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WAD Type
Title    : blue.wad
Filename :
Date     : 02/18/97
Author   : Noel Weer (
Email    : <email removed>
Thanks   : The guys at id, of course...
   Mads Bondo Dydensborg (<email removed>) Mipdip15
   Walla (<email removed>) for the CZTEX1.WAD textures.
   crash @ for the kick in the head on how to get more blues.

Type of Mod
Quake C  : no, but see below
Sound    : no, but see below
MDL      : no
Graphic  : YES, well it is a new texture arrangement

Format of QuakeC
unified diff  : n/a
context diff  : n/a
.qc files     : n/a
progs.dat     : n/a

Description of the Modification
I love the Azure Agony level (e4m7), not for the layout,
I love the look, the feel. So I was playing around with
MipMap Texture Tool, and decided to sift through all the
big main wads and copy anything and everything with blue
in it to a single wad.

I did NOT input any new textures, I simply created a new
mix of previous textures.

How to Install the Modification
Just put the wad file in the same directory that your editor
uses to create and compile levels, and use blue like you would
any other wad file.

Author Information
Creator of Marsalis.bsp (small level, only one to date that uses bigblue.wad)
Creator of (hopefully) cool new wads, textures, and other things to come...

Copyright and Distribution Permissions
I claim no credit for creating them, just composing them into a single wad.
Just give me some credit if you redistribute or make use of this wad,
that's all I ask. All the textures are either property of id Software, or others.
I claim no credit for creating them, just composing them into a single wad.

Oh, if you make a level using this, email me and let me know where/how to
get a copy, so I can take a look.

FTP   :
email request: <email removed>
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