside 'Poison' teleport will put you outside on the teleport to go
back to the front; make sure if you use this you have hit the Blue
Skull Switch by the pit to open that teleport up, or you will be trapped
and DIE!  This inside teleport is so that invaders can go back out and
get more ammo; some health can be lost if you linger but that's the price
to pay for having this luxury (and so no one will get trapped and have
to call for help, which is more humiliating!)

The 'NO BONUSES' trap (circle w/slash) is important because the invader
can get bonuses for the final battle in the last room. The danger is that
the defender can hurt you if you risk getting in it.  You can still get the
stuff on it, of course, if you're careful.

If you do get stuck on it, the secret is on the 10th pole:

Strafe LEFT to get off

Strafe RIGHT to find the Secret Teleport for a Mega Sphere
Run back, teleport, forward, teleport, and go get the defender!
(you'll see how it works when you try it).

Remeber, you're like a sitting duck for whoever comes along, and you'll
slowly lose health until the last pole, so get on and get off!

Using the Mega Sphere option renders this trap deadly for the rest of
the round--that is, until you hit the Green-Eyed Skull Switch and exit
back out to start--so don't get on the trap again, or you will likely DIE!
If the 10th pole is at the ceiling, forget it!  Someone else as already
tried to get the Mega Sphere.

It's best to have a front man using this to lead the charge into the bunker.
After that, it's gone until the next round!



Don't worry if it all sounds complicated, it's not; it's just a DeathMatch
that requires a little teamwork and quick-thinking.

Just play it a few times and you'll have a blast!



* Play Information *

Map Number              : MAP01
Single Player           : No
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : Made from scratch.

Editor(s) used          : WinDEU 5.23 by Renaud Paquay
Known Bugs              : If we knew about'em dontcha think we'd fix'em?

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels,
but to avoid confusion...

1.  Don't distribute your new wad with the same name as this.

2.  Don't distribute this wad, with our names on it, unless both the
    wad AND text file are unaltered and intact.

3.  Please give a little credit where it's due :]


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