map13.wad is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on BOOM

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MAP13 for FreeDoom
Wesley D. Johnson
john <obfuscate> son 24 12 @ usgo <dot> net

Level is large,
  secrets: 4
  sectors: 1099
  linedefs: 4017
  wad size: 695K

  If it has to get smaller then I would have to cut
  the elevator, or the curved stairs.

  There are still some places where the corner of a
  building gets clipped, but they have been reduced to
  the point where it is not worth it any more.

  Non-linear, freestyle.
  Can attack in at least 3 different ways (5 for experts), by different routes,
  by running wild, sneaking around, or careful planning.
  Many monsters roam free and will be encountered unexpectedly.
  Watch your back. I have got shot in the back so
  many times I am getting paranoid.

Play hints for map13:
They are not asleep and will come when they hear you.
Avoid shooting in open areas until you are prepared for the big fight.
Locate the ammo and health reserves, and be prepared to retreat to them.
Use the machinery, you do not have to shoot them all.  But you have to get
to it while you can.
Choose your attack route and if it proves difficult switch to another.
There is more than one way into any area, use them all.
Choose several areas that can be defended, you will need them.
Too many flaming heads to fight in the open, they will be everywhere.
Monsters wander about, areas do not stay cleared.
More will arrive, usually from behind you.
Watch your back, frequently.
There are three ways to get out of secret lab, 1) be quick,
2) hot-wire the door, 3) climb to alternate exit.
Understanding the war-game theory of interior lines of communication
will be your advantage.

  Play tested at 1,2,3,4.
  Finished at level 4.
  Play tested on Legacy, prboom.
  Not all combinations tested.


Release Revision 2.6   May 11, 2012
  Fixed crate texture alignment in secure lab.
  Rebuilt teleport monster pen, so it works in all cases.  Monsters
  are now allowed to hear sound so they move immediately.  Still
  provides alternate teleport destinations.
  Moved some of the monster teleport destinations.  Provided a door
  from which they could be entering in upper warehouse, and front gate.
  Lowered height of services building (telephone, power, teleport),
  and gave it a window.
  Adjusted lumber pile.
  Added posts near railroad tracks
  Made path around building playable as an initial attack path, by
  moving cacodemons much farther away.
  Reduced number of cacodemons (12 at skill 4)
  and pain elementals (4 at skill 4).
  Improved locker-room secret area.  Infra-glasses are now only
  available at skill-1, as higher skills can find alternatives.
  Added support pillars, lab equipment, and details to shallow-pool room (red area),
  and made it possible to bring fight into the room (reckless but possible).
  Fixed some ceiling and floor textures in switch niches.
  Fixed some hidden lines.

Release Revision 2.5   Mar 18, 2012
  Added more complexity and details to secure lab.
  Removed some cages, added lab benches, lab equipment, and boxes.
  Changed secure lab wall texture, and adjusted windows to match.
  Modified service passage to be older, narrow, and partially hidden.
  Added pipes and pipe service passages.
  To exit secure lab requires some work now, cannot just walk out.
  Using the service passage from lab now requires climbing boxes and a careful leap.
  Can escape by opening the secure door.
  Fixed many hidden lines.

Release Revision 2.4   Nov 13, 2011
  Added more complexity and details to service way, and treatment control room.
  Added pump noise.
  Changed monsters in control room, only one arch-vile (level 4, upper warehouse).
  Changed control room window to 2 windows, and made them lower so monsters can shoot out.
  Moved barrels everywhere so they do not explode all at once.
  Added lights in shipping dock warehouse.
  Moved walls in upper warehouse, and added pillars and lights. Arch-vile is now harder to tease out.
  Fixed light switches in dark warehouse so they work better, cured leakage from door (not perfect).
  Added another dark room to dark warehouse.
  Simplified some linedef shapes.
  Combined some sectors.
  Removed unused linedef tags.
  Changed, aligned some textures.

Release Revision 2.3   May 26, 2011
  Raised conveyor railings so monsters cannot climb them.
  Added switch so can escape prison without yellow key.
  Added posts and heating pipes in northern building.
  Added carts and improved shelve in utility room.
  Moved some ammo.

Release Revision 2.2   Feb 6, 2011
  Fixed things per FreeDoom forum review.
  Added some trees.
  Added crate to step-up on dumpster.
  Adjusted pump-room service way.
  Added shelf and niche in utility room.
  Moved set of switches in control room.
  Added crate in secure dock.
  Added door in secure service way.
  Kinked sewer to hide view of dead-end.
  Added platform and stored stuff in furnace room.
  Adjusted weapons.
  Moved deathmatch starts.
  Added multiplayer weapons and ammo.

CHANGES Rev 2.01:
  Fixed a small HOM at the spillway on the big nukage pool.
  Fixed a sight line by raising the height of the building at the exit.
  Now the chimney stack is not cut-off looking over that building.

Release Revision 1.3   Oct 6, 2009
CHANGES Rev 1.3:
  Changed the nukeage crossing to use a dry bridge, which was the
  original intention.
  Added a Cacodemon across the street, moved another to a dark corner.
  Added some imps to guard the yellow key room.
  Adjusted some texture alignment over wall screens.
  Fixed the curved stairs so monsters will now ascend.
  Fixed some guard sectors to not block sight lines.
  Changed the starting height of a lift so it is at a floor.
  Raised the ceiling height of some yard sectors.
  Many lighting fixes, darkened outside and made more consistent.
  Adjusted sound blocking.

Release Revision 1.1.   Sept, 12, 2009
  Fixed Boom Deep-water colormap usage
  Adjusted crusher.
  Adjusted weapons, ammo.

Release Revision 0.9.    Aug 24, 2009


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